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  1. Okay, been given this CD by a mate but no longer any use to me as I don't do Renaults any more. All workshop manuals are pdf format in French and some have over 1000 pages! First come first served as I only have the one disc. Contact me via PM with address to which you'd like it to be sent to.
  2. I posted that one a few months back.
  3. Look At Life - Scooter Commuter http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKps5ORD228
  4. Last night I went to my 19 year old son's Police Attestation ceremony. Couldn't have been prouder and he looked very smart in his dress uniform. Made a nice change to escape the usual crap I have to put up with.
  5. This will help when it comes to finding compatible wheels. http://www.alloywheels.com/fitmentguide.asp
  6. ^^^ What he said. Great stuff given the price.
  7. Took all my lessons in a Mini 850 and Austin 1100, due to change of car by my instructor, I ended up taking my test in a brand spanking new Cavalier 1600 Mk1. Passed first time despite only having driven the car once before and that was to the test centre in St Albans! Did my bike test on my then new Yamaha RD250E. Passed both tests in April 1978.
  8. I once had an old Astra Mk1 with an interior in a very similar colour to that!
  9. I never received my 'free' tyre gauge, what a swizz!
  10. There seems to be quite a few for sale! I'd completely forgotten about the 125p ESTATE! 125p? Was that how much it cost? Seriously though, I'm following this with much interest as I have a brother who almost bought a new one of these.
  11. PEDANT: Duffle Coat: Parka: Nah, that's a poncy short Parka. A pukka Parka looked more like this:
  12. Some of those road names can also be found in Jaywick. When I was a nipper I stayed at 21 Singer Avenue!
  13. I had this happen on my old Xantia after being left for a while. Local mechanic told me never to put the jump lead directly to the car's - battery terminal but attach it to a handily placed earth point. Use the battery + terminal as you usually would. Anyway, problem solved by a few flicks of the ignition switch (not starting the car though!)
  14. Page 600 so.... "Just seems to be something about the drivers side that gets all the problems haha!"
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