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  1. $_12.JPG




    'she has never let me down'


    'New clutch. Exhaust. 2 rear discs and pads. Front pads. New bushes on steering.' 


    None of which let him down, of course


    'I have sealed up the sunroof as they all leak, this doesn't.'



    So you think a car has let you down when normal service items need to be replaced?  Yeah okay then.

  2. It's a funny old place. You're friends with someone for years, and then without a peep, they unfriend you. Strange... 8)


    Anyways, life is waaaay too short to grieve over thumb-wielding ex-buddies so onwards and upwards.  Having recently lost my Astra G to a blind Fiesta toting woman who drove into it without looking and also due to a rapid decline in my health, I have the opportunity to get a new car under the Motobility scheme and so I am picking up a shiny new (metallic brown!) Vauxhall Mokka 1.4 Turbo on Friday. It's just arrived in the UK after an epic three week journey from Korea! I'm sad to be leaving my full time retro driving behind me but the Astra Mk3 Pineapple still waits in the garage to live another day, so at least on a part time basis, I'll be keeping a toe in the water so to speak.

  3. It's a shame. But you might recall that the forum did survive before.

    Yeah it was great with all the spam and can't be arsed attitude wasn't it!


    I've logged in here for the first time in ages and for a moment thought I'd mistakenly accessed a primary school intranet.

    Trig's right, the place has gone to hell in a handcart.


    Back to lurking I think, better for the blood pressure.

  4. Now....this will probably divide opinion....


    Moar photos would have been a good idea; there's only three, the others are of the dash and the seats. :roll:

    If it's been done properly...it could be worth the £7995...oh, it's



    It does say in the advert:

    If you simply want to come and have a look at our range of cars for sale call in anytime for a cuppa and a chat.

    Someone on here must be closer to them than me....

    Purple Horse Sales and Hire Limited

    Oak and Beech Farm

    Old House Lane

    Kings Langley


    WD4 8RS

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vauxhall-Nova ... 2325bd34f0





    I'm about 20 mins away. I might pop over and have a nose around!

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