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  1. This is epic, I remember your Finland trip and was in ore (and jealous). When I took an old Talbot round Norway and Sweden that was my achievement... However this is another level.. One thing that struck me was the model, it reminded me I still have my matchbox model of that somewhere.. Memories came flooding back.. Nearest I have to this is a part share in a Daimler Ferret but never managed to drive it or get it running... . Yet.. Will keep a watch on this thread..
  2. Are you able to do the prep and stripping? If you are you should be looking at nearer £1500 for the painting.. Loving the sd1 and one on my bucket list.. Regards the door, easy repair but feel along the whole lower flange (great word, flange) if any sweating I'd be going for the door (or skin) if it's available.. What's the the others like?
  3. Really sorry to hear the news.. Sending condolences to the family..
  4. Two of the Mokes from The Prisoner survived. One was verified as the reg was shown in one of the episodes by mistake - last I heard it was up for sale at 70K !! There was another that made its way to America. I think i read 4 in total were confirmed used in the program so a 50% survival rate isnt bad.
  5. Chuffing eck, regards the space wagon.. Haven't seen one in years.. Used to work on em when new.. Nice to see..
  6. Great work, had a similar issue on my 1275 mokie {moke kit car) as the saying goes, if at first you don't succeed get a bigger hammer... Do enjoy keeping track of your tinkering.
  7. All looks very familiar.. I'm on about my fifth or sixth that I have welded up with another in the pipe line.. All rot in exactly the same places..
  8. that is one of my favorite cars on AS - good to see it back out again..
  9. That civic was on faceache last week for 650.. Was interested myself but they needed it moving quickly. And usual story with space for me. Does look nice..
  10. That colt appeared on ebay about 3 or 4 years ago. Not dissimilar condition. I contacted the seller to say I had a brand new wing and a carb but never heard owt back. Looks like its deteriorated further.. I'm tempted to bid but just for parts on my Lancer...
  11. Been watching your exploits with the Jag for a bit, it looks simply amazing and great to see all the effort you are going to.
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