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  1. Copied post from another forum? Congrats on getting the boat anchor back where it should be
  2. I did indeed - wonderful car - gave me over 10 years of fun on road and track till I put it on it's roof just after this shot was taken
  3. I tend to favour Uniroyals & Kumho as a general rule - however I've recently had to purchase Falken and Hankook (because I cannot get anything other than those in the right matched tyre combo for two of my cars) I have run Bridgestones but they always seem very stiff walled, Goodyear EG's (incredibly soft walled - way worse than Uniroyals)
  4. M539 (one of the very few vlogs (or vloggs whichever is correct I've not a clue) that I follow) always calls his projects from where they originated from - Project Dubai etc - "Project Ohio" would there for work well
  5. Yep I agree however I did buy one with super cheap and long life tyres and they were removed very swiftly - four contact patches smaller than the palm of your hand is all that keeps you on the road - you don't need to buy Michelin Pilot Sport 4's but there is a world of difference between tyres at the bottom and middle of the marketplace
  6. Jesus they must have been retarded kids to make that much mess.........
  7. Love these - got to borrow the bosses V6 or turbo (can't remember) years ago - it went well and the seats were mega comfy Don't want to own one but I'm glad others do
  8. I loved my Dolly Sprint - Same colour as this one - it had character right down to having to tap the rev counter every morning to wake it up - excellent thread
  9. That's rarer than a rare thing haven't seen one for years - I nearly bought one brand new but the 205 GTi whilst a little more expensive had 3 doors rather than 5 and I figured had a better resale potential - I wasn't wrong
  10. Sorry got to ask - is that a Visa GTI?
  11. I can't believe this one hasn't been mentioned Aircon just needs a regas - cos that's always the case
  12. E38 should be gone/sold by then - it was the Carlton I was referring too
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