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  1. That’s in good shape. It’s even got its own rear washer bottle
  2. We need a magazine like this . Hopefully with some overlooked cars. I did have high hopes for modern classics but didn’t really turn out how I thought. At the moment it’s practical classics on my read list
  3. The mark 3 has the same problem with the chassis legs on the back , it’s killed off many a decent car
  4. It’s always the little bits that are the problem, good work sourcing the switch. I have used dishwasher tablets to clean out washer bottles before which has worked ok
  5. I remember when these first came out. Never saw one on the road though. Great find great save
  6. Mrs cav had the white car from the wipeout set. She thought it was great
  7. Apparently it has a lovey sound from the telly. Must be all the actors
  8. A cracking looking cavalier. If I didn’t already have one and I wasn't overstocked with cars here I think I would. Whoever wins it will get a good car.
  9. I always have a browse through. I quite like some of the 1980s cars they have done. I picked up a 1985 civic in aldi
  10. Have a look on YouTube at project bramble by Pete c cortina city. He has gone down the road of stripping his mk3 cortina shell and dipping that. I think he had his done at somewhere in Preston. But it has given him a very clean shell. It may help make your mind up what to do
  11. Yes they did a red one and a blue one. This one was a shagged out red one
  12. My majorette makeovers.
  13. It would match my 405 colour wise, but no was answer to my question.
  14. Burrell road with the esso garage on the left. Was a dealership as well for fiat
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