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  1. I had some of that last week only it was masquerading as a Chicken Madras.
  2. Not shite just plain ugly.
  3. I can't understand these muppets on eBay who don't include photos on their listings. If he's got them available, why not post the damn things!
  4. AXrescuer

    R20 Update....

    I've been keeping an eyse on this thread for some time now. Sadly, I always thought it was a recipe for disaster. That said, hindsight is a wonderful thing. I'm sorry you've been let down like this. As others have said, if I were you, I'd go and pick the car up and get it out of there asap.
  5. AXrescuer

    Ebay tat

    Do you have to keep using capitals? It's really bad forum etiquette!
  6. AXrescuer


    I put my old AX on our local Freecycle. Within hours it felt like I had a million pikeys descending on my email account!It's a good concept but sadly it's exploited by some which makes it hard for the genuine users to get anything decent out of it. In the end, my AX went to a school car maintenance department.
  7. AXrescuer

    Ebay tat

    Whatever 850 MP means, it certainly sounds like a wonderful stereo, (ignoring the fact that you just said it doesnt work of course) I've seen this car around. It's over the other side of Welwyn from me. Not very impressive to be honest.
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