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  1. As seems to have become fashionable, this is to be a perpetual thread of stuff wot I have seen. I was considering calling it Seth's Shite but I figured that a: you would not really want to see any of my personal by product and/or b: it could be construed as a somewhat self deprecating comment. Enough rambling. On with the show.... The AH sprite has been on that driveway for at least 7 years. Actually, it moved once so that they could concrete over their front garden and put it back in the same position as before.
  2. That'd be a Bond GT4S. 1300 spitfire engine I think. When new they came with super cool bucket seats and a Les Leston steering wheel, now generally worth more than a whole car in shabby condition.
  3. Hmm, the cute stickers on the Fiesta have me wondering wether the stain below the fuel cap is really manky fuel dribble or not?
  4. Mmmm, Tasty Jowett! I fancy one of them just bacause of their engineering quirkyness.
  5. Ooo. Oooo! Was that mild enough?! Must be a Torcars one as I'm not sure anyone else did them but looks a bit odd somehow? Spotted, have you got any better pics of the no plate so I can see if it's on the register? PM them if ya like. Mr B, that traveller is shocking for 3K! Nice RO80 spot though
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