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    outlaw118 got a reaction from DoctorRetro in Does AS have a resident Citroen SM? If not, it does now!   
    Saw this on Twatter, muchly impressed.

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    outlaw118 reacted to meggersdog in eBay tat volume 3.   
    just clean the windows and drive as is
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    outlaw118 reacted to Austat in eBay tat volume 3.   

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    outlaw118 reacted to sdkrc in eBay tat volume 3.   

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    outlaw118 reacted to CaptainBoom in 'just bloody scrap it' - the eBay 'fuck me, what were they thinking' thread   
    "Is valewbal Hovercar M9".  That looks like it got put in the crusher, and was just about to be turned into a Zanussi, then someone changed their mind at the last minute and it was dragged out, half crushed, neither dead or alive. 
    A similar expereince could be gained from being in a Wetherspoons on a Friday evening (global pandemics notwithstanding).
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    outlaw118 reacted to Ghosty in Autoshite chat over Zoom - 8.00pm Tuesdays. PM brownnova for the link if you don’t have it!   
    That picture has been going round the internet for a while. 

    The orignal context that popularised it is that it was more aerodynamic than a Jeep Wrangler: 

    I now have 'Size of a Cow' by The Wonder Stuff stuck in my head. 
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    outlaw118 reacted to richykitchy in Does AS have a resident Citroen SM? If not, it does now!   
    Bloody hell! I felt it was worthy of AS (due to the spec, as much as anything) and only had a few minutes to make a post - didn't except as big a reaction as this! 
    I did indeed put it on Twitter. I'm in this awkward situation of being ridiculously excited that I own an SM, but at the same time being super anxious that I keep bleating on and on about it. I can imagine people getting a bit "Alright, yeah...we get it - you've got an SM!"
    I watch the videos on his SM, but I didn't know there was somewhere I could 'log on'? I suspect I'll be able to punch my fingers through most of it!
    Yes. It's the worst kind of SM,though they were all LHD, I should point out. Well, aside from the ones that were converted in Australia, as apparently LHD cars were illegal over there at the time.
    No, just a big bottle marked 'Acid'.
    Yes, I am whoring it out a bit. Don't worry, it'll all die down when I get sidetracked onto something else.
    I'm actually in the mind to agree with you. I prefer the Euro spec cars, visually, however I'm already becoming irked by the hatred for the US front end (hatred that I too harboured, back before I got one). Like you say, it's part of the charm, and it's history - why try and change it. If everybody ditches the US spec front end, there won't be any left!
    Looks solid...in places. In other places (mostly underneath) it's horrific.
    They must be conversions then.
    Just Google search Citroen SM, and you'll note most SMs have three lights per side, the inner of which swivelled, like a DS. They were also encased in glass.
    Yes, I will share the journey of this one. I'm not sure how to do it; Some people have even suggested trying to YouTube it, like coldwarmotors etc.
    eBay. Bought it because I won a mug that I didn't intentionally compete for. Genuinely.
    I agree! Except for the 70s bit, as I wasn't here then.
    I don't know, I've got more facilities than the average 'Shiter. I think the heroes are the ones managing to do high-standard repair work at home! But thanks all the same.
    I might pinch this and make a sticker of it, to put in the rear window. I need an AS dealer sticker too, if there are any. Any ideas where they come from?
    Cheers. There's a Xantia Activa there, too (albeit a smashed up one).
    The C6 has a thread on here, and the BX has major threads elsewhere (I just haven't copied them onto here yet). The SM's arrival pretty much kicked the BX out of the workshop, so I'm now prioritising getting that one on the road.
    Part of the reason I love it, though I'd argue the engineering elements are genuinely impressive. The French and Italians can blow most other countries out of the water, when they weren't hampered by budget.
    Actually, maybe you're right about the electrics...
    Yeah, I know about the engine. Anxiety is my middle name, so I probably won't try to run it until I've rebuilt it.
    Definitely. In fact, the statement makes sense if you take away the RHD conversion bit, too!
    This car? Or the SM in general?!
    You're not far off in your assessment, though. My logic was that if it was too fucked, it would become a piece of art to enjoy instead!
    That's useful, thanks.
    They wanted a reg number, so I'm going back today. Wish me luck!
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    outlaw118 reacted to MiniMort in The new news 24 thread   
    Well in an interesting and very fortunate turn of events today I interviewed Chris Goffey for my motoring online radio show/podcast! He was such a nice guy and had so many funny stories to tell about his time Road testing for Top Gear, Wheels and Autocar
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    outlaw118 reacted to dome in The new news 24 thread   
    Latest poor life choice has been made

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    outlaw118 got a reaction from Heidel_Kakao in Does AS have a resident Citroen SM? If not, it does now!   
    Saw this on Twatter, muchly impressed.

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    outlaw118 reacted to Soundwave in eBay tat volume 3.   
    Seems relatively cheap for one of these, even with a b0rked cogbox.


