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  1. Lovely lusty engine - bags of character and good performance in a mid size Absolute cnut to work on - change the timing belt asap unless you have a huge amount of evidence that it's been done recently - they proper make a mess of the engine when they let go I probably still have the locking kit somewhere.............................
  2. Or buy SUL from Esso which despite the pumps indicating E5 (max 5%) actually has E0
  3. No you really didn't - from 2000 if it was dry above 25 deg and it needed a run (AKA and excuse) I'd take the LC If it was wet or cold or I actually wanted to get somewhere quickly and it was less than 25 deg ambient then I'd take the Senator 24V every time
  4. For barges 1992 - Senator 24V For hot hatches 1985 - 205 GTi
  5. Oh and PS - Welcome back Mr B - I've missed your contributions
  6. Fond memories triggered by this thread GBJ 604J (no records of it on DVLA so clearly long since dead) was a Zephyr V4 in a lovely fetting shade of dark metallic brown was purchased new by father BC when I was only just old enough to ride up front - that bonnet and the target sights to line up victims was fantastic to me. Not quick but a lovely ride and it was huge!!!! It was however only in the family for a short while as it was the unluckiest car in the world Accident Number 1 - Parked at the bottom of the corn exchange car park in Ipswich a USAF serviceman failed to engage the handbrake properly in a big old yank tank - it rolled fairly slowly down the hill before stopping against the Zephyr but not before it had damaged all of the Passenger side - rear wing, both doors and front wing. It was fully repaired (whole passenger side of the car resprayed) but the metallic colour match wasn't perfect so the repair shop had mixed up enough to do the whole car if Father BC wasn't happy (Apparently these "new-fangled metallic colours" were a bugger to match) - he wasn't but decided to delay getting it done because he was fed up with the loan car (Austin 1300) Accident Number 2 - Waiting to turn left at a set of lights a lorry going straight on made an error of judgement about nearside clearance and ran his trailer down the drivers side. He was eventually stopped by plod near Colchester he was oblivious to the accident apparently but the brown smeared paint stripes on his trailer were a bit of a giveaway. It was fully repaired (whole drivers side of the car resprayed) and now both sides matched and looked good the repair shop had enough left to do bonnet, roof and boot lid at a later date - Father BC decided this car was quite unlucky and he was sure something else would happen so the body shop gave him the rest of the paint Accident number 3 - Driving along a main road a ball bounced in front of the car - Father BC braked hard and a teenager rolled over the bonnet and up over the roof - no broken bones but the bonnet and roof weren't in the best shape Replacement Bonnet and a bit of filler went in the roof and all that remained of the paint went on that - the boot lid at this point was now the only thing not replace or painted. The car got sold - Actually purchased by a private buyer who chipped Father BC for a few quid because of the accident damage on the boot as it was clearly a poor colour match to the rest of the car Father BC said that was the trouble with "new-fangled metallic colours"
  7. I customised one of the Dogs life ones to add below "you can have it cold on boxing day with pickles"
  8. Oh and I was there but have to say thanks for sharing the photos cos I see hardly any of the show - just the 130 cars in the paddock that are running up the hill (538 runs this year a new RRG record)
  9. Speedhunters review of the RRG21 http://www.speedhunters.com/2021/08/retro-rides-gathering-2021/
  10. Copied post from another forum? Congrats on getting the boat anchor back where it should be
  11. I did indeed - wonderful car - gave me over 10 years of fun on road and track till I put it on it's roof just after this shot was taken
  12. I tend to favour Uniroyals & Kumho as a general rule - however I've recently had to purchase Falken and Hankook (because I cannot get anything other than those in the right matched tyre combo for two of my cars) I have run Bridgestones but they always seem very stiff walled, Goodyear EG's (incredibly soft walled - way worse than Uniroyals)
  13. M539 (one of the very few vlogs (or vloggs whichever is correct I've not a clue) that I follow) always calls his projects from where they originated from - Project Dubai etc - "Project Ohio" would there for work well
  14. Yep I agree however I did buy one with super cheap and long life tyres and they were removed very swiftly - four contact patches smaller than the palm of your hand is all that keeps you on the road - you don't need to buy Michelin Pilot Sport 4's but there is a world of difference between tyres at the bottom and middle of the marketplace
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