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  1. Cheers, I'll go with the shears I think. Me and grinders don't get on when cutting, had three 1mm discs fly apart on me, so no desire to experience that again!
  2. What would you use bo11ox?
  3. I'm looking to get a new air tool to help sort the bodywork on my other Astra. So the question is, for general cutting out of rot and new bits of sheet, which of the above would be best? Ta in advance!
  4. The premise of this thread would make a good basis for a 'sticky' with details of trusted motor trade establishments etc. Might help someone avoid the more cowboy type operations. Just an idea.
  5. Not to mention the storeage space it's using up!
  6. Halfords Auto Centres are a fucking disgrace, round my way at any rate. Oh and Pit-Stop too, bastards!
  7. Price of petrol is a fucking joke now. just paid £1.45 in North London, if it carries on like this, I won't be driving any more come Christmas. Once these greedy fuckers have driven us all off the roads, what'll they tax us on next, our footsteps?
  8. Just found a website selling some 1966/67 copies of the above in PDF format if anyone is interested. http://www.freewebs.com/thousandways/bm ... azines.htm Not mine by the way!
  9. A ring-fenced mostly pikey inhabited town. We have one round my way, it's called Hatfield.
  10. AXrescuer


    There have been some genuine sales, not too sure how long the cars have lasted after being bought though. That Capri didn't go on much longer after the episode was screened.
  11. Found this little nugget while doing some Googling! http://www.historyworld.co.uk/admuseum. ... ort&sort=0
  12. AXrescuer


    I like Wheeler Dealers and I love the way dear old Mike never fails to impress me with his uncanny ability to buy a lemon. For me though, Edd China makes the show. That said, I wish they'd give Edd's spanner monkey Paul Brackley a little more credit. The production team also needs to sort the piss-poor continuity as a lot of the work is shown out of sequence and kind of makes the whole thing look somewhat amateur.
  13. AXrescuer


    I doubt your hospital argument will win anyone over. They'll just say that you should have got the tax in order before your hospital stay. Remember, you are dealing with bureaucrats not rational normally reasoning people. Besides, your failure to tax your vehicles has rendered the NHS liable to collapse at any moment! That or whatever else the road fund is supporting this year.
  14. Just for a moment, I thought that Raymanboy had landed here!
  15. I'll have the air tools if still available.
  16. Renault 14 Promotional Film http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_tio5ie0_c&hd=1
  17. Apparently not. Someone who met him once said he's an ok bloke with a handful of Aspergers Does he do hot dogs too?
  18. I'm almost 50 and make a point of surrounding myself with bit and pieces that form a link to my past. To me they're not shite but priceless reminders of my life up to this point in time.
  19. I have a Polonez Caro workshop manual in pdf format if it's of any use to you. It's in Polish but there are plenty of diagrams. Contains over 400 pages I think.
  20. I also have this in PDF format if anyone needs a copy.
  21. With my shit luck I'd end up getting done.
  22. The car or the shit photochop?
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