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  1. Aka Pockets or Uncle Pockets, I wouldn't expect you to to be honest, cheers though.
  2. I recognize that name from other forums (fora?) Hooli, you gave me some advice by email a few years back regarding my 1400, cheers, I've still got it, will post some pics of my fleet soon. Montytom, nice Varadero, they're great bikes, I had one and it was fantastic even if the starter motor started playing silly buggers one day forcing me to scrabble around tapping it with a small stone every time I needed to start it, bit awkward on the CBT! I always thought it a shame they didn't do a slightly bigger one say 250.
  3. Yeah I must have read that ages ago then completely forgot that the same bloke designed them both because I remember reading this on Wikipedia:
  4. Welcome once again you dirty, dirty people, I've been away a long time mainly due to getting into motorcycles (mainly shite bikes) and not buying anymore shite, well that changed yesterday, I have a weak spot for BMW 325i E30s especially the Sport model (essentially just a tarted-up 325i with a few trick bits) now I already own a shite example of one in diamond metallic black which has been an on-going project ever since I bought it back four years ago so imagine the state of my gusset when an old work-mate contacts me asking if I wanted his, now two years ago I mentioned to him that if he ever wanted to sell it to let me know, well he did and I bought it, so firstly here's my 'first' Sport that I currently own: and here's the 'new' one: Spot the difference (apart from the shite wheels which will be going) Driving it to my rented parking was 'interesting', the brakes were shite and the steering was all over the shop, the driver's door lock is banjaxed and there's rot in a few localised placed, other than that, she's a beaut! cost? £100!! Rust on driver's door: Dirty engine needs a scrub: More rust: Orsum repair!: So the plan was to use it as a spares car for my other one (it has a much higher spec and sentimental value) but I'm not sure I could bring myself to break it. Cheers!
  5. Always loved the 800 especially the early ones. For some reason that I cannot explain and despite owning much newer cars, they still seem modern to me in my little world. Excellent work, love the car
  6. I'm borrowing my Grandmother's Logo at the moment because my LS400 alternator has packed up, my old Mini is off the road, my BMW 325i fuel pump is fucked and my TVR is, well a TVR i.e FUCKED. My opinions on the Logo are thus: sure it's better than walking but overall I think I'd rather have a scrotal abscess, the CVT autobox utterly ruins the car completely, it not only sounds like you're slipping the clutch whilst revving the absolute knackers off it but it has all the temperament of a bat-shit mental woman who has schizophrenia whilst on her monthly cycle, it is fair to say leddies and gendleman, fucking shit, now don't get me wrong, the build quality is excellent and it's very reliable and has loads of room inside for such a small car for activities such as pissing the driver's seat and hiding tins of boiled sweets and pillows all over the shop but I just hate it, not because it's small-I love the Daihatsu Cuore, hell even Honda knew they'd dropped a bollock and stopped making it sharpish. It was designed to get Doris to the shop half a mile away once a week at 20mph, nothing more, nothing less, and I'm sure it's fine for those duties but honestly, normal pootling around is dismal, perhaps the manwell box is slightly better but it'll still have all the personality of a sponge.
  7. Stirling reportage there Sir, tis but a Triumph GT6 not a Spifire though.
  8. Rover P6 front sidelights, they've got little pointy ears so that you can see from inside the car that the light is working, most get snapped off though. Lexus LS400, steering wheel moves out of the way when you pull the key from the ignition, I always have mine turned off though.
  9. Trigster why has it got to be under 187" and older than '81? I think you should get yourself a Rover SD1, fits all your criteria if you went for a series 1 and at 185" you'll have room to spare.
  10. I would have thought that it was just the intercooled 1.9 TD without any ECU no? if thats the case then the T4 lot do what Colin says and dick about with the injector pump for more oomph. What engine code is it?
  11. Holy shit those R5 dashes are migraine-tastic! Always thought that the Citroen CX and Rover SD1 dashes were pretty amazing although the latter appeared to be a series of compromises.
  12. That is, without doubt, THE most expensive pint I've EVER heard of.....! I rather think he meant one of these: Agree about those Sealey AK692 3/8 sets, I had one but it got knicked, very good quality set that and I liked the old school metal box.