    For just £1000 you can spend the rest of your life nodding and smiling politely every time some mouth-breather feels the need to remind you that a certain member of the royal family owned one of these, no matter how much you want to scream "I FUCKING KNOW" before hitting them over the head with a golf club.
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    outlaw118 reacted to Tadhg Tiogar in eBay tat volume 3.   


    This could be werf all teh moneyz.
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    outlaw118 reacted to richykitchy in Does AS have a resident Citroen SM? If not, it does now!   
    As it turns out, the C6 was a dry run. This is the real thing - a 1973 Citroen SM. Being that it's me what bought it, it's the least desirable, worst-spec SM there is (because I am a beggar, and therefore cannot be a chooser). 3-speed slush-box; stupid federal front end, and a whole heap of rust. That said, it does have the 3.0L engine with triple Webers, and it's only done 49k miles.
    And it's an SM. Way I see it, it's win-win.

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    outlaw118 reacted to Mike D in The new news 24 thread   
    My hunt for a Mk2 Golf ended on Monday

    To say i'm happy with it is an understatement, it's in fantastic condition, I know the suspension and wheels won't appeal to a lot on here, but I think it suits them. It seems to be great on fuel, and I've not stopped grinning every time I drive it - it's an absolute weapon with the 1.8 20v Turbo conversion. Power steering model too so it's actually nice to drive around town.

    Verdict - Well chuffed
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    outlaw118 reacted to dieselnutjob in browntastic 604   
    I spent a couple of hours trying to drop the rack and failed

    the rack is right at the bottom of this photo.
    the power steering ram is sandwiched between the rack and the cross member
    you can see one of the bolts that holds the rack onto the cross member in the photo, and above that is much longer bolt that attaches the ram to the cross member by going all the way through it
    That long bolt can't come out because it hits the rack, and the nut is underneath all those pipes.
    I think that's why Peugeot say to drop the whole cross member.  However the engine is sitting on it and getting to the engine mount bolts looks pretty difficult.  You can hardly see them let alone get tools on them.
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    outlaw118 reacted to catsinthewelder in eBay tat volume 3.   
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    outlaw118 reacted to wuvvum in eBay tat volume 3.   
    Field find FSO pickup

    Err... OK then...

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    outlaw118 reacted to wuvvum in eBay tat volume 3.   
    It's depressing how much these are fetching now.  Another car I'll probably never own again.

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    outlaw118 reacted to wuvvum in eBay tat volume 3.   
    Early R8 in the parts section.  It says spares or repair but it should be mechanically fine given that it has the Reliable Honda Engine™.

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    outlaw118 reacted to 17-Coffees in eBay tat volume 3.   
    It's been about a month, so It's time for my "If I moved stateside here's what I could buy today" post's again! So as per-usual a $10k price limit, let's go!
    I'll start off as I have done the last few times, the obligatory Panther platform car...

    This one being a 2011 Crown Vic Interceptor! Looks a little worse for wear outside than other's I've featured, but makes up for it being a later model & nearly half the mileage! At $4700 it's at the normal price they seem to be worth.
    Next up, I'll stick to the V8...

    A 2006 Cadillac DTS, a nice FWD barge offering all the luxury a 2000's Caddy will give you! Would be a rather sensible choice too, FWD and parts a plenty. For just £5500 It'd actually be very tempting if I was looking! 
    The next is the cheapest, but also the first estate I've featured...

    A 1997 Ford Taurus Wagon, it has a few issues that I don't think would be an issue (Electric windows don't fully work being the worst of it), for $1250 it seems a little too cheap for a working car stateside, but the otherhalfs PT Curser cost that and still works after 2 years with minimal upkeep!
    The final one is the best* I think...

    A '85 Camaro Z28, very little info giving. But C'on it's a 3rd gen F-body! I can hear the cracking open of a Monster Ultra and "Rock you like a Hurricane" playing already, it's the American dream For $6500 it'd be worth it! 
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    outlaw118 reacted to mk2_craig in Bini Mandela: Car still described as pile of sh*te   
    I'm not going to lie, I did ask my wife to check how much we had this heap of crap insured for - taking it to a secluded location and cutting my losses seemed like a worthwhile course of action at this point.  It struck me as a reasonable solution to the problem of a car with a roof stuck in the lowered position, especially seeing as my garage:

    Which had relatively recently housed a motorcycle AND an XR2 along with all manner of other junk, was now firmly blocked by a trampoline that had mysteriously migrated from the lawn to the driveway, as well as various plastic storage sheds and assorted garden-related crap that my wife had subtly accumulated since I sold the Fiesta three years ago.

