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  1. Good God - identical even down to an Autosmart air freshener! Massive shame about the Laguna 2. It was/is a lovely car and despite terrible problems on those early cars they turn up with starship mileages on them. However, it was a bit too ambitious and let down by dealers, some of whom just didn't know how to sort them, or in some cases even care - mainly because Renault was shafting them over at the time, just so they could go to larger groups. A brand new 2003 Megane 2 marked my low point with them, yet I had two brilliant Meg2 Sport Tourers and it was as if they were built by a d
  2. Thank you! Yes and the even more expensive blue one! The blue one went through auction for £370 before being advertised again. It had been offered for even less than the auction figure to any member of the Renault Owners’ Club, but the family were seemingly persuaded to auction in instead. I suppose it’s like any other car, you either like them or loathe them. I love them - but £1995 or even £2795 for a Laguna. No!
  3. Malcolm Bailey owned the 18. He was the ROC Treasurer. He did do the clutch. I had several conversations with him about the car and eventually contacted him a couple of years back to agree a deal. Tragically, days afterwards he suddenly passed away without warning. His widow eventually contacted me and the deal went through. It’s odd, because I always refer to it as ‘Malcolm’s GTS.’
  4. In over a hundred Renaults, the only one that I really lost my rag with was a brand new Megane 2 back in 2003. God, that was bad. I put up with it for five months before demanding that Renault took it back. They probably wanted to argue, then looked at how many times the car had actually spent in their workshops. I went back to a Scenic which gave no trouble. My love affair started with dad’s 1969 16TS which he bought when I was four - more specifically Willows Garage which is the first dealer I remember seeing with all the flags outside. Going there was a proper day out!!
  5. Many thanks for that - unless a 9 or 11 crops up in the meantime! Chances of a Ph2 11 TXE...slim! Red Clio is 1.9 diesel. I had one back in 1997 and loved it. This is low miles. It has had only one owner and she obviously liked to treat it to a good spruce up using wire wool, the odd Blow with a hammer and tins and tins of Naples Red spray. Several litres of cellulose thinner, a few gentle taps with a hammer and the purchase of a da polisher and I now have a beautiful Clio again.
  6. No, just turned up at resto show on our stand!
  7. By the way, some might know this, but my dad ordered that 11 Electronic new from Willows Garage in October 1984 and, as a then nearly 14 year-old, I got to choose the colour! It is quite a special car!
  8. I’d heard you were the buyer. That’s twice I’ve missed it! ?? Enjoy the car, as they are great. I’ve been tipped off that there’s a manual RTi near me, but it’s been sitting for years and getting it fit for the road again would be uneconomical... much like the cars themselves!!
  9. I don’t think so. I purchased this ver low mileage 1.4 TL about five years ago after a very well-hidden advert on FB Marketplace. It is unbelievable and I love it!
  10. We all tend to lose track of things over time, but thanks to a gentle push from Mr RobT of this parish, I’m doing this update on my current collection of French tat. I took the difficult decision to part with a few 18s, including my early TL just before lockdown. It’s seemingly been placed into the next classic auction by the new vendor, who has done a bit of work on the car. Anyway - current state of play... Voila! Anyone know of a decent 9 or 11 (either phase)? Looks like I’ve just missed out on the Mk1 Ph2 Laguna V6!
  11. Yes, it was on ARonline. My first car was this colour - Moss Sand Metallic. It was a seven year old Renault 14 TS and had more rust on it then than this has now!
  12. Finding Renault 18s ain't as easy as it once was, but after a Facecloth-related post, I leapt into action (well not exactly leapt) and headed down to Gloucestershire to have a look at an early 18 TS. If you recognise it, then it's because it's been about a bit. It was advertised on eBay some years ago, ended up in the hands of Danny Hopkins from Practical Classics, then moved through a couple of other owners. It didn't run, had no MOT and the body has gone decidedly downhill - but it is an early one. So, having had it delivered I turned it over and it was all free, so I tried starting it, on
  13. Yes, this has always been a private plate since new - PER550N. The DVLA issued this plate when it was swapped off it. Here's my Mk2 GTX - beige it certainly is!
  14. Well, it's been far too long since I put anything here, so please find herewith my newest piece of Renaultshite. It's a 1983, 18 TL estate, with the mighty 1397cc unit. It's covered 32,000 miles from new and it's certainly reflected in the condition. The journey back to Cheshire from St Neots was eventful, as I drove the last four miles in complete darkness and with no wipers. However it's all sorted now and the foglights are now no more. After a service and fitting a complete genuine exhaust, it really is pretty-well spot-on. A coolant change was probably a good idea, as despite having
  15. Super comfortable, super squashy velour - but not brown. Even better - blue! All of the interior is an entire blue-fest and is as super clean as the rest of it. Pics soon.
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