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  1. Ratdat


    This could be useful to me. How good is the autobox and is the front bumper in good shape (i.e. no bad scuffs or gouges)?
  2. The brakes won't go onto the 1200 struts so you'd want the complete struts with the bottom arms to swap onto a 1200.
  3. I might go check this out in the morning. Just fettling mine for it's test now so a few bits and pieces would be most welcome. Any idea what colour interior was in it?
  4. I didn't expect it to be great so that wasn't much of a surprise but I didn't appreciate the 'lost V5' bullshit.
  5. I won this and went all the way to Kent to fetch it this morning but came back without it. It's fairly solid but very shabby and battered with really shit paintwork all over (despite the comedy and innefectual T-cutting effort) and a grubby tired looking interior. Lots of broken and missing trim inside and out. The engine is very tappety and the exhaust is blowing very loudly. Overall it's very neglected looking and even further from the description than you could possibly imagine. The main reason for not buying it is despite the seller telling me he had all the paperwork and the V5 "right here", when I got there he had nothing and decided to waste an hour of my time by pretending to look for the V5. I suspect he was hoping I would think he was being genuine and just buy it anyway. He said he got it at auction and I'm wondering if it's a Cat C or something as it's been hit in the rear. Either way the seller is an unapologetic, time-wasting, lying oxygen thief and I hope he gets struck by lightning. Twice. Should it be re-listed... Caveat Emptor
  6. 16 of which 9 are roadworthy... which is the best result seen in the Ratdat household in years. Two of those belong to Mrs Ratdat ('96 Toyota Paseo and '92 Mazda 323) which are the newest we have along with my '92 MX5. The rest are all 80s or older. Oldest roadworthy one is 1962. I also have working 1957 tractor but sadly it's not road legal (French import but not reg'd here). Not sure if I'd really want to drive it on the road TBH.
  7. I got one with a little patina* which I might well flog soon.
  8. Be handy is it was a Wolseley. I might have to go check it out as I'll no doubt need some bits to get my heap though it's test shortly.
  9. What sort of shape is the Crab in? Is it an Austin, Morris or Wolseley?
  10. Septic Stanza 3 DOOR!!
  11. If anyone is heading to JT Wades any time soon can you check out that Dodge van for me. Could do with a solid bonnet and a grille with intact chrome for mine!
  12. Last year I had to demolish a couple of the big buildings I used to store old snotters. They were in a bad way and in danger of collapse so I sold off all the chod within and cleared them out. Looking out there yesterday I remembered some placca bumpers that had been up in the rafters that I lobbed out in the field when pulling the shed down. I never quite got round to getting rid of these before winter set in... Which is just as well because on closer inspection, one of them turns out to be a new front bumper for the Cherry Spirit!! Result !!1! In further news, I took it down and got the wheel balanced. It actually drives and handles really nicely on these wheel and tyres (165/60R14 Kumho) even if they aren't exactly my No1 choice in wheels. I don't think I can bring myself to chop this up to fix a rotten Cherry Europe. I do have another, much better idea for it though...
  13. I remembered I had a spotting thread so I've been up and rummaged about in the Autoshite attic and found it. Bit of a scrub up and it's good as new so now I can post some freshly papped automotive detritus. These are from last weekends trip to fetch the Cherry from catsinthewelder... A brown Alfasud in the wild!! And check out this! A Datsun Kingcab with under 30k on the clock! The owner wants an astonomical amount of money for it (like 5 figures ) Still cool to see tho... On the way home we spied this floppytop TR7 getting soggy footwells in the services...
  14. I don't know but of the 10 I have insured on my FJ policy, I have one 1989 car and two 1992 and they didn't question it. I've had a 2002 car on their before as well but then they do allow you to have one modern car on it. Phone is probably the best bet.
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