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  1. Landlady, the cougar is currently getting 'nailed' loudly, this is not only putting me off my stroke sometimes but the noise of the bed springs is grating, its like the springs are pleading for a break. Luckily for me he chap is a fast worker, the only problem is he's keen. Think I might leave a rusty can of 3-In-1 on the side-table as a hint, mind you she might get the wrong idea and I'll be roped into some three-way gang-bang cougar-fuck-fest, either way it can only be a win surely. Ah jesus guys give it (and me) a break, you're at it like two teenagers.
  2. Well DUH! Its a bottle of polish! Fuck me I missed that one, I used to have a Polish missus too and was always cracking that joke, however I doff my cap to you sir for beating a drunkard to it. I should have said its a Polish bottle of polish but I didn't.
  3. obviously thats a Polish bottle but the UK stuff looks the same...but with Angelsku writing on it...obviously
  4. Hand soap? fuck poncing about with proprietary hand cleaners I just use fairy spooge with some sugar, mind you it might work out more expensive this way. Mind you I am surrounded by beaches so I could replace the sugar with free sand...but as I wear nitrile gloves because I'm a ponce I don't often need to scrub hard anymore, see being a hypocrite means I can say this shit. Oh and the best t-cut type paint restorer I have ever used (and I've used a 'fuck-load') I rate the old Turtlewax Colour Back stuff, so much easier to use than T-cut.
  5. weird, any pics? still convinced that sealey is your answer:
  6. Depends what type of locking nut it is, if its the three holed type then you can drill the holes out and use another three-pronged key, you can actually buy sockets for this very purpose from the like of Sealey.
  7. Cheers man, bit like you and your buyer for your car last week, its things like that that really wake you up and think about thing hey. The thing was that he was a really good mate, the one I'd known the longest since primary school days and having moved about so much it was quite something to have still kept in contact only like a twat I lost his contact details about seven years ago and moved about a bit and as I don't have much family he couldn't have traced me. He'd commited suicide by jumping off a bridge on a motorway, obviously not fair on the people who hit him but I feel shit for not taking time out to try and trace him a couple of years ago. Lesson learnt I think, if you're thinking about contacting someone/making amends then do it or it might be too late.
  8. Was just pissing about on Facebook as I'm fairly new to it, started searching for an old mate from the Midlands who I'd lost contact with (as I'm a bit slack in that dept) only to find out he killed himself 18 months ago, really puts things in to perspective.
  9. Some nice spots there, I'm lovin the CX pics 'tis like ladies of large appendedages i.e breasts pour moi, now as a bloke who's central shite-system is based on all things Rover SD1 I'd say that is a classic example of how to fuck an old car up properly, there's just so much wrong about it I don't even know where to start...apart from what appears to be the Renault 19 16v badge, all Rover V8s were obvioiusly 16v 'tis like boasting that your Renner 5 is 8v. The rest of it is just a bit OTT for my liking but fuck it if the owner likes it then who am I to comment?
  10. Then its a different article, the one I saw had these wheel is you can see the tiny pic:
  11. I could have sworn it was ano old boy with a dark blue one?????????????????????????????????????????????? if your OCD is particularly bad you could find out.
  12. I like the minor on them there Rostyles. Bit unfair Trig, he might have just been a 'fucking twat' driving a Renner 4
  13. Like very much, two stroke bikes are for wankers. I've just been to B&Q to acquire some AA batteries not for a vibrator you understand nor indeed any other sex toy of which I do not own, merely for my CD Walkman because I'm modern like that. So I look around at all the batteries and pick up a pack of 12 Duracells for just under eight quid, after paying for the aforementioned goods I then notice at the exit there are packs of the same Duracells but 18 for just over a fiver...WTF thinks, so I return the packet of 12, ask for a refund and pay for the 18-pack, the till-operating bastard-bitch makes some comment about I should of seen them before so I retort something along the lines of 'Yes, but if you put the twatting things by the exit I won't see them untill I've paid for anything and made my way around your twatting one-way till-system' I really do question the logic of putting special offers AFTER the tills by the exit doors, whats the fucking point? now I CAN HAZ ROSE SO FUK U BEE AND QUE.
  14. I remember reading an article in Practical Classics about 15 years ago about an old boy who'd done a really top-notch restoration on an X19, he couldn't find any centre caps for those wheels but the nearest thing he found was a paint pot lid so he bought a few of these new lids (from the places that mix your paint up obvioulsy) and they fitted like a glove and looked spot-on, you really couldn't tell they looked anything but standard and it would be a true Autoshite stylee solution.
