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  1. I picked up an Virago 250 last week as a bit of a project, been trying to get it running the last few nights as its been stood years. But i have hit a snag.

    It'll now fire up on the choke, but dies straight away. Any throttle kills it and it wont start at all without full choke. Is it likely a blocked jet in the carb? I have taken the carb off and cleaned it, but may not have been thorough enough. IMG_20230314_130537_777.thumb.jpg.970ad57ee364f03facf64580ee35d954.jpg

  2. Bit of a thread resurection - last year I bought this 206:


    I needed a cheap runaround and this seemed to fit the bill, and took me one step closer on my Peugeot Bingo card. 206 box ticked!

    Its a 1.4 petrol in LX flavour and came filled with enough dog hair to build a whole new dog.

    Unfortunately no sooner had I cleaned it things went downhill. Upon receipt of the log book it turned out to be a cat D, which the cheeky sod seller had kept quiet about. No bother I thought, it was cheap and works ok*.

    Then the clutch developed a bad judder. Then a rear tyre had a blow out. Followed by the brakes seizing on while I was driving down the M1. This culminated with the clutch release bearing shitting itself and I'd had enough. A few of you may have seen the for sale post at this point.

    Moving on a few weeks, the price of second hand chod local to me spurred me on to pay someone to do the clutch, I sorted the brakes, slapped on 2 new tyres and it now seems to be behaving itself again (touches wood).

    So I might treat it to a bit of a tidy up. Theres a dent in the drivers door that I suspect will push out. I'll service it etc. Does anyone have a matching wheeltrim laying around they could sell me? Also need an aerial as some genius has nicked mine.

    Sparse updates and moans about how its not as good as a 205 to follow.

  3. On 3/22/2021 at 12:26 PM, Jazoli said:

    Oh dear, parts are cheap and plentiful thankfully, it sounds like the clutch basket has disintegrated.

    Hopefully thats all it is and its not chewed up anything else!

    On a more positive note, I bought this a couple of weeks ago to tinker with:


  4. My SV disgraced itself at the weekend, seems like something major has happened with the gearbox or clutch. I was merrily blatting along and it made a screeching/crunching noise and then the engine cut out. I coasted to a stop and got off the road ok, but now while it will start it wont go in gear or roll freely... Not taken clutch cover off yet, not sure I want to.

  5. 7 minutes ago, Tadhg Tiogar said:

    5-7 days. Then "non-payer" report to eBay, plus blocking of offender to prevent another timewasting bid attempt.

    thats the annoying thing, the gobshite has paid (albeit 4 days after auction end - which was 3 days ago) but not replied to any messages. I think their time is up tbh.

    EDIT: I should add, its a dishwasher, not exactly going to be posting it.

  6. 13 hours ago, MrDuke said:

    Is the theory test that big a deal if you revise for it properly? I wasn't going to book my DAS until I'd done it, just in case I failed, but the possibility of further lockdowns has made my feet a bit itchy. I'm tempted to book the earliest possible post-test slot anyway, just in case stuff gets shut down again and I have to wait umpteen months to do it.

    Its not too bad really, there are plenty of practice tests online to get used to the questions. Worth doing a couple of different ones so you see a good spread of questions. After that its just getting the timing right on the hazard perception part, which again you can practice online.

  7. I ordered a BFO shed for my garden in early May, something to use as a workshop/small garage. Website said delivery/lead time was 3 weeks, not bad i thought, so off we go. Order confirmation says delivery will be 5 weeks, not 3. Not the end of the world I thought, theres a potential delivery date in there, so i'll just wait, the world's gone mad recently etc. 5 weeks comes and goes without hearing anything so i email them, 'delays at the factory, could be another 4-6 weeks'... Fuxake I think. I'll wait some more. Well the 6 weeks goes by, and nothing. So today I emailed again ('dont call' the website says ' we dont have enough operators currently') and got a ludicrous long reply that included the line 'It is for these reasons and to be as honest as possible, we cannot give you any update as to when delivery will actually be. It could be a matter or weeks or a months'.... Arg. What a complete shower.

    Just debating whether to cancel the order at the mo and build my own. Something like Colin Furze did in this video: 


    EDIT: Order cancelled. I shall be ordering a fuckload of timber today to build my own.

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