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  1. carlo

    More Picasso fun

    No blue and beige slightly odd combination. Least you can see out of the thing mind never seen so much glass on a car. Good safety feature,
  2. I don't know why I didn't consider one of these before. It's (fairly) old school French so has a good ride, lots of room, good visibility but most importantly has a 2.0 petrol engine with automatic, cruise and air conditioning. Even a wonderfully huge sunroof. I certainly like it a lot more than the Focus even though that had its attributes. Hoping Mrs Carlo with drive this Cit mainly and I'll use it for humping stuff around occasionally. Very impressed with the sensible dealer I got it from, and condition is excellent for one of these, though I reckon the diesel manuals are the
  3. As promised I am going to hijack your thread with my own new Picasso, probably start a thread on it shortly. A 2.0 automatic Exclusive in remarkable condition for the money. Drives really well, initial problems seem to be confined to slightly grabby brakes and inoperative air con, hopefully that's not going to be too expensive as a car without air con is about as much use to me as one without wheels. Goes like the clappers too.
  4. I shall hijack your thread and post up a couple of pictures when I get it.
  5. I've just read this thread from the start, really enjoyable! However mainly because I've just bought a Picasso Exclusive Automatic which I hope to pick up later this week. A lot of things talked about here chimed with my experience of my 405 (which will be going nowhere!!), a comfy car which gets under your skin and you find you can't find anything else better. I'm really hoping that's what I find with this Picasso. In fact I don't know why I didn't think of one before as it's got everything I want i.e a proper French suspension, 2.0 torque converter automatic & petrol engine, A/C,
  6. Absolutely love those 104s. Surely the French one would make a great donor car, seems like you've already utilised the lights and wipers! Plus the blue one will be RHD which will be nice.
  7. ^^ No warranty on that BX apparently so if you decide to drive it home you're on your own.
  8. 30th July for the 405! Nice one.
  9. What's this worth, £2,000 on a good day? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1990-Citroen-BX-16-TRS/324196047099?hash=item4b7b9718fb:g:xGkAAOSwp49e42hN Even the doctor would struggle getting 9K for that.
  10. That Cougar is gorgeous! One of the best US designs I reckon.
  11. Question is, is this Toyota a Caldina, Calidina or Calina? There are subtle differences between all three of them. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/toyota-caldina-auto/333612646357?hash=item4dacdcffd5:g:gPUAAOSwA7de05TI
  12. What sort of ZX was it? Advert has gone now. Please don't say a 1.8 auto
  13. I agree totally with you about how collection missions 'used to be' and what an enjoyable re-read after all these years. More entertaining than wading through fifteen photos of cups of coffee and bacon sandwiches certainly.
  14. carlo

    Car Quiz

    1 Opel Diplomat 2 Renault IKA Torino (Argentina) 3 Jensen FF 4 Citroen CX 5 Lancia Beta saloon 6 Nissan Primera 7 Hino Contessa Sprint 8 Leyland P76 9 Wartburg 353 10 Daf 46 11 Bentley S3 Mulliner 12 Mazda Luce Rotary
  15. carlo

    Car Quiz

    One day I'll post a quiz that will fox even you but actually probably not! Well done
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