  15. I would have thought that something as new as the C8 was CAN-bus electrics i.e you can't just dick about fitting some old wiring like on older type cars as the modules 'talk' to each other. If it is CANbus and thats the problem then I guess you could remove the current wiring and repair and original circuits then buy the proper Citroen wiring harness. If it is the case that the proper CANbus wiring harness has not been fitted then could you not kick off at the dealer suggesting that its not fit for purpose etc? Or you could just fuck it.
  16. Just replaced the Driver's window regulator and motor on the Lexus LS400, from start to finish I think it took about 15 mins, either I'm shit-hot at mechanics or more likely Toyota were thinking ahead when they thought about how all this shit goes together. Try pulling that shit on an Audi A3/VW Golf Mk4, nowhere near as well thought out, having seen many of them done they look like some sort of Justin Bieber three-way-fuck-fest-with-your-beloved type nightmare.
  17. I voted on the Wolfrace website for the return of the slotmag but they didn't show the new incarnation of it which looks a bit shit with that centre cap, it looked alot better the way it was thats why people wanted it back, how about next time you cast a polling vote why not explain that the winning choice will be made different to what is proposed then maybe I wouldn't have wasted three minutes of my life voting for it then whinging about how shit the new version looks. Alot of old stylee wheels are making a return due to the Mini and VW scence, you can buy new Mambas and Dunlop D1s and Cosmics although as I understand from reading many people's opinion who've bought these wheels is that (and this would be about fackin right) the quality isn't as good as the originals which is ironic considering we're looking at about thirty years worth of potential higher quality control up the shitter. Lose the centre cap and just make the slotmag as it was, is it that fucking hard to do? just dust off the old blue-prints and produce them not dick about adding shit that looks out of place.
  18. The problem is (as a parts bloke) is that most EPCs are linked to the net now rather than just being a disc like the olden daze, I remember about six years ago my brother bought a Vauxhall parts disc from Ebay and I was working for Vauxhall in the parts dept at the time and when I looked at it I didn't recognise most of the number i.e it was a copy of such an old program that most of the part numbers had been long superceded. Have you tried searching for an online EPC? I've found online BMW, Merc, VAG, Toyota and Honda parts catalogues online on the internetzweb or you could just phone a Vauxhall garage?
  19. Surely the point is that despite these cars being pretty fucking average they are the darlings of the middle-class wannabees and the latest generation will soon forgotten just as quick as VW change the shape of the rear light clusters then all the beautiful people will want the newest VW they can get leaving us shite enthusiasts with a sea of average VWs that are still capable of getting us from A-B rather than making any statement about class pretensions. And that ladeez and gendlemun is my argument for 'fuck it, its a modern car so its pretty fucking average get over it' argument.
  20. But I thought we love shit cars here, the under-dog, the under-achiever and the market flop?
  21. I was just expressing my own personal opinion that I preferred VWs build quality up to/including the Mk3 rather than the later mk4 golf era stuff I wasn't stating it as fact, indeed, I had a Rover 216 Vitesse that was actually pretty well screwed together...or at least my own one was and not particularly above and beyond anything VW could muster but what we often forget is longevity but I think 80s/90s German stuff has a certain teutonic efficient slightly souless charm in a similar way that Japanese stuff has. Although I was disappointed with my Mk2 16v Golf I could forgive it for being a dog especially as it was only £225, the interior looked more dated than most other cars of its time yet it did have a quality feel especially compared to most things French for example, I was always impressed with the quality of my mk3 golf though but again it just felt a tad dull, like I was missing something whenever I drove it.
  22. That'll be because this one doesn't weigh as much as your house... I've always wanted one of these. I really liked the older VW build quality up to and including the much maligned mk3 golf, I had a go in a VR6 GTi t'other day, not especially amazing in performance but nice generally.
  23. I used to do estimates. You're looking at approx three hours per panel to paint in labour then it'll need 'blending' over to the next panel or it'll stand out a mile, then theres the cost of the materials themselves which are suprisingly expensive. Did they go to a couple of places for quotes? Also if the boot was on the other foot you'd want any damage to be repaired properly to original quality not just 'touched up'
  24. Also has the bonus of allowing one to eat their Frosted Shreddies at a jaunty angle. My advice re:the wing is; + + =
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