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  1. Looks ace. My first boss had a 200E auto in white with cloth seats, which "used a lot of oil", but according to the dealer they all did that so that they lasted forever...
  2. Pure marketing - air quality is getting better, has been for decades. https://wintoncentre.maths.cam.ac.uk/news/does-air-pollution-kill-40000-people-each-year-uk
  3. Matiz is total shite, dent man fixed mine with his fingers - wouldn't fancy it in a crash. Hateful to drive, engine is gutless, gear change is not worthy of the name. +1 for the C1/Aygo/107 option - just make sure it has had the clutch change/upgrade. Cheapest I can find is about £1.5k though. Another slightly cheaper option is the Justy from about the same time, uses same engine from the Aygo and tends to be about £~800 less. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daihatsu_Boon
  4. Arragonis

    The end of shite!

    The air quality deaths figures are mostly produced from "modelling". Models make a lot of assumptions and figures or predictions from them should be taken with a barrel of salt. There's a long read by someone who went deeply into those claims a while ago - http://euanmearns.com/mortality-from-diesel-car-pollution-in-the-uk/ At the same time air quality is improving (this is from the US but the same standards mostly apply here too https://www.epa.gov/air-trends/air-quality-national-summary),and fuel consumption is falling anyway. All of that tapped if this move can improve it more then its a good thing. I can't see the infrastructure being ready in time or us having enough power available for it. Remember as well as vehicles we are committed to cutting C02 massively in the next few decades, including the need to remove gas from household heating - which means more leccy needed to do that and we don't have enough now. Pile on top of that no realistic cheap grid level storage and intermittent sources and its a complicated knot for anyone to solve. The other announcement on "Smart Energy" this week is uk.gov's best "guess" at how it could work, and its unimpressive. Also worth watching:
  5. Arragonis

    EV Conversions

    I used to follow this guy when he started out converting cars and bikes to EV - he has loads of other stuff too. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPcTVKQxhpFwN140EEDVZfg
  6. Arragonis

    The end of shite!

    Anyone noticed how rapidly leccy cars depreciate, shite territory soon. 16 plate Zoe (250 miles range) for under £8k, ~ 14K new.
  7. Passat of boredom - trip from Embra to Oxford and back. I love it goes this far on a tank, just very slowly. 1.6 TDI unbroken by VW "fix" and will remain so. EDIT this is just after fillup before I reset it etc. Actual MPG was 1-2 less. I tend to stick to 70-75 where possible but got bored on the way back and the cruise went up to ~85-ish for the M74 bits otherwise maybe a 1000 mile tank.
  8. Another vote for the 107/C1/Aygo trio. Plus points: - Don't rot - early (cheaper) ones will have had undersized clutch replaced by now - No cambelt - quite nippy (up to ~70 anyway) - parts are cheap, including tyres - nice drive, chuckable like an original mini. - 50+ MPG round town, less on the motorway (MPG takes a big dive cruising at 80+...) - DIY friendly - ish. Bad points - 3 door front seats don't fold, you lose the adjustment setting. - Boot is small. - Seats not great for long journeys - Can get noisy. - Exhaust back boxes rot quickly - Glass rear hatch, optional parcel shelf.
  9. Owned one of these from new in 1999 because they came with free insurance and I'd had a few "issues" with company cars for the previous few years. Hated it from new. Final straw was when a "dent" fixer pushed out a big bulge in the bonnet with his thumb, thought I'm not putting the (then expected) Arragonis Junior into that. Bought a FIAT Bravo instead - which was quite nice by comparison.
  10. Saw a few of these in the US, along with a load of Outbacks - a lot of them badged as 3.0 and 3.6 models. It did prompt an Autotrader UK search whilst over there. We stayed near Point Richmond right next to a car park full to the brim with new, unregistered Subarus fresh off the ship.
  11. Might take a look, I'm 50 soon and the Mrs is after a list of what I might like. I think she is expecting a list of life changing experiences, instead I'll probably give her a list of cars I would like to have...
  12. Apart from cost / age is the TF any less hassle ? I think it has metal suspension ?
  13. We need pictures, including the dent, the girl and the biscuits.
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