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  1. Location 10 miles east of Plymouth. As for price, anyone interested make me an offer. Haven't a clue what they're worth
  2. Hi gang. In the process of clearing out my dad's house of various old bits of tat; he has these two old invalid carriages. One's a Safari and one a 'Countryman'. Any use to anyone? Probably once ran, can make no guarantees as to present mechanical condition.
  3. Looks valuable that!
  4. Christ this sold out quick, just seen the thread and was about to buy a ticket or two and discovered I can't!
  5. My first attempt at a 1/43 diecast respray. From an Argentinian cheapish model of the IKA Carabella/Kaiser Manhattan. Not sure I've improved it..
  6. Yes, one of many, he was a car nut. Had Aston DB2/4s, E-Types. Lancias, you name it. Once drove to Switzerland and back in a Fiat Topolino!
  7. Here's three to whet your appetite
  8. Well done, I think I was close there, there is a DB/Rene Bonnet connection in the early sixties!
  9. Not a Caravelle or Floride, they don't have three separate lamps at the back.
  10. Been scanning loads of old slides from my parents, dad used to go to France regularly in the 50s. 60s and 70s. This blue convertible with just its back visible is intriguing me, is it a DB? Any ideas? Thousands of these type of pics, might well upload a few soon
  11. That should have been under the 'good' points.
  12. Nice work, well done on the re-spraying. Lovely colour too, though I always thought the red bumper pinstripes didn't quite match with this light blue.
  13. Full marks for daughter entering into the spirit of things. Those texts would be similar to mine if I ever got near a plane, which I don't plan to do.
  14. Everyone should drive a 205 at some stage in their life just to understand how good a car's steering feel can (or used to be able to) be.
  15. Doesn't sound out of the way fro a low mileage Japanese Coupe, should be on the upward curve by now.
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