  13. Rover SD1 Vitesse, I've had quite a few since although my dream one was a Targa Red with the deep chin spoiler, I've had red ones and ones with the deep chin spoiler but never in the same car, oh and mine were all completely shit though I suspect even the mintiest SD1 is too. Really felt like I had achieved a personal goal when I got my first Vitesse at 19 although it was a rusty pile of crap in retrospect, ah well love is blind and all that. I still want one.
  14. I had all my old tools nicked about two years ago so had to start from scratch, I tend to buy fairly decent stuff like Teng and Facom if its on special offer as we don't have Halfords here but I don't have any Snap-On as its a bit overkill for my needs. My favourites would be these: Mini 1/4 socket set, bought it because I thought it was cool and thought that I wouldn't actually use it much but I use it loads, its brilliant for getting into awkward areas and dicking about with fiddly motorbike fairings. About the size of field mouse thats been flattened a bit with a mallet. Another Teng set, I wanted a quality general set that would last a long time and allow me to do most jobs with just the one set so I can just throw this set in any car I use, its got metric and imperial and all kinds of pliers/wrenches/spanners/screwdrivers allowing me to carry on swearing at my Mini one minute and losing skin and blood to the BMW the next. About the weight of Eddie Large's fat head. Draper multi meter, normally I avoid draper like I would avoid being in the same kebab shop as Trigger as I've been let down a few times by Draper stuff (Trigger has NEVER let me down and was most understanding when he caught me in his wife's underwear). It cost something like £12 which is frankly stirling value for money in these modern times and its been bloody brilliant when I've needed it however I was dissapointed that I couldn't text on it, I could play London Bridge Is Falling Down with its continuity tester though so.... Facom 1/4 ratchet, I'd like to marry this ratchet and have its ratchet-babies but I can't so instead I will just have to enjoy it in all its 72-toothed ratchety goodness. Often just knowing I have this in my tool set is enough to see me through the most trying of days.
  15. Accidently set fire to the Lexus today, was doing an oil change and cleaned some spilt oil off with brake cleaner as I've done a few times before only this time it combusted and the engine caught fire luckily I was able to put it out fairly quickly with the aid of an extinguisher and its working fine.
  16. Theres a really tidy one of those over here mmmmmmmm. Not that you need any recommendations but what about a miniature RC30 the NC30 VFR400? get one before they go stupid as only the obsessed/loaded/lucky few buy up all the RC30s edited to add just realised you might struggle at £1100.
  17. Bardzo mi miło, dobra Maluch!
  18. Slumph, and there it is, the money shot, I'm spent. Thanks for the pics, I like the mini too, always loved those standard alloys.
  19. Oh fuck don't even get me started on bikes (apologies for non-bikers) I'd like these bad boys: Honda CBX 1000, Check out that in-line six! Honda VFR750, the BMW E30 M3 of bikes and just as expensive now
  20. And a few others to boot. Since I already own a TVR Chimaera I would go for a Sagaris, about the only 'modern' car that I actually would like.
  21. [pedant] You could buy and I.S E30 with either 14" Steelz with plastic trims (rare) 14" BBS cross-spokes or 15" cross-spokes [pedant/] If it were me I'd be tempted to buy some 15" BBS and a front I.S spoiler then chuck it on the E30 zone sales section, you'll probably have a shit-load of 18-year old mongs contact you though. Reckon a half decent set of 15"s with tyres and a spoiler will set you back up to £250.
  22. Awesome, had a go on one of these last week such a good laugh, mate who owns it likes to ride as fast as he can on it (with a tail-wind) passing cars whilst peddling sedately, the look of confusion on driver's faces is priceless. Is it a 103? Are these the same as Vogues?
  23. Oh and as for values get watching on ebay and looking on e30 zone, I reckon around £1500 for something nice but not minty-mint.
  24. Mein!: Is that blue one def a 318is? either someone has robbed it of all its I.S goodies (like BBS alloys and front chim spoiler) or its just a 318i. As for one to watch, maybe, as the cost of fuel increases they are getting more popular with young enthusiasts and they were never made for more than a couple of years. Don't listen to the hype about them, some of the bollox spouted about them is just silly, its just a 1.8 16v kicking out 130-135bhp in a big car, not exactly mental and you have to really work it to get it to perform. I've had one for the last 18 months, I also own a 325i, I find the 318is a good daily as its ok on fuel and the handling is better than the 325i I have however it is no match for a 325i in outright performance or smoothness...or sound.
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