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    JeeExEll reacted to HMC in HMC- NEW - No longer ice cold mitsi (where did my gas go?!)   
    So the paints knackered, and its a bit accessorised. So very 1990. But then again its unwelded and original- not very 1990 at all.

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    JeeExEll got a reaction from Rightnider in Imagining cars that dont exist using AI...   
    These pics are fantastic. It's like 1996 with lots of drugs.
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    JeeExEll reacted to flat4alfa in One (shite) picture per post.   
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    JeeExEll got a reaction from delux in Chod North East. Spotting through time.   
    Either the underseal tideline is rising on that HB or the arse and floorpan has completely fallen out of it. Is that the driver's boot just behind the front wheel?  Interesting wheeltrims, appear to have two wider spokes on each wheel. 
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    JeeExEll reacted to MiniMinorMk3 in Cars you didn't know existed until very recently.   
    Lancia Gamma Spyder

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    JeeExEll reacted to Remspoor in Cars you didn't know existed until very recently.   
    The 1967 Ford Comuta

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    JeeExEll reacted to quicksilver in Cars you didn't know existed until very recently.   
    Spotted this H-prefix Jensen Interceptor in the latest Pete and his Bus video.

    Jensen went of business in 1976 so it appeared to be some crazy mega late registration madness. Turns out Jensen Parts & Service built 14 more Interceptors as the S4 between 1983 and 1990 and this is the penultimate one. Its story reminds me of the Middlebridge Scimitar.
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    JeeExEll reacted to Peter C in 1987 Ford Sierra Sapphire 1.8L - Number plates - massive FAIL - see page 33   
    Another day spent in the garage but I am making good progress.
    I started by coating the exposed areas along the nearside front and rear arches and along the sill.

    I gave the spare wheel well and the fuel tank a lick of paint where surface corrosion had taken hold.

    The windscreen posts looked nasty but turns out there was nothing to worry about.
    Offside first, I scraped off the plebs to find completely solid metal underneath.

    I lifted the windscreen seal with the plastic mixer that comes with P38 Isopon, which is ironic as the repair didn't need any filler.

    I will sort out the cosmetics once the paint has fully dried.

    Exactly the same situation on the other side.

    I prepared and sprayed the black bulkhead panel that will soon be almost completely concealed by the battery.

    Before removing the cam cover, I marked up the ignition leads. It took 30 seconds and could prevent an embarrassing situation come reassembly.
    The cam and valve-gear look very clean.

    Nothing to see here, certainly no sludge.

    I degreased the cam cover with paraffin.

    And painted the rusty bits with a high temp black gloss paint. Shame most of the cam cover will be covered up by the air filter housing.

    Speaking of which, the air filter housing lid looks awful with this repair.

    So I ripped it off. The repair patch was hiding a nasty hole.

    Does anyone have one of these?

    I put the paint and spray cans down and spent a bit of time tidying up the engine bay, specifically the inner wings and slam panel. The engine bay is remarkably free from rust. The more I look at this car, the more I believe that the mileage is genuine.

    Take a look at the front wing to slam panel seams, they are factory fresh. I don't think this car has even been involved in a significant accident. 

