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  1. Can someone explain to me why on earth this 306 DT is already bid over £5K https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/266625632279?hash=item3e14204817:g:aVQAAOSwMLRlmwHM&amdata=enc%3AAQAIAAAA4IYn29tkgLCi0QkAUc6lqEXhbZ%2FACrzQyLIwWXXceLYWu1cyudQtLGiud3px5419rtARODpAey3pBUcjxILiQvUt%2FFisq6xezrO0AlIsobWT%2B2BZUs%2BHga0fY8cCmj7%2FiEXevJjcygUyPVijvjjwvUYdI1SjNGqVCZfpDCvsnUgUezEGEu8Mqs3r%2BwooJGBDUxT8earODYwiPFy%2F2yKZZfxm7PqZzFDLuuNMbR32Cx5xS4uyleSf52dvotEVCRJmcnMRWjPEs7fLoeaZQTlgQavfaNSpGh0WWJVjWcRPbelB|tkp%3ABk9SR_a_qcClYw
  2. An entirely sensible motoring decision by the French, we need them back even more now with the current ridiculous level of intensity in modern headlights. Perhaps they should consider a Frexit and bring them back.
  3. Virtually everyone who is a passenger in mine remarks how comfortable it is. I think the soft velour seats help, another timelapse from the 80s/90s.
  4. Ha ha, yes, the Grandad of Autoshite. Feel like it too.
  5. No these had proper integral tilt and slide. I don't think we've had more than two days of sunshine since I bought it hence the drab pics.
  6. I seem to have had the honour of being zapped on the A38 by 500tops in his lazy spotters thread, so it would be rude not to make an introduction. I thought my 405 mania had been cured by the blue one I've had for ten years now, a wonderful machine which has been relegated from daily driver duties to more special occasions, primarilly just to extend its life. Trouble is, like an old pair of slippers its bodywork is getting pretty tatty and I was always unsure whether to just drive it into the ground or give it a full respray. Whilst musing on this issue another 2.0 automatic turned up in Hampshire, seemingly in much better condition bodily and with the much prized factory sunroof, cruise and A/C (wouldn't consider one without these three now). I did look at it early last year but couldn't make my mind up, mainly due to the fact the cruise or A/C wasn't functioning (unsurprisingly) and also because of the drab Sorrento green paintwork. Not a fan of this colour at all, it needs sunlight to shine on it otherwise just looks a dirty brown/black. However, the Peugeot Sun gods lined up a few weeks ago, the seller happened to be in Plymouth, with the car, the day I texted seeing if he still had it. A deal was struck despite me now having two 405s, a Picasso daily and Mrs Carlo's 206, and no off-street parking except a paid for garage. Nonsense indeed. It's a pretty good one. Managed to sort the cruise myself with a new control unit, air con remarkably just needed a re-gas. I've fixed lots of other little 405 foibles, well it helps having 20 years worth of spares accumulated. Now I've sorted the exhaust and put a fresh MOT on I think I'm going to stick it away in the garage for a few months and get some more usage out of the blue one, still prefer the colour. I find it that everytime I get another 405 I find it doesn't seem to drive quite as well as the one before; seeing as this seems to happen every time I think it must be down to being so accustomed to the way one drives, anything different seems multiplied.
  7. Sure was! My latest very recent 405 acquisition. Must do a thread about it soon.
  8. Do you think he might accept an offer of £36,574?
  9. Wonder why this old Volvo hasn't yet sold for £10,000. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/134795593159?hash=item1f627185c7:g:t9kAAOSwouRlR3AJ&amdata=enc%3AAQAIAAAAwOO1eIji0ZFwF8inX%2Fw2XWIEfjv1TC%2FDvPzGNJ5V7Vp6Zh5StoIW9cEJfkcjgF3wpMaot89Amsdux5F%2FHSKzhvZ4wYA1ZY4uZwlDw2CnNTnBRFgrcf98bj41uI6a0h%2F%2B03ga0EE8ChO7MFoG10YH4YjQYZSeJnS1hQHYHMx7bfX68VQGtBQrj9tRVBNnAikVnRUlMzhiZ%2FSCol8nqhPq2BA6L1nXrufRC8mzhMQe%2Bfi69kilGGPOkb5mrrE%2BoK2ysg%3D%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR5qu6rmFYw
  10. I'm sure this delightful Renault 16TX has already been on here, but basically, why can't all ebay ads be this honest and sensible? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/196082203627?hash=item2da768fbeb:g:sXwAAOSwlwJlVNcf&amdata=enc%3AAQAIAAAAwI2SsPQRVXJsiDvZg3tcq6gP4KSD5Vrjo5EXuT1FHali33hcIAqMQZtiwYySrrjro4GWFko23GBvjsZ%2BYg6mdxpbZyOWNX18gBWRUgIY4dzM4G5J9sMllASxlPSv5gjb%2FjFkUQ3QjXaglKA6fhQ%2Bi2usnjbtAk%2FRnhFkQfB%2F7aLEZXsyIqJfd0IEqU7BFPyUP%2FjNJiGURIkMXkztW7zxsEDy63WjdVvhDzi8aqB%2FAek40vMEqcdMOaTLwAsw6GHGcw%3D%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR5DWhaqAYw
  11. Love your magazine by the way. Seems others appreciate its quality too with copies of Issue 1 fetching between £50 - £100 on ebay. (Possibly a better investment choice than the Gamma too?)
  12. I remember this thread and was trying to find it the other day. Have read through dozens of pages on the PH site and, unless I've missed it, one thing no-one seems to have mentioned is that reg plates looks 99% French, not UK. It's not deep enough for a UK plate. Co-incidentally the car looks French too. Wipers LHD pattern too!
  13. I'm no fan of VWs but would love this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/285434858547?hash=item42753e4c33:g:5hsAAOSwBGJk3miZ&amdata=enc%3AAQAIAAAA4LNV6e%2BP8OxnZqbnOnC8hLPYpERwcBRr3GhToPBc43sxiQEuJPnyGkrulogNLSiC4Dyh52bAhiM8W3%2FX2bQaj2ZcqJw4Gm6reIQoXyb36HI1MQSySQW7vrJ8ZMMTsL4oW64CC7Ix0mvrFoV8sWt4KXHmKMOFsybTEk1Znesv93bKh3Ru5uaD9l3oWEW35fkaF1gEEg%2BBURXRZLCH0ETSmBoc4dfxkUKScWpEBakV2ACui5RPusNIqB9TqXasxgpedIbqaaZBqAm3rlUGwepcy9c9g1gM19YiyTSQJwF8qM2j|tkp%3ABk9SR4LT6tTJYg
  14. I think you would have won thread title of the year, were there such a thing (or is there? I don't know). Although with 156 odd examples of "I haz boughted a new Ford", there may have not been much competition.
  15. carlo

    Renault 14 Madness

    I'm still kicking myself I didn't buy this. OK it was 19 years ago at Saltash Car Auctions but was pretty amazing to see one even then. Presumably long gone now.
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