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    outlaw118 reacted to wuvvum in What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread   
    Just watching Family Guy clips on YouTube, as you do, and found this clip of Stewie almost being run over.
    By a Citroën C2!!!
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    outlaw118 reacted to Jerzy Woking in Oh You Lucky People....   
    I have had an NIE number for years, as i had to deal with my late parents estate here.
    I promised myself when I came here that I  would only have one bike and one car. 
    Of course, promises are meant to be broken, so now have one car and three bikes. And sod the expense!
    As my mate constantly tells me, "shrouds don't have pockets".
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    outlaw118 reacted to Jerzy Woking in Oh You Lucky People....   
    If you are going to take it back to the UK, then you are presumably not going to register it in your name in Spain. You can still fill in a sales contract and use your passport as ID.
    You do get 30 days to notify the DGT of the change in ownership, so I see it, you have 30 days to get it out of Spain. Not entirely sure of the legalities of it though, so best to check. Plus of course there is the question of getting it into the UK now, Post Brexit
    Incidentally, I saw my first Renault 7 here a couple of years ago, oddly appealing. Not seen another one since.

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    outlaw118 got a reaction from Talbot in The grumpy thread   
    Changed to them a while back, can't recommend highly enough.
    Also have the refer a friend thing, month free and £10 credit. WIINNAH
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    outlaw118 reacted to Talbot in The grumpy thread   
    Get her a "Smarty" monthly rolling contract for £20/month.  Unlimited everything.  I've pulled 700+GB in a month, no additional charges.  Makes budgeting very easy indeed.  It works on the Three network and is currently limited to 3G and 4G at the moment, but given I can get faster download on 3G than I can on some domestic broadband, I don't think that's an issue.
    You also get a free "gift" sim that you can give to someone else, which gets you a free month and the next person a free month too.
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    outlaw118 reacted to Tadhg Tiogar in Oh You Lucky People....   
    I wonder how @panhard65 got round this, then. He didn't seem to have any trouble bringing Spanish chod back to Britain....
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    outlaw118 reacted to DodgyBastard in FOAD's fleet   
    I've been after a van for a while but much like off road bikes at the moment, everything for sale seems to have covid inflation and people are asking way too much for them.
    Trying to find a van for £1k or less was proving quite difficult and anything that did appear for sale sold instantly.
    I saw the LDV a couple of months back on marketplace with a price of £1234, I enquired about it and the owner wanted offers, I made an offer of £450 as it was out of mot and I needed to factor in transporting it. The seller replied he needed £700 for it and all the welding it failed on on its last test had been done so I agreed to pay £700 and arranged transport, after that the seller stopped responding for a while until he replied that he was going to mot it and sell it for more which was fair enough.

    A month after that it appeared for sale again from some relation of his, she said she needed £1k for it as they had spent £700 on welding etc and it was ready for an mot, I said I couldn't get down there until the end of the week and by that point it was sold to someone else.

    The person that bought it had to redo most of the welding but did manage to get it through an mot. He advertised it on Gumtree for £1200 which I was prepared to pay for a van with a fresh ticket.
    I made arrangements to collect it at the end of the week and turned up to see it on time, I had a look at it, he showed me the bits he'd had to do etc, we wended up chatting for a while, he was impressed with the Subaru MV Pickup I'd arrived in and we talked about that, cars and bikes etc.

    I was prepared to just pay the asking price and leave but he basically said he was open to offers on it so I offered £1k which he was happy with, I think because we had got along and I was easy to deal with as a buyer he was happier to haggle.

    I transferred the money and jumped in it and drove it back up the road, it drives absolutely fine but the speedometer is out of action, looking at the mot history the mileage hasn't changed since 2018, I really should have paid more attention.

    I wanted a van for chucking motorbikes in, I'm hoping in the summer we can chuck the bikes in and drive out to the highlands and explore them by 2 stroke 125's while leaving the van as a base camp somewhere. That's the idea anyway...
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    outlaw118 reacted to Six-cylinder in Six Cylinders Motoring Notes   
    Thanks to Talbot and Andyrew for there further efforts so we now have a driving Carlton.
    The strange hosepipe activity was not punishing the car, but to flush the brown gung out of the heater matrix.

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    outlaw118 reacted to Talbot in Six Cylinders Motoring Notes   
    Well, after looking somwhat further into this, the "misfire" has very much been found:

    It's not hugely clear from the photo, but what you can see there is the top of the Hydraulic adjuster (which is the "fixed" fulcrum point for the rocker arm) and the rocker arm that has come off the fulcrum and is now lying sideways, jammed down the side of the hydraulic adjuster and the valve spring.
    The exhaust valve wasn't opening in the slightest.  That means the exhaust stroke of that cyliner wasn't actually exhausting, it was simply re-compressing the hot exhaust gasses, the inlet valve then opened and a blast of hot exhaust was shooting into the inlet.  That was then being drawn into other cylinders, meaning that when they ran their compression stroke, the mixture was already massively over-hot, so it was pre-igniting in a fairly massive way.  Hence the very nasty knocking, and the rather random nature of the knock.
    By disconnecting the spark plug on Cyl 1, it was no longer firing red hot exhaust gas back into the inlet, meaning there wasn't pre-ignition happening randomly throughout the engine.