    I've ordered more aerosol blue paint and a king size bottle of T-Cut. You know what's coming next.
    More next week.
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    JeeExEll reacted to vulgalour in 1980 Austin Princess   
    I've had to drive the Princess in the dark.
    Now, when I first got it the car was equipped with sealed beam headlights which I initially considered adequate until it got to the point where I found I could drive around with main beam on and nobody noticed.  A few burnt out lights later and the hassle of trying to find replacements meant I upgraded to H4s which is what it's on now, mostly because it was cheap and easy to do.  Now, of course, I'm behind on the lighting wars by a good margin and they're more like marker lights so other people can see me than any real assistance in seeing where I'm going.  They'll do, I'll figure out an update one day, maybe stick some Nightbreakers in or something.
    On the plus side, I don't seem to have the issue with my photochromatic specs that I did with the Maestro and haven't noticed any triggering of the lenses from oncoming traffic.  I do sit a lot further back from the windscreen in the Princess and don't suffer from dazzling and glare from oncoming traffic as much, nor do my mirrors seem to catch as much headlight glare from cars behind me.  So that's nice.
    The last thing I did was to raise the idle about a half a turn on the idle screw.  This has actually helped with the flat spot issue a bit and with the wiper speed quite a bit.  The belt dressing seems to be doing the trick as I didn't get horrendous squeal after going through a rather large puddle a lot of supposedly more capable SUVs were avoiding so that's a good thing too.
    Heater is still freakishly hot and I have no idea why.  Done about 100 miles urban on about a quarter of a tank of fuel, this is an improvement on the last quarter when I had the fuel issues with carb and fuel line where I was getting 60-80 miles.  Reversing light is still being intermittent and I reckon it's the switch itself being sticky since I did have that problem before.  I just need to take it out, clean it, and reinstall and it'll be fine.  I use my hazards when reversing for now which seems to be working just fine.
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    JeeExEll got a reaction from Barry Cade in If you had 40k for a brand new car.   
    Oh Autoshite, what has happened to you . . .
    Pistonheads discussing £40k Porsches is that way > >
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    JeeExEll reacted to MiniMinorMk3 in Eye-catching black and whites   
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    JeeExEll reacted to MiniMinorMk3 in Stars in Shite   
    An Angel

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    JeeExEll reacted to MiniMinorMk3 in Stars in Shite   
    Marilyn tucking in at the Drive-In

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    JeeExEll reacted to eddyramrod in Bo11ox' Aircraft Carrier   
    Not on the UK market.  Consul had been dropped in 1962 with the mk2 z-cars (although, curiously, allowed to live on a couple of years as a prefix to Classic, Corsair and Cortina until the Cortina's 1965 facelift).  The Granada-based Consul was an attempt to resurrect the name, but was abandoned in, IIRC, 1975 when the VFM facelift came in, marking the change from L/XL/GXL to L/GL/Ghia.
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    JeeExEll reacted to NorfolkNWeigh in Bo11ox' Aircraft Carrier   
    The Consul name was used on the Consul Classic 315 whilst you could still buy a Mk2 Consul, the plan was that when the Mk3 arrived and moved upmarket the value mid-size buyers would have a name they were familiar with. The Classic  was only ever meant as a stop gap , in fact the body presses were supposedly never designed for use of more than a couple of years. The same reasoning was used when naming the Consul Cortina, the Consul Corsair was even marketed as having ‘ almost the interior space of the fondly remembered Mk2 Consul’ why the Corsair was even needed, I don’t know. Presumably Ford were worried that the vast  ( smaller than a Mondeo) Mk4 coming in a couple of years would frighten economy conscious family buyers.  Whatever the reason production lasted until 1970 and the sold twice as many as Mk4 Zephyrs and Zodiacs .
    As for the Granada , Ford won the court case in March 1972 before the launch , it seems unlikely they’d have used the Consul name for the more upmarket versions even if they  had lost the case, they had lots of exotic, upmarket sounding names registered in the US , Ford Montego 3.0 GXL , anyone? Maverick ? LTD etc , more likely just use the Executive moniker . 
    Anyway, here’s some inspiration , as driven to a class win by Roger Albert Clark.

