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  1. Nice one, I was looking for that place last night. [pedant]Thats a Terex not a HIAB [pedant/]
  2. I really want to like these but my professional experience says that when they go wrong you'll be crying into your wallet as you feel your trousers around your ankles and your bare buttocks part company. I would have one but I just know that there would be a little voice at the back of my head saying WHEN will it play up?
  3. Oh christ that is noice I can offer nothing only a 'good luck with the sale' I have to say as an old BMW anorac you have some very nice extras there that make that car well worth the money.
  4. Scene tax init, I guess there's no real logic to prices of some cars other than they're in fashion as opposed to any real merit.
  5. Bloody hell Trigger! I'm liking wimminz in frocks (even better out of them though) What made me laugh yesterday was a transvestite coming into work asking for some wheel bearings for an old Transit, suffice to say we had to order them for the old tranny
  6. I hope you're going to add a couple of zeros to your ebay price when the time comes LOLERZ That looks bloomin' tasty, very very nice in fact. If you want some decent pictures of it and I mean proper photos give me a shout. I could rock up to some honez down the burger bar in that and be assured of scoring some quality clacker I can tell you, in fact that car is most unlike you Colin, whats happening to you man? where's the rust? I hope you'll be cracking open the Nitromors and applying it liberally for that OMG I CAN HAZ RAT LUK. I don't think you'll get a bonnet bra for that though
  7. 66 years ago no Messerscmitt owner would have admitted that
  8. Its not electronic so I doubt you'd get one at Maplins, I got a Draper one from a car shop, they measure the specific gravity of the acid which gives you an idea of the state of the cells...obviously not much use on a sealed battery though! http://www.workshopping.co.uk/product/d ... ter/61792/ http://www.tooled-up.com/Product.asp?PID=18564 You can get the same thing to test Antifreeze and brake fluid an' all.
  9. In my professional experience of batteries I would say Varta are the best, I belive they are one of the few companies that make their own batteries which may explain their high reliability rate. If I need to depend on a car for a long journey I don't piss about I buy a Varta. I used to work for an automotive electrical specialist and in three years I saw maybe a couple of Vartas back and once re-charged they were fine. Numax on the other hand are utter shite, day-in day-out we'd see loads of them back with dead cells, same goes for Lucas and Yuasa batteries aren't great either but better than Numax. Platinum are ok but I'd agree with Bosch not being as good as you'd think they would be. Every car I've had thats come with a Numax (about five) has failed on me. My suprise vote if you don't want to fork out for a Varta would be Motrio which is a Renault brand, hardly ever saw those back under warranty and they are dirt cheap, all Renault parts depts have them. If you really want the cheapest then get your 'arris down the scrappy and try and buy/borrow a hydrometer (they're about £6 new) and do a quick cell test, its easy to do and will take one minute and tell you of its general state of health.
  10. Allegro mirrors look like the same that were fitted to most BL products at that time i.e the Tex door mirrors, any MG or Mini specialist will have those, only the later ones were black IIRC.
  11. Haha thats brilliant! I've seen his Russian dancing men before. Check this out:
  12. Came across this whilst looking for something else: http://www.sniffpetrol.com/archive.html
  13. Oh yeah, can you not save/recharge the battery you've got? Obviously once its running check the charge rate then if that appears to be normal I'd be inclined to look at the battery, I bought a specific gravity tester yesterday for £6.00, its not a Numax battery is it? I wouldn't have thought an electrical drain would kill a battery on a running vehicle though so I'd be inclinded to say voltage regulator but as previously mentioned a multimeter is your friend here.
  14. You need to get a multi-meter and see how much power the alternator is kicking out, if you can't borrow one they're dirt cheap to buy.
  15. Slabside is the older one, this is a Slingshot. or is that what you meant?
  16. I tell you what Torsten that is bloody lovely, I used to hate bikes generally until this year when I entered the latter stages of my early mid-life crisis in fact I've just been out on a twenty year old Honda VFR 750 with a fantastic V4, I really do like the cafe racer look though and to make an R80 look that good is inspired sir. Was it you that bought some old late 70s/early 80's Jap bike that was near mint? any more pics of that? as a reward I present you with/hi-jack your thread with the following; My mate's R80 that he's owned since new I knew once I got into bikes my shite-sense would be the ruin of me, so I bought this: Its a Suzuki GSXR 1100L (I thought I'd mention that as they've not really written it anywhere clearly on the bike ) its 1991 and its not far off minty mint which is rare as they were mostly street-fightered. and its done 16k miles, I've even got the original bill of sale, Its brutal but I love it, for the non bikers reading its an oil cooled engine with the design based on the oil cooling system found in the Spitfire Merlin V12 weirdly. Right apologies for the hi-jack, lovely bike Torsten, what else you got?
  17. Needed a Haynes manual for a twenty year old Suzuki GSXR 1100 motorbike, went to Halfords since I'm in Blighty at the mo and picked one up, was about take it to the counter but I just couldn't bring myself to pay £22 for one so I put it back. Today I accompanied a mate into a warehouse crammed full of shit and what do I find? the same manual, mine for a paltry £1. Me=Happy.
  18. Could you not get a doughnut type tank to fit in the spare wheel area on the side or can't you get upright spare-wheel gas tanks? I have to say being a Rover nut through and through I was never that keen on the P6 untill I bought one a few years ago, so much nicer than you could imagine, superb suspension and ride and of course that lovely V8, I'd have another in an instance.
  19. I know soaking corroded stuff in vinegar is suppoed to be really good but I'd be cautious with that emblem on it.
  20. Whats poor old grandma got to do with it? ah....
  21. This http://www.amazon.co.uk/product-reviews ... GL6W2W2UOI
  22. Barkas and XM for me please trig. GR999999.8 pix as always chez.
  23. Aha you bought it, I had a gander at it when I went to see Colin and very nice and original it was too. I think I took that pic of the blue Cossie at St Catherines one day, I don't normally like the Sapphire Cossie that much but I don't think I'd ever seen one in that colour and I think it looks flange-tastic, must have cost you a pretty penny as it appeared to be very tidy? wasn't off Mr Surcouf was it? I think he had a mint and I mean mint grey cossie parked just in front of your old blue one in that same pic.
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