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  1. I doubt the Insignia was even thought about then
  2. /\/\ Trigger, I was sober and on my first pint....it just seemed like a good idea at the time I'm just of to collect it in about 15 minutes.
  3. I think it has just shocked me to realise you have just described the Step daughter......... apart from the beatings
  4. Hmmm.....best of to evil bay to get an idea on the prices of parts then !!! I wouldn't mind but I only had three pints
  5. I went for a couple of pints tonight, home after about an hour and a half.....some how I seem to have aquired a Citreon Picasso, Pez job on an X plate...has a duff CV and clutch slip.....should I save it or scrap it for whatever I can get??
  6. £150 would be a fair price for it, I paid a lot more for my old one.....
  7. while possible, I'm more concerned that the original engine is 'reletively' low mileage
  8. I've just googled this woman to find out what all the fuss is about............yeaah, smart dark haired bird, I the did a google image search........feck she loooooks good in black underwear
  9. Count me in if I am not working, it's closer than Cumbernauld
  10. Might just be me...but I'd follow Jimmy Buffets advice.....'lets all get drunk and screw'....might just steal my mates 1936 Chrysler to do it in though or I do know where there is a lotus Sunbeam, Lotus Cortina, Allegro Van Den Plas, MG Maestro and thats without considering my own fleet......
  11. Done....and thanks to all involved, it really is appreciated
  12. Plans are as follows- return 2 Cortina's to the road and sell one... return the old P100 to the road. return the Fiesta to the road Fit a clutch to the Sierra and decide what it's fate will be, Weld the XR6 anything beyond that will be a bonus
  13. John F x 4 Kinkersaab x 2 Whitevan man x 1 Messerschmitt owner x 1
  14. Once they did away with rear quarter light windows
  15. This may sound daft....but stick with me for a moment.... glowing manifolds are down to incorrect combustion or cooling...end off...now the exhaust can play a part, as can timing, but while checking all these things, go check the plugs are the right temperature range and are in good condition
  16. Looks like a good one........however unleaded 1600's are like hens teeth even in Sierras, I'll pm you the codes and their location to check that it is unleaded later on tomorrow.
  17. Just listed some of my slot car set on tit bay http://my.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?M ... LNLK:MESEX
  18. ...... I'm truly grateful I don't have a beer in my hand
  19. So when do the orders need to be placed then?
  20. I have a Microsoft comfort curve, your welcome to it if you want, give me your address and I'll post it to you.
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