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    JeeExEll reacted to warren t claim in Taxi Drivers Past and Present - Any Stories To Share; funny, interesting, scary etc.?   
    As we're on the subject of When Passengers Attack I thought I'd give a belated update about the worst one I had to attend.
    This was about late 2005 or early 2006. It was about midnight on a Friday night when my datahead screeched loudly to say a fellow driver had hit the panic button. On our old Auriga dataheads we had a silent alarm system where if a driver hit *0 at the same time all other cars were alerted but his set remained silent. The Auriga system relied on an external GPS, a datahead to display jobs and messages all linked to a two way radio. 
    Sadly a few of us heard his last known address wrongly over the radio and headed to another location about a mile and a half away. Fortunately, the location we went to was high up a hill so we could hear more clearly his exact position so we headed off there. 
    There was maybe four cars already there when I arrived. I walk over to his silver Peugeot 406 to see him slumped behind the wheel semi-aware of what had happened. He was bleeding heavily and the grey interior of his 406 was both covered in blood and smashed up, one of his attackers had opened his driver's door and kicked away indiscriminately even smashing the Peugeot's cowling on the steering column and breaking the key. 
    Although this had happened a good 15 minutes earlier there was no sign of police or an ambulance in attendance yet and several drivers were desperately phoning 999 for help only to be told that an ambulance would be at least 15 minutes away and the police were busy at the moment.
    Between lapsing in and out of consciousness the driver managed to give a description of his attackers and the circumstances that caused this. It turns out that he'd picked two lads and a woman from a Chinese restaurant and during the three mile journey his passengers had started fighting with each other. When he tried to break it up they all started attacking him! 
    As we now have a decent description we pair off to look for the cunts. I get into the back of a TX2 belonging to a lad looking for blood and revenge! Fair enough you may think but this lad was maybe 27, looked a bit errrr.... effeminate (although he was dating a hot telephonist at our office) and now way looked like the sort of fella who you'd want backing you up in a fight. We drive around the estate and see some likely suspects. He jumps out and goes all psycho, fair enough but although I'm certain that this group of people knew what happened, and almost certainly know the names we're looking for, there's no blood on any of them and no way could a beating be justified. My hack driving, Rylan Clark-Neal impersonator colleague thinks otherwise and I have to drag him away from getting himself a criminal record. 
    I get him back in his cab, telling him that although I agree with him it's not worth the fallout without proof and we drive back to the crime scene just as an ambulance is arriving to take our, heavily bleeding, colleague to hospital. The poor cunt waited a good half hour for an ambulance! Still no sign of the plod though. He's taken away and I call for someone I know to recover his car.
     Anyway, the following night I'm (illegally but it was sort of tolerated back then) plying for hire outside the row of local nightclubs in town when a mate who works on the doors runs up to my car desperately trying to get my attention. I lower my passenger window and he tells me that there's a young lady in the club who's having an asthma attack! She doesn't want to go to the hospital but wants to go home as she has a nebuliser there that'll get her breathing normally again and could I please get her home PDQ. 
    He and a couple of other door staff in the club (not all bouncers are cunts) carry her into my car and I hammer it away from there to her home address about three miles away. 
    My Mondeo at the time had a headlight out so I was running on fog lights as well so I was half expecting a pull anyway that night. I'm "making progress" and we're about halfway there when I see a police car heading towards me, not just any police car but the Merseyside Police puppy walking Fiesta manned by an inspector showing a new probationer the ropes. 
    He sees a speeding taxi with a headlight bulb out heading toward him and thinks about swerving into my path to stop me but bottles it at the last moment and chooses to turn around and get behind me. I slow down a bit and he throws on his blue lights to stop me. I pull over. I, along with my still struggling to breathe, passenger get out. He gets out of the training car (the training car was the only Fiesta on the police fleet at the time, all other beat cars were Focii back then) along with the young WPC he was trying to impress and strolls over to me all red faced and, keen to look like Mr Big Man in front of his fit probationer starts to scream at me for speeding and having a headlight out. The young WPC can see that my passenger is in distress and looks genuinely concerned for her welfare. Inspector Big Bollocks is having none of my excuses for speeding and starts interrogating my gasping passenger demanding to know if she knows me! 
    Inspector Arsehole is rapidly learning that he's starting to look like a massive bellend in front of a new recruit that he was trying to impress and is rapidly running out of prosecution options. He demanded to know why I didn't call an ambulance. I reply "About this time yesterday one of our drivers got severely beaten and the ambulance took at least half an hour to arrive, shit I know but it was still a hell of a lot quicker than it took for you lot to turn up". Inspector Limp Dick, knowing that he now looks like a bit of a twat, sends me away to complete my mercy mission with a stern warning to get a new headlamp bulb.
