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  1. Since when is a Cat D 110k 20 year old Mondeo worth 2k???
  2. Blimey. I recon he brush painted it, as I'm sure it left M. Imps still in blue....
  3. My 2004 C Class is the oldest car in the company car park day to day. The Marketing Manager does have a '74 HRH Princess Anne Scimitar with a breathed on 24v Cosworth lump. Very rare he brings it in though.
  4. UGH! I'm sure I still have scars on the backs of my legs from our School Minibus trips in the summer from those seats!Our Minibus, was also Rong Engind.
  5. No, there is no notification that it has been completed. I forgot to mention that you should keep all doors closed etc. whist doing the do. If there is no difference, try it again. But it's very noticable on mine if it hasn't worked. Some say that it resets the auto gearbox, but as yours is a camarero espanol it shouldn't affect that.
  6. I've a similar C Class, C180K SE auto on a 2004 and 94k Had it two years now, and to be honest it's a grand car. Mine is bubbling on the rear arches (SA Built). It returns similar empeegees on the motorway, which was a surprise. Issues I've had have been: Front ARB drop links - rears need doing shortly as it's gone form squeaking like a victorian pram to a slight clunk. Rear trailing/toe-in arm snapped - leading to interesting handling - however new part was only £35 and a doddle to fit. (Do check these, as the get the spray from the rear tyre and rot accordingly) Rear exhaust heatshield has dropped, so needs re-affixing/throwing in the bin. Occasionally throws up a 'Bulb Out' warning, despite them all working. Main issue is that it throws the EML light on all the time, due to a perished breather from the crankcase to the supercharger. P1071 IIRC. This is well documented on Mercedes Forums as the $10 fix. The part is cheap but getting to it is an absolute pig of a job. Doesn't affect performance so I have a BlueTooth OBD2 reader permanently plugged in and cancel it with my phone (handy if the MOT Viewing Area is close to the car.. ) . They are pretty dull to drive, but comfortable, quiet, and reasonably practical. Lack of a folding rear seat is a pain sometimes - on that, always check you have your keys in hand/pocket before closing the boot! They are known to suffer from Timing Chain failure - due to wear on the cam sprockets - regular oil changes should prevent this. Lack of a dipstick is a pain, I think you can buy them as a retrofit though. Rear subframes are also known to rot out, I've heard that Mercedes are allegedly still replacing these under goodwill. I do the throttle reset around once a month, as I generally use it for the commute to work, it rarely goes above 2000rpm, as its a laaaazzy car. You can feel it getting more sluggish as the month goes on. Takes about 10 mins. Make sure everything is turned off inc radio/auto lights, devices unplugged from the cig lighter etc. 1. Turn the ignition key to the on (NOT start) position.2. Press the gas pedal to the floor and HOLD for five seconds.3. Turn the key to the "off" position (don't remove the key), then release the gas pedal.4. Wait at least two minutes - don't do anything.That should reset the throttle. Does transform the car I will admit!
  7. On a recent trip to California, these are becoming quite popular. They are quite smart looking things, if a monstrous size,
  8. Yeh, it was only the tyre scraping on the arch that alerted me that there was anything wrong!
  9. Given the tide line around the sills, I'd say the crucial rear trailing arm mounts will be made of weetabix by now. Very difficult to repair also. My '78 was similar and lost a rear trailing arm going slowly up a kerb.
  10. Yup. They look like they have been kicked in the plumbs.
  11. Speeding ticket received today. 72mph on the A64 dual carriageway from a mobile camera between Leeds and York. Turns out the works van (Ford Connect) oddly falls into the commercial vehicle category, so 60mph limit rather than 70mph. . Asshats. (A Connect Tourneo - MPV can do 70mph though!!) I can do an awareness course.... When I spoke to North Yorkshire Police, they said "had you been doing 70mph, we wouldn't have picked it up, as the camera doesn't differentiate commercial vehicles". Double Asshats....
  12. I looked at that about 10 years ago when it was dragged out of a garage in Yeadon. It was pretty ropey then. Shame it's not got the love since.
  13. I liked those Mareas, being the 1.8 16v 4pot it means that timing belt replacement should be pretty easy, as the 2.0 20v 5pots advised that you pretty much had to drop the engine to do it.
  14. Nice find. I used to service these when they were new. They had a recall for the rear subframe bushes (on that mileage, they may not have been done) which is a simple job, as they fit over the top rather than being pressed in. If it clonks from the back end they need doing. Noisy gearboxes were their downfall, with them failing at a remarkably young age. But other than that they were pretty trouble free. My only gripe was the steering on non PAS ones, they feel as if they have a 27 turns lock to lock.
  15. That was my favourite toy as a kid. Will keep my eye out for another set!
  16. Are those 'Starpods' the same as the ones in use at Heathrow T5's 'Pod Parking'? They run on a designated track between the terminal and the car park. https://www.heathrow.com/transport-and-directions/heathrow-parking/heathrow-pod-parking-terminal-5
  17. I'll defo have to keep my eyes peeled for one of those!
  18. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/559513539320067/ Cheap Caravelles. Only one pic though.
  19. If you get a chance, read "Another Fine Mess" by Tim Moore, which is pretty much this.
  20. The Hotwheels Minitrek for me if it's still available!
  21. The Merc only went and passed the MOT, with no advisories either! Get in!
  22. Just picked my rental up. V6 petrol, which is the norm here, but odd in a pickup by UK standards.
  23. Volksy

    Ford timelord

    Could someone not have retained the logbook and VIN plates and are just keeping them 'current' with the hope of cashing in in later years?
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