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  1. I think Eddie Ramrod has already posted an idea similar to this...I'm up for any I can get to
  2. Feck all here in Shitesville, just Sunny but a touch chilly at -5, still got to get the cars serviced today so I can have some cash to spend, did kinda panic buy yesterday.....£10 of diesel, a dozen cans of beer and a couple of Pizzas...that should see out the APPPPPKOLYPZE
  3. Most do........But Charity shops have some special status or other that allows councils to offset something or other...which is why they dominate.
  4. Albert's point remains the same...it's their Job...we had to do shit things for proportionately less money, with just as much pressure to sign folk up to credit agreements and extended warranties, or the lines that made the most for the shop.
  5. /\ If he has spent £1000 on Second hand wheels and some new tyres then he wants his head examined.....
  6. Nowt but sunshine here in Shitesville
  7. /\ That P100 is owned by one of my friends, it is every bit as good as it looks, if I had the money I would have it without question.
  8. /\/\ its on my door step if anyone needs a viewing...
  9. I was just thinking about this show last night....I'm up for it Cavette Dollywobbler Mr _Bollox Whitevanman Hillman Imp
  10. Depends where you start from....Kirkcaldy = 2 changes Haymarket and Carlisle, £66ish one way, get a bus down here and I'll run you over if you want, also if the wheels are 15" I'll buy them off you
  11. Does anyone have a clutch for a 1999 1.6 Petrol Citroen Picasso available? a good used one would be perfectly acceptable, trying to get the shed road legal and sold.
  12. can you not just make up a story to keep the mob happy??
  13. I might still have some of our lads comics...IF, I have, and can find them I'll be happy to pass them on to you...
  14. personally speaking......you have answered your own question?? the real question is how many?...sorry
  15. To those that understand, ...no explanation is required.............to those that don't?...no explanation is possible. Geoff Elliot, circa 1981.......
  16. Valid point....well presented.......
  17. OOOFFFFFFF !!!!! So many heaps of lushness ......I wanna buy loads of them
  18. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/morris-oxford ... 232698308b That is seriously suspect. I would even go as far as saying that it's an original one combined with a Hindustan, maybe a reshell, the bodywork looks too good. Bloody good advert for the Kent area school authority ....remind me never to allow my family to move there then
  19. Just received mine.....fantastic is all I can say.....thanks to everybody who helped bring it together
  20. OK....stick with me on this... 1- FSO125P pick up 2-Hyundai Pony pick up 3- 1953 Ford F100 pick up 4- 1969 Chevy Camaro 6- squander anything left over on tools...... do I detect a theme here ????
  21. Well I've had a look at it yesterday and can confirm that the clutch is on it's way out, also the engine management light is on, could that be related to a borked clutch? or is it likely to be something else? CV joint doesn't seem too bad, might just whap it in for the test next week when they all reopen, if it passes I'll sort the clucth etc...if it fails badly I'll just scrap the fecker, does anyone know if they are easy to change the clutch in without a lift?
  22. Hmmmm...now thats a difficult question, I was sober when I acquired the Picasso, Probably the Mk3 Cortina GT that I got for free from Birmingham a few years back, time I got pulled, paid for storage etc....I'd have bought a working one cheaper. Now actually agreeing to buy one when under the influence...they have all been good cars I think I may now have to adjust my purchasing policy
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