    So, it's cam cover off, and get the rocker out.  Got the hydraulic adjuster out as well to check it for damage (thankfully none found) and luckily the only damage anywhere was a tiny dint in the very end of cylinder 1 exhaust valve lobe.  It's majoratively on the area of the lobe that has clearly never contacted the follower, so in terms of the engine it will make sod-all difference.
    At this point, there's two options:
    Take the cam carrier back off again, which means removing the head bolts.  That then leads to the thought of do I just wallop the same bolts back in again without disturbing the head, re-compressing the gasket?  That also would mean completely stripping the timing end of the engine again... something I have zero appetite for. Use the tool mentioned by Andyrew previously and hope I can get the rocker/follower and hydraulic adjuster back in, on the cylinder with the least space to work in. 1 is off the table.  So it has to be 2.  Quick message to Andyrew, and by utter luck, the tool needed is instantly to hand (it could have just as easily been buried under 2 tonnes of "stuff"), so he brings it up.
    an hour later, and after some rather fiddly and careful work, the adjuster and follower are back in.  The basis of the tool is that you end up compressing the valve spring *much* further than the cam would ever do so, meaning it's as far down away from the camshaft as possible.  The rocker follower goes in next, but pushed over to one side (and on it's side) to keep it out of the way while the hydraulic adjuster is dropped back in.  Then with varous bits of pokey wire, needle-nose pliers and a lot of fiddling (and a modicum of swearing) the rocker can be manipulatied back onto the fulcrum.  The tip of the rocker can then be carefully lifted up and the tip follower (which goes on the end of the valve stem) gently put back in.  After checking that everything is lined back up, the tool is removed *VERY* carefully, putting the spring load back on the follower and keeping everything together.  This has to be done absurdly carefully, as the rocker/follower and valve stem/tip follower will fall off at the slightest provocation, and I couldn't get any more grease in there to stick it all together.
    Once that was done and the engine turned over twice to confirm it'll stay together, all the rest of the parts were put back on:  Cam cover back on, cooling fan, cooling fan cowl (which is about a foot long, but there you go) and a few other clips.
    Run up to temperature, coolant flushed again, sacrificial oil dropped and some fresh put in.  Bonnet back on, and it drives.  It's still running on 2-year old fuel (so does splutter a bit) but it drives.  Thank goodness for that.
    What was previously PARTIAL SUCCESS is now FULL SUCCESS.  W00t!!!!1111!!111one11!!!eleven!
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    outlaw118 reacted to chaseracer in The new news 24 thread   
    I was doing similar stuff at the weekend, making an early GS tachometer operate with a two cylinder engine...

    It works, too!
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    outlaw118 reacted to PhilA in The new news 24 thread   
    Finished this clock for the guy with a car like mine.
    Spares clock, he doesn't know about, I'm waiting on some colored perspex that matches the colors of his car, and am going to make a freebie desk clock for him with it.
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    outlaw118 reacted to Split_Pin in The new news 24 thread   
    Sooo, it turns out I *am* 41 and not 12 as I thought I was this afternoon.
    Set off to collect my son from school, I usually walk. He wanted me to bring his scooter. We got him a new one for his birthday and its one of those bloody fast, silent ones. I planned to see if I could get to the school in as few pushes as possible. I came to the road, all clear so I successfully bunny-hopped the first kerb. However I misjudged the kerb at the other side of the road and jumped too soon so the front wheel clipped the kerb and I went arse for tit  right over the handlebars.  I put my hand down to break the fall but my knee landed with most of my body weight on it right onto a chuckie-stone. It made what looked like a 1 1/2 inch cut on my knee but on closer inspection it was a messy gash that went right down to my kneecap. It looks like nothing in the picture.

    Hoping nobody saw me, I just jumped up and carried on, thankful that the new scooter was undamaged.
    Got back home, son went out, taped up my knee, checked e-mails and then tinkered with the cars.
    My wife is a pharmacy technician and she took one look at it and declared stitches were a must. No way was I going into hospital due to Covid so she administered paper stitches.
    Now I've had WAY worse than this and been fine but for some reason I went into shock at this point, shivering and wanting to pass out. WTF. I'm not even squeamish!
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    outlaw118 reacted to richardmorris in The new news 24 thread   
    The barn find db6 resurfaced this afternoon and someone turned up in a shiny one to crawl over it.

