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  1. wrecker

    Ford timelord

    not the year of the galaxie,but earlier.
  2. http://www.ebay.de/itm/Mercedes-319-Daimler-Benz-LF319B-319-Kipper-/141187073890?pt=Automobile&hash=item20df67c762
  3. you sir are a top class knob jockey.who are you to judge me?i mainly race old stuff,more if i could find it,they are mainly rotten and non running .they come from people like you with no skills except for working a computer keyboard.i spend weeks/months welding spraying a wreck to smash up ,not so people like you can tell me its too good to race ,but to make it safe and because i can.
  4. the man selling the vdp estate is a racer ,so if it going to be raced surely he would?
  5. The whole concept of a "pre 68" banger race just sickens me. Race genuine, unwanted bangers by all means - but I don't understand what kind of scum get pleasure out of destroying the oldest, rarest vehicles they can possibly find. i do.you are welcome to come buy some off me and save them
  6. what area was it stolen from?
  7. at the testing station the computer could have the weight on it ,or there could be a wall chart with the weight on .you add the weight on the correct screen and add the brake figures of each wheel and the computer does the rest and gives you the %.most cars can be 250 -400 on the front and 50 -300 on the back.if you say the brakes dont feel good ,then perhaps there is a problem?
  8. did they give you the readings?
  9. good news it was found and not damaged to much
  10. wrecker

    Ebay tat

    £50 can collect tonight mister
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