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  1. aargh..I forgot about them again, Sorry Tayne, would couriering them be an option?
  2. Will, check with the online status thingy, also if it's the Justy, I'll be in touch during the week about picking it up etc.....
  3. 2.0 Zetec silver tops are getting pretty rare, and unless it is in the scrapyard it would be a shame to 'do a Mini' style engine rape on a working Mk1 Mondy, hardly see early ones now a days, black tops are more difficult to do as a DIY on the cheap conversion The MX5 engine seems a lot of work for little gain
  4. Standard connector for such electronics, cheap as chips on tit-bay
  5. They do, I was quoted £60 for it
  6. Ignition barrel, or perhaps a dodgy wire from the starter to the switch or fuse box depending on how it is wired up, Cortinas are a nightmare for it in days gone bye
  7. Tools fall into several catagorys, I mainly use Britool, Taskmaster(old) and Smoos for my good stuff and Halfords for my 'in the van' tool kits, However all my Whitworth, imperial and AF stuff is Gedore, Elora, Bedford, Snap on and Britool...and I never have much in the way of problems with any of it, my 3/8 Britool ratchet is from the early 50's and only just starting to get a bit cranky
  8. I still have the 70's one, currently being used by the shepherds during the lambiong Tim collected the other one.if you want it it's yours rich
  9. Be advised, quality and ability vary greatly.....I've used a Snap-on 18v one and it is superb, I've tried some 24v ones that are shit, try and get one with at least 400Nm or they are a waste of time.
  10. I had a DW8 in an Expert, was finer on a 50% veg for about 25,000 then the pump started to leak and it fucked up No1 injector, might be coincidence or maybe not...
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