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  1. I think it is an Avenger after zooming in on the door-handles.
  2. Pic taken in 1940. Ford Model A body (1929/30) on a Ford AA truck chassis with aircraft wheels & tyres. Built for snowy Nebraska winter.
  3. Like driving up the east coast of the Isle of Skye. Many times.
  4. Green TB2, on the streets. Any more info on it?
  5. Well I think that's being very considerate, the dog must get very lonely during the day.
  6. I made the huge error of parking a Mk3 Capri 3.0S in long grass for about a year, 1991/2. Fucking idiot. There was an unbelievable advance in underbody rot over that time. Sold for spares / repairs and scrapped in the 90s. It was only about 12 / 13 years old.
  7. The 2-door Cav was a good looking car. I can't remember actually seeing any. I hope some still survive. Must be extremely rare now.
  8. Suit, tie, socks, and sandals. A bit of effort put into that picnic though
  9. There are a couple of restored Capris around, but make your own mind up as to originality there. The X-pack Mk2 3-litre Capri and TR7 and Dolly Sprint and the SD1 3500 seem to have disappeared Long time ago.
  10. It most definitely does. Thanks to TripleRich on here and the owner of the car. Can someone post a link to the resto? I only have phone at the moment.
  11. Cannan was given 3 life sentences (three) in 1988 for murders and rapes But apparently he's 'eligible for release' from prison in October this year, in 5 months' time. FFS, put the cell-key in the bin and switch off the light. You wouldn't want him living next door. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Cannan https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disappearance_of_Suzy_Lamplugh
  12. Rolling Stones mobile recording van shite. (It's also mentioned in Deep Purple 'Smoke On The Water' ). Keef The Cat on the right. Pic taken around the time of recording Exile On Main Street in the basement of Keef's house Nell C'ote in the south of France 1971/72.
  13. How fab must this have been in 1966? Wow. And the burbly Chrysler 6.3 V8 twin-pipe soundtrack. I remember seeing and hearing one on Union Street, Aberdeen mid 70s when I was about 8 and it was a WTF moment. Many of my school drawings and watercolours in the late 70s had an Interceptor in there, even in drawings of flowers or included in drawings from a 2-week school trip to Iona (a tiny island on which I think the only vehicle apart from tractors appeared to be a Mk1 Escort van) and ancient Iona Abbey, (much to the annoyance of my teachers). I was quite good at drawing Interceptors. They weren't very difficult to do.
  14. Jensen Interceptor. They are either hired murderers on a mission or they are accountants on their way to a monthly meeting with Partco, the motor parts suppliers. (On a Tuesday at 9am).
  15. Very early 2000GT road-test in 1969 by Autocar. No rostyles, just plain steelies and hubcaps. You had