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  1. Me too I was thinking about this a while back.
  2. Skoda rally car is quite a decent matchbox model. Still got mine. When I got it people did take the pee out of skodas
  3. I like it, you can probably get most of the trim bits from breakers. Sounds like structurally it’s ok
  4. I had never driven one till now nice nippy little car
  5. So late 90s my daughter likes it because its an older car.
  6. I hadn't heard of mctoys before, and picked up a 309 off ebay. The wheels were rusted solid so I changed them and gave the car a tart up
  7. Still got the dealer plates and I have all the books and the service history up until 2011 (4000 miles ago)!
  8. Thanks but circumstances beat me too it. Mrs Cav found a nice genuine gaffer Corsa with 32000 miles on it so the Lupo has been moved onto pastures new and she has..
  9. Thanks, where are the shifter bushes located actually in the engine bay or underneath the lever.?
  10. Think the clutch will give out before the gearbox. I do like the car, but it has been neglected which is a shame
  11. Update it bogs down in 1 because when you put it first it selects third. Second is ok, so is third. No wonder the clutch is poor. Garage reckon it needs a new gearbox. Not quite what I expected....
  12. Indeed. I have used some good cutting polish on the glass to bring back a shine
  13. That's worked well on that
  14. I think the original scrappage scheme probably did get a lot of 309s off the road, hence the relative rarity of them. There are some trade ins which are offered to dealers of lower priced cars. Mrs Cav went to look at a y reg yaris which had been a trade in at a main dealer but just missed out on it
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