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  1. Reckon that Renault 18 is a cracking buy for 2000 euro. Great trip, nice car to bring back which is probably worth more here anyway. WCPGW?
  2. I'm super pleased with the 2.0 Auto Exclusive version I bought last year. I think they are actually pretty decent to drive, especially for an MPV of the time. Probably one of the last French cars to keep that 80/90s French ride quality and although they roll (so what?) the handling isn't too bad at all. The 2.0 goes really well. They seem to be pretty simple cars, probably why so many still kick about. And the amount of stuff you can move around in the back of them is just insane.
  3. Yup, definately available over here, I sold two of them!
  4. Lovely, that's Ming Blue which was available in the UK. Probably the best colour for them mind.
  5. The only memories I have of the Panda I owned in the late 80s was its rampant rust and appaling gearbox. Think the linkage may have been shot.
  6. I think I take my love of French cars from my dad, he always would tell me only the French can design a proper suspension. Taking away the last twenty years when all cars morphed into each other, I have always agreed. Still have my daily 405, and a 1999 Clio and 2006 Citroen Xsara Picasso, which is a real throwback to French cars of old. Very comfortable, ridiculously practical and not overly complicated like its successors.
  7. People are actually bidding on this.
  8. I will have to compare the letters and number and try and find an appropriate font, I want to make up decals for my Otto Peugeot 204 1/18 model!
  9. Quite a few years back the local garage in Devon let me use a 1984 Cavalier 1.8CDi they had lying around, even then it must have been 20 years old. I remember thinking what a cracking engine it had, really strong and quick. Can't say much for the rest of the car.
  10. That looks spot on, yes. Is Hills a font or a manufacturer?
  11. Hi all. Do any font experts know what font this is, shown on a 1968 Peugeot 204 Coupe press demo. Is obviously not the current one, or the pre-2001 font which I've shown as examples. Perhaps it was a special one Peugeot used?
  12. Going to call this a day now, think it's run its course.. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  13. And some non-US ones. Some of these are diecasts actually. I like to try and 'improve!' some of them with changes or additions, which is usually easier with diecasts.
  14. My obsession is currently with 1/43 resin models of American cars, here's a handful:
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