    I couldn't face the graft involved in clearing enough of this stuff out to create a Bini-shaped hole and also shifting the contents of the drive somewhere else, so plan B (At 4.30pm the day before Good Friday) was to go and bother our friendly mechanic to see if he might be familiar with the electrical issues we were suddenly presented with.  Naturally he was delighted* to see me, and did no more than a 5 min quick diagnostic plug-in before offering to look at it in more depth "first thing Tuesday" - in other words free undercover parking for the Easter weekend.  A small win there at least.

    At lunchtime on Tuesday I returned to find that the garage had managed to get the roof back in the raised position (I had attempted to follow the emergency procedure as outlined in the missing owner's handbook, but couldn't suss out how the securing latches could be made to manually grip into the windscreen frame) and received a vague report about the car not being able to detect the power windows.  Further investigation would need to be carried out by main dealer or a BMW specialist with the correct kit, though very pleasingly I wasn't charged anything which again was some consolation.

    I noticed that the driver side window wasn't in the fully raised position, which means I must have had the door open when the battery was disconnected.  I started to wonder whether this fact could have caused the body control module to have a brain fart and go catatonic, though a weekend of online reading about BINI faults had me reasonably convinced that the 11-year-old battery was probably not helping the situation, despite it always being perfectly capable of starting the car even in the depth of winter. 

    I'd also more or less concluded that it was possible to remove the module from the car and have it "reflashed", which (due to not being able to identify anybody local who'd admit to knowing anything about the phenomenon) would involve sending it away, though I didn't want to do that and have EXACTLY THE SAME THING happen again so I resigned myself to the fact that a fresh battery would minimise the risk of that occurring.  A friend suggested that the cheapest supplier was actually the RENNER agent so I headed down there to be relieved of £177 while I waited for it to be fitted and - hopefully - correctly "registered" to the car so that some intelligent charging program bollocks could be updated in the car's on board computery system.  Where were you when you heard the Duke of Edinburgh carked it?  I was sitting on a showroom sofa between an unregistered Clio and a Dacia Sandero demonstrator watching the BBC News channel.

    Anyhow.  Once back home I put away the spare cans of petrol that I had been massively tempted to pour over the damn thing, then endeavoured to extract the module from the footwell and see what it looked like:

    TEH INTERNET reckoned that a lot of these become borked by dint of the shit location at a convenient junction of multiple water ingress routes.  I wasn't convinced that this was the primary source of the problems, though there was a fair helping of green death on the connections:

    Gulp.  I consulted an electrician mate, who reckoned I might get away with it if I grabbed some cotton buds and white spirit, then carefully cleaned off the worst of it.  This had things looking a little better:

    I then purchased a repair service from my online auction website of choice, from a company that seemed to have plenty decent reviews from disgruntled owners of R56 series cars, which at less than thirty sheets seemed worth a gamble (if not successful, I would be into the rather more uncertain territory of purchasing a compatible secondhand part and having THAT re-coded too).  I wrapped it up and on arriving at the post office became extremely annoyed at the package weighing a mere 10 grams over the half kilo threshold that joyfully adds an extra two quid to the cost of shipping.  Arsehole Jersey Post w@nkers.

    I was still faced with the issue of the not-quite-closed OSF window, which a quick test with a watering can proved was not weathertight.  This risked putting us RIGHT BACK WHERE WE HAD STARTED with a sodden carpet which would do wonders for my rapidly deteriorating mental health.  I figured it would be possible to run 12 volts direct to the window motor, so it was off with the door trim (a strange two part affair on these cars, held* on by about a thousand robust* trim clips) to see what was what:

    Ah yes.  The bottom two cables looked thicker, so in for a penny in for a pound I elected to just go right ahead and hook these up.  I pulled the battery from the Renner 19:

    And since I really couldn't be bothered to hunt around the place in order to locate some suitable connections to crimp onto fresh cable of ample length, I shortened the job by borrowing some wires from my old Dukes of Hazzard musical air horns that have been sitting in the garage for a decade and a half, lifting the battery onto the faithful Kikstep, and VERY gingerly aiming the exposed terminal into the multi-connector:

    BZZZT!!  Success.

    Will the footwell module be deemed beyond repair?  Will it get lost in the post somewhere over the English Channel?  Will I lose my sh!t completely and set fire to the car at last?  Tune in next time to find out!!
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    outlaw118 reacted to Parky in Bini Mandela: Car still described as pile of sh*te   
    A better battery might be a more sensible starting point, or running some jump leads to another one.  I would have a look at the earth lead on the battery, I have often found that weird electrical nonsense can be traced back to a bad earth so hopefully it is something relatively minor like that.  
    Otherwise Mini sold a pack called “extra Chilli” which was an option on the R56.  It consisted of a special boot mounted kit lovingly crafted in a handmade leather pouch containing a litre of Shell’s finest V-Power Nitro and an exclusive to Mini box of Swan Vestas.  At the time it wasn’t popular as it retailed at £799 but it is proving a popular aftermarket add on

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