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  1. Been buzzing about in my Allegro....and adding the wheels to the Yugo Van. Plus nice bottom shot of the 40 year old Alpine
  2. Hello all. Been bit busy, but quick update. Had to re shuffle to a bigger unit to house the 19 cars. Bonus is I'm getting to use most of them.....nice shot of my 2 Chrysler Alpines, same colour, similar mileage....both epic condition.
  3. Richard Gooch has it, still waiting for restoration.....
  4. The fleet consists of; Skoda Estelle 130L, Lada Riva 1200 Lada Riva SLX Yugo 55 Van Yugo 45 Yugo 513 Yugo Cabrio FSO Caro Vauxhall Cavalier MK2 Austin Mintego Austin Maestro VDP Austin Allegro Fiat 127 Comfort Talbot Samba LS Talbot Samba LS no 2 Talbot Alpine GL Series 2 Chrysler Alpine Peugeot 309 MK 1 Don't think I've mislaid any yet!!
  5. Slight error on VRM, its actually an E registered car. Plates belong to my friends K reg Maestro.
  6. This is the next addition, lovely mint 21,000 VDP Maestro....
  7. Hello all, thanks for posting the thread. I do need to update my page, as we've had some movers and shakers last few months. It was difficult choosing which cars to feature, but had to get the Yugos in and the BL stuff. I will update after Christmas what I have in the collection, though most is unchanged.
  8. Coming to the garage next week from another member.....needs some work but has bags of potential....
  9. This beauty is being re located to a fellow shite collector.....
  10. Sadly not!! I'm looking for a set....my other AX Jazz has them!!
  11. As you can see, very very good for a MK 1 AX. Crucially we have a crack free dash too.
  12. Slimming the collection will see this available. NO ROT, original paint and no rust, the odd mark, but would make a very very nice car. Some sun damage to rear seat, genuine 32,000 miles. Its been fully serviced, new brake pipes, hoses and cylinders, cam belt and oil and filter. Will have 12 months test.
  13. The price on this isn't way out, seems reasonable. Was going to buy it before I got the H reg one with less miles. Getting rare now.
  14. Was a team effort, took plenty of advice from fellow shitters. Good low mile ones are hard to track down now, its garage space is reserved...
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