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    whitevanman got a reaction from michael t in spotteds   
    first one in Kirkcaldy

    and this rare beastie was spotted just outside Edinburgh

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    whitevanman got a reaction from sierraman in Ask a Shiter   
    MY 02 plate was the PSA DW9 engine, great until 188,000 then it got very unhappy, injectors, leaking pump, random misfire, etc....and Peugeot couldn't find anything wrong with it ....but bloody good vans otherwise, expect about 44,pg as standard.
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    whitevanman got a reaction from Junkman in Old photo's of Colchester   
    Looks like a Ford model Y to me
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    whitevanman got a reaction from Junkman in New Years shite resolutions?   
    Get a workshop again...............desperateGet the Transit back on the road... slow progress so farGet the Pile back on the road.... couple of dry days would see it donefinish off and sell the GXL CortinaFix or scrap the Onion dizzlerdecide the fate of the Mk4 CortinaWeld the dizzler Cortina upStart on the Mk3 Cortina 2 Door GTBuy an old Volvo as a back up carswap 2.0 pinto into the Sapphire and LPG it....waiting for dozy bitch that I have bought LPG kit from to get in touch....Get some J tin in my lifePossibly move South Devon and Herefordshire are looking good at the moment outside of that?general day to day survival
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