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    outlaw118 reacted to 4wheeledstool in Cavalier mk2 - another blue giffermobile.   
    This weekend saw the rear end skimmed, rubbed and primed again. 

    Pitted areas now unable to be seen.

    Nearside rear quarter was guide coated and blocked again.

    Then after a few small fills were applied, a third coat of primer went on.

    Ill leave the back end and rear quarters for a couple of weeks before blocking them again, and get on with the sills in the mean time. 
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    outlaw118 reacted to 4wheeledstool in Cavalier mk2 - another blue giffermobile.   
    More stuff has been occurring - the offside rear quarter got a bit of fettling, some blocking, and another coat of epoxy primer.

    Its pretty reasonable now, but theres still a couple of areas needing a little finessing before I can call it ready.
    The front wings have both been blocked again, they can now go in the "paint bloke" pile.

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    outlaw118 reacted to Stanky in What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread   
    I took the Daihatsu to work yesterday, it was a totally shit day with the 'to do' pile being twice as high at the end of the day as it was at the start (and it was dangerously high to start with!) but driving home made the stress evaporate. The daihatsu is a bit of a TLGP weapon and even holds its own on the motorway. 
    I managed to badly embarrass the driver of a ford focus who incorrectly related 'small = slow' - overtook and then got tangled in some traffic while I blasted past the dawdlers in the middle and outside lanes in L1. I got followed for a while by a lovely gunmetal grey Toyota Starlet as well.
    Then, having come off the motorway I was at the front of the queue with mr focus on my left. He looked over and sneered so I booted it and used all the revs in 1st and 2nd and left him for dead. 
    I might get a flat cap, walking stick on the parcel shelf and dogs trust sticker for the back window to complete the look* of coffin dodger giffer-mobile.
    Childish? Yes. Fun? Yes, also. I always wanted a bit of a sleeper and the Daihatsu is very much one. 
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    outlaw118 got a reaction from RoadworkUK in eBay tat volume 3.   
    I see what you did there....
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    outlaw118 reacted to RoadworkUK in eBay tat volume 3.   
    Lovely Jubilee.
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    outlaw118 reacted to wuvvum in eBay tat volume 3.   
    I'm quite happy to accept that some leave voters did vote for the reasons you have outlined above.  But saying that the only possible reason anybody could have wanted to vote "leave" was stupidity and racism is simplistic in the extreme.
    Anyway, wrong thread for this discussion.  Have a fast Volvo instead.

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    outlaw118 got a reaction from stonedagain in The new news 24 thread   
    I've resisted chucking my two penneth in so far, but I'll do it now.
    Firstly re the Brownova / Pikey thing. As he's explained he wasn't aware that it's an offensive term. And having met him, I refuse to believe there's a malicious bone in his body. Secondly on that point, what was the actual point of the backlash and the big arguement as to whats offensive and what's not? Nobody on here is God / Buddha / Ferdinand Porsche (delete deity as applicable) so who gives anybody the right to slag anyone off, which then descended into a fucking tit for tat snipe fest. Nobody has the right to tell other people what to think. Advise perhaps, but to demand that everyone thinks the same way and pussyfoots around like a woke snowflake is horseshit. Yeah we've got some members who display troll-like characteristics, but hey, whatever. Are they actually HURTING you, costing you money? No. Grow up.
    It's quite easy really, don't like a post, scroll past they'll be another one in a moment.
    I know for a fact that my political views will be very different to many others, as are my views on a lot of things. Anything contentious I just don't feel the need to post. It's really not difficult. In REAL life there are more important things to worry about, like whether I'm going to punch my boss in the face, or what I'm having for tea.
    TL:DR Scroll past DON'T BE A DICK.
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    outlaw118 reacted to Will on Syros in Enfield 8000 Restoration   
    Bodywork and painting done...battery installation time!  
    It looks lovely

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    outlaw118 reacted to cort16 in eBay tat volume 3.   
    Chris Dangle, Sierra looks pretty good for 2 grand 

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    outlaw118 reacted to barrett in 32nd time lucky: small gold shed   
    OH here's some more exciting news.... Palladium work is coming on nicely. Half the body is now done, and it's all stripped ready for paint when the other side is finished. It's gonna look so good!!

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    outlaw118 reacted to wuvvum in eBay tat volume 3.   
    The fact that the seller's business name is "Somerset Robin Reliant Spares" doesn't inspire much confidence...
    I feel like giving him a buzz and saying "Hi, I'm calling about the Eighteen Renault".  But then I have had a drink.
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    outlaw118 got a reaction from SteersWithThrottle in eBay tat volume 3.   
    Jesus Holy Mother Of FUCK https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/333969411827?hash=item4dc220cef3:g:LFAAAOSwpGFggA02

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