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    JeeExEll reacted to warren t claim in Taxi Drivers Past and Present - Any Stories To Share; funny, interesting, scary etc.?   
    A tale from when I was working for Frank, the boss of a small local firm.
    We were down to maybe eight drivers, and three of them went and got an operator's ticket to start pitching for their own airport work. They had cards printed that they displayed in their cars and it was pretty obvious that whenever we gave them an airport job they were handing out cards to cuff the work. At the time we were pretty competitive on distance jobs and I could see the regular riders not ringing up as often as they used to. It was obvious what was going on so I cornered Frank to complain about the three amigos cuffing quality jobs. Frank's answer was "I can't afford to lose their base rents, find me another three drivers and I'll sack them."
    One morning I had a Man Air collection when June, Frank's bit on the side who was operating that day, found a piece of paper with the take out and flight details written in the handwriting of Danny, a driver who lost his badge due to an admin fuck up that Frank felt sorry for and gave him a job operating so he could feed his family. June made the reasonable assumption that Danny had forgot to put it in the book and sent me to pick them up. A fucking bonus as a back to back Man Air is the peppermint cream of jobs! 
    I rock up to the take out address only to find that they'd just left! Fuck! As I was still having to go and cover the Man Air pick up I wring the neck of my Mondeo up the M56 to see if I can catch the driver who took them. At this time I was thinking that the punter had called two firms and jumped in the first car that arrived, a common problem back then. In fact, it is taxi code that if two firms turn up at the address of a double booker then neither car will take them and woe betide a driver that does! 
    As I reach Chester Services on the M56 I see a familiar car, one of the three amigos displaying the door signs of their airport transfer company on his doors. I pull in behind and phone the contact number we had for the job. As expected, his passenger picks up their phone and tells me that they're already in the taxi. I politely thank them and continue to the airport to collect my passenger.
    During the return journey, I ponder what's happened. Danny has clearly fed a decent job to his mates which really isn't the done thing! Once the passengers have been taken home Evil Warren phones Frank to explain the situation. Frank sounds pretty hurt that a lad who he gave operating hours to just to help him out would do such a trick. Evil Warren just wants blood! Frank summons Danny to the office. Now dear reader, as you've followed this thread and read about the antics of Frank, the Gene Hunt, Life On Mars taxi firm owner I'll let you choose from the following three options to guess what Frank told me to do.
    1. I'll sort this out Warren. It was probably just a mistake.
    2. This is clearly a disciplinary matter and I'll sack him unless he's got a fucking good excuse.
    3. Danny will be here at 10am if you want to come over and give him a slap for feeding his mate's with jobs.
    At 9.55 I'm back at the office waiting for my satisfaction. Danny turns up thinking that nothing is wrong only to be greeted by a VERY angry Frank! As the penny has now dropped that he's been caught, Danny makes a run for it only to have his escape route blocked by a seething Evil Warren! Evil Warren grabs him by the throat and chucks him on the sofa in the office. Evil Warren gives Danny a "how dare you!" monologue well worth of St Greta and demands a good reason why he shouldn't have the shit kicked out of him! Danny starts pleading "you'll get your money, you'll get your money" whilst held up against a wall. Evil Warren feels that he's made his pint and lets him go. Danny leaves with his tail between his legs. 
    I turn around and look at Frank. He's got a smile wider than Katy Price's legs and puts his arm around me saying that he's proud of me for fronting up another driver and not willing to be taken advantage of. This, coupled with the fact that I actually gave a shit about the firm, cemented my position as "heir apparent" to the company.
    And what about yours truly and Danny? Well, Danny was also quite old school, spleens vented, no grudges were held and we still chat to each other today as mates. He's got his badge back and is apparently doing quite well. Did I get my £50 airport payment as promised? Well no actually. He was going through a hard time then and no way would I take the bread off his table. Sometime's the principle matters more than the price.
    W.T.C x
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    JeeExEll reacted to vulgalour in Cars you didn't know existed until very recently.   
    Thanks to a Youtube recommendation, I'm now aware of the short lived Keller company.

    Here's a playlist:
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    JeeExEll got a reaction from DSdriver in Cars, Lasses and Lads - A Photo Sharing Thread   
    Ohhhhhh.  Just yes.
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    JeeExEll got a reaction from Wibble in Cars, Lasses and Lads - A Photo Sharing Thread   
    Ohhhhhh.  Just yes.
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    JeeExEll got a reaction from Shite Ron in Cars, Lasses and Lads - A Photo Sharing Thread   
    Ohhhhhh.  Just yes.
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