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  1. Laziness and ignorance by people how much scrap goes for. It’s our good fortune people are not bothered about getting the best price. Nice little car for the money
  2. Yes was thinking at least work out how the console goes back together and fix it up and tidy the interior up. For £4000 a retro radio fitted would be nice as well
  3. They secured the headlights with cable ties and did the bearing. They also had to strip the front brakes and clean them up as they had been squealing a lot. Will do the rest later in the year. I don’t think it being parked up outside the previous owners house for over a year helped
  4. Took it in for MOT and a service, It failed. The offside rear wheel bearing had to much play in it and turned out to be knackered, the headlights were not secure on the bottom because some plastic clips underneath had gone brittle and given up. Also reported that drive shaft gaiters were perished and the rear tyres cracked
  5. Same spec as mine late corsa b. It’s been great to buzz around in. I will miss it when my daughter passes her test
  6. Been a bit quiet on this because I have been occupied elsewhere, but I have machine polished it and tidied it up. I have had to replace the mass air flow sensor , outside temp sensor and the reverse light switch and 2 front tyres. It looks a lot better with tlc
  7. Don’t know how many are left, but I actually really like them . It’s always a gamble but if you intend to keep it you can gradually improve it
  8. Thanks for the pictures, it always amazes me just how many are still out there being used everyday and don’t look half bad
  9. New pipes all fitted up. Brake pipe looks a bit rough but was assured it is ok
  10. I had that as a lad and bought a good condition one . Loved it
  11. Still tinkering with this, I decided to look at why the gear change was so poor. The linkage rods were ok so I looked deeper. The two pictures below are the reason. Loads of play. The square frame is 4cm squared and the rubber ball is only 2cm as seen in the picture. So when you change gear you have to pull the gear lever really far back to change gear because of this. I have tried removing the part with the ball on but it has seized on solid. Thing is which bit is wrong. Should the frame be the smaller round type I have seen on eBay, or should the ball be bigger. I have tried to find out but have had no success at all. The car is now SORN until I have sorted this out.
  12. I have been lucky. I have seen quite a few with the boot floor rust. Doesn’t seem to be rhyme or reason as to why some are bad there and others are not. But there is a cavity on each side right at the bottom back of the rear wing which is easy to spot when the bumper is off which seems to hold water. I drilled a couple of small holes at the bottom of it and water came dribbling out.
  13. An update, the Cavalier Colorado has taken the 405s place on the drive as I want the 405 inside for when I work on the sunroof. I them had the Cavalier Mot tested for the first time since 2016. A few advisories, apart from a small dribble from the sump plug and a chip that’s been in the windscreen since 2000... it was corrosion on brake lines and underbody fuel lines. Not totally unexpected. The fuel lines have now been replaced with copper nickel pipes and the brake pipes done as well. And thanks to Burnside I have a new rear tailgate seal to sort out the condensation that always happens with the rear screen. It won’t be long before I shall be back in that poverty spec drivers seat?
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