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  1. I've already apologised on the OJC thread, which just about kills any sporting pretentions our grandad gang had.
  2. I remember this knocking around Walsall when I was a lad.
  3. Is it me, or is Fred slightly different to how most people imagined?A lot less shy, I'd say.
  4. Talking of bollocks statistics, try this:If the UK in more densely populated than another European county by a factor of n, then the likelihood of collisions occurring is n2. Surely, then our driving is better than theirs by n2. This is even before we factor in our 58% shite roads.Despite this, the Association of Hysterical Moms Who Try and Apply Eyeliner and Talk On Mobiles On The School Run described the number of silly little gets running out in front of cars (usually theirs) as 'unacceptable.' As a result, the Ministry of Transport has announced that cheese wires will be employed to try and decapitate motorists automatically at 32mph when passing any building made of the same materials as a school.
  5. Is your work at the back of the hospital somewhere?
  6. Mrs Kingmaz finally saw some sense and was persuaded by me to get a Mazda 2, which she adores.It's got a wide back - ideal for prams - and rear doors that open very wide - ideal for car seats.If the earliest of these isn't cheap enough (must be close now) then the Demio should be much the same I'd think.
  7. King Maz


    Imagine my dismay, misreading the thread title and thinking it was something to do with the Mazda 626.
  8. Oh poop, I wished I'd remembered this was on, I'd have tried to sneak up in King Maz.
  9. Pushing and restarting the dead as a doornail King Maz.Gypnaks have been round at least three times according to Mrs Maz.They're probably trying to work out if it's RWD or something.
  10. King Maz

    Speed Camera FEAR!

    There is one lunatic in ***** ***** - I know him by name - who is making everyone's lives a mystery - except children of course - what a hero!!I've recently got 3 for 47/30 at 6.50am. Except this tit was hidden behind a truck in the dark on 60/30 changedown on a bend. He then spunked some drivel about a school or other (1/2 mile away, doesn't even open for an hour). All it's taught me is that if I drive at 17mph over the speed limit I'll probably get 3pts, so now I make sure I do that speed everywhere.What offends me more than anything is the way everything has turned on its head in a generation. In 1982, some friends were crossing the road outside my house. They were skittled by an uninsured driver, doing at least my speed, who drove through the red light of a pelican crossing. My friends were told (correctly but harshly) that they ought have been more careful at 9yo.You might say that the hero tag is applicable then - I disagree. Very little is being done about the most reckless drivers.
  11. Can I please get £1000 for Mrs Maz against you?(and use some spurious environmental matter to justify it)*cough*, anyway....Don't confine yourself to 70s j-tat, there's plenty of 80s tat that everyone has erased from their memory - just ask Hirst.
  12. I tell you what....2dr Japanese coupe, green, 666 registration....I'm amazed it lasted 11 years !
  13. It's been a while.......but may I say what a splendid acquisition this is, SL. I like this better than the Medalist and hubcaps are a bonus (don't flog the alloys though)
  14. Just to add to that "in the United Kingdom".Isle of Man ahoy!
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