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  1. Great thread, I have a brand new front bumper, that you are more than welcome to have if you want.
  2. Just picked up on this thread - what a brilliant story. Back in around 1986, having called into my local Ford dealer I ended up purchasing a 1.6 Sierra Y reg base model in red with a grey grille - reg no EWU67Y. This was exactly the same as the model in this thread and I had to do a double take when I first saw the pictures! My part exchange was a 1978 Renault 12L and I eventually sold the Sierra to buy a B reg MG Maestro. Will make a pay-pal payment
  3. Hi Guys Just caught up on the thread - congratulations on saving such a rare car - this is what auto-shite is about!!. Back in the 80's I had the exact same model, in the same colour with a grey grille and the dangly mirrors (EWU67Y) Will make a pay-pal donation
  4. Hi That's me - the simple answer was that I was heading to one of the local shops and turned right instead of left! Once I've worked out how to post photos, I will post some of both my 12's.
  5. Hi Long time lurker on this site. Here are my 2 versions of the Denem. Firstly my 1974 Mk 1 12TS IMG00426-20121212-1103 by balby62, on Flickr Secondly my 1976 Mk2 12TS IMG12ts by balby62, on Flickr Cheers
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