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  1. After too many months of dull winter painted wheels today is officially shiny-wheel day.. Happy shiny-wheel day to you.
  2. Ah, I was keeping half an eye out for you.
  3. Had a great run up and back to the NEC today in the Herald. Furthest its been in ages and ran totally hiccup free. I think my favouritest sight there were the three Saab 92s side by side. I'm not sure I've seen even one of those really early cars in the metal before.
  4. Oh, I meant to ask how the front brake balance was at the MOT.
  5. Congrats DW! It mostly looks quite terrifying.
  6. In an ideal world that would have three wipers (the correct number) moving side to side in a random sequence.
  7. Hairnet, if you manage to find a Hunter estate with a 'Safari' badge on it then, err, I've got a good home for it!
  8. re. the wiper switch, might I suggest that you relocate the complete wiper mechanism to the top of the screen to avoid mucking about with the switch?
  9. A few of those photos seem vaguely familiar but nice to see this progression through the ages.
  10. Went to see a metalworking freind this morning. The new-old-stock wing I am using on the Oxford had a couple of dents in it that I knew I wouldn't be able to deal with. He took a break from making an aluminium DB4 GT Zagato to sort out my little bit of Farina.
  11. I've been mostly adding peaks today.
  12. SItting on a bus heading towards the West End today and I saw only one interesting car. But it was a Studebaker Avanti driving the other way near Swiss Cottage. A bloody STUDEBAKER AVANTI!
  13. Just looked up some photos of 1930s Tel Aviv - vehicles are driving on the right.
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