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  1. My neighbours don't like my classics according to notes put through my letter box. Fuck em!
  2. Thought that certain users here might appreciate this! http://www.detailingworld.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=233922
  3. Some Bilt Hamber Surfex HD would be ideal for that. If that's a bit too pricey furnish yourself with some Flash all purpose cleaner. It does a great degreasing job!
  4. A certain forumite's wife *cough* won a Polo Genesis in a competition. She was presented with it at the Genesis gig at Knebworth in August 1992. Had the band's autographs on the bonnet, protected by clear lacquer. Lasted a year before being sold on to buy bigger car to house expanding family!
  5. Didn't realise it was a posting competition. Don't have enough time to trawl every post here to be honest, have a life away from the PC.
  6. I was going to give the Pineapple a run up there this year but funds didn't allow sadly, maybe next year. Few too many Novas there this time around by the look of it though.
  7. Makes a change from gaffer tape I suppose!
  8. I can't remember myself other than it was a home-based trader. My wife says she thinks the street the bloke lived was called The Meads.
  9. No it wasn't. The engine block just decided to develop a large crack one day. No idea why, car was never thrashed.
  10. The engine seized and I decided not to repair it. It had done almost 49000 miles at the time of its demise. I went all over Europe in that car and often wish that I had kept it going. It was repaired and returned to the road by its new owner as far as I am aware.
  11. First off is my old Alpine. Owned by my brother from new, it spent most of its time travelling between the UK and Germany. I was given this in Oct 87 as a non-running freebie and with the help of a friend and a 2nd hand engine was used for just 5 months before it went in as a deposit for my Datsun Cherry in Feb 88. Next up is my Datsun Cherry (Butty). Bought for £1995 with only 8000 miles on the clock in Feb 88 and used daily until it died in Jan 90. Taken as a non-running part exchange for the Cavalier below. So, here is the Cavalier Mk2 I was daft enough to buy never liked it but my
  12. That is pretty spesh looking. Good luck with the sale. I hope you aren't blighted by eBay's many mouthbreathers.
  13. Yep. Everything looks normal in there.
  14. It's weird. Everything is fine apart from an intermittent CEL. I need to flash off the fault codes otherwise I've no chance of tracing the fault. It's mental!
  15. Yeah it shares the same fuse as the stereo which works fine.
  16. Hi peeps, Just wondering if any of you may be able to suggest a reason as to why my Saab's OBD port appears to be dead? No scanners will work when attached to it, even the dealer's own one! They have no idea what might be the cause except to say that the after-market stereo may be to blame. Any help would be muchly appreciated!
  17. Good luck with the Cavalier Mr B, I'm sure someone will snap it up. It's one car I genuinely wish I could afford to take on, I miss my old Cav Mk3 muchly. Had I the funds etc....
  18. Once reported as a non-paying bidder eBay should refund your listing and final value fees. They did for me at any rate. Also they should be able to see that said bidder has been doing some random shite bidding.
  19. Much better car then the one wearing that reg now:
  20. That parade of shops is Market Place in Chalfont St Peter village. Been there many times.
  21. AXrescuer

    Rimmer Bros

    I've heard that they're more reliable than a garden strimmer and don't need a zimmer.
  22. I must employ a bad grinder technique then cos the last cutting disc I used (Silverline) shattered and left me with a cut forehead and left ear!
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