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  1. Well, I'll leave this open for a few more days, only 3 people have actually asked for one of them with what I would consider seriousness
  2. Cheers Joe.... forgot to add the 80's 'van is a Beyerland Quarts, for those that want to look further into it.
  3. Right here we go 1980's first I rotated those bastard photos as well
  4. Hell, hire an engine hoist, even if you can only do basic spannering the engines in a Sierra are a doddle to do.....or pay one of us to pop down for the day to do it ??
  5. Piccies will be up late tomorrow, had a crap day with helping load a scrap lorry up and so forth, and I have to top coat the Cortina tomorrow. just hang in there they are worth it.....
  6. Piccies will be on here tomorrow, as long as they are saved I don't mind who gets them
  7. Will have tomorrow, too busy primering a Cortina at the moment....
  8. I have two caravans to give away, one is an 80's 3 berth, that was used last summer, water tight and fully usable, needs a jockey wheel... The other is a 70's piece of loveliness, needs recomisioned but is dry and in surprisingly good condition...photos tomorrow night when I get time... Both are at my house near Hawick TD9 about an hour from Newcastle, Carlisle or Edinburgh....any takers??
  9. Buy one..... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mig-211s-comp ... 19d906e376 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/mig-welder-/1 ... 20cf5d5ede http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Clarke-Turbo- ... 19d90100d9 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Cebora-mig-we ... 2a297639d0 The gasless one can use a bottle as normal I'll add usually just in case.
  10. /\/yup...and +3 for Billys post
  11. as in Tart for sale £300 with free Megane? or am I missing the point there??
  12. /\ what he said...I'd have it at the drop of a hat if it were anywhere near about the M62 northwards.
  13. yeah...I can get you both if you want..... Yes please! well drop me a PM with your address and what format you want them, burned to DVD, or AVI for the computer, and I'll get them of to you at the beginning of the week.
  14. /\ HA ...your showing your age now........................Oh yes.I am as well
  15. Galashiels and surrounding area circa 1986-1989 oh and another in 2002 -2012
  16. There must be as I am watching a program about these and they are meant to be very quick........I would absolutely love one of these, not as much as the new Camaro though....
  17. It is easy, you will support the vehicle on the stands and remove the strut to replace the spring.................I assume it has struts, most car and vans do
  18. I'm a bit like that with injections....though it is just fear for me......only thing that makes me go all weak and shivery and I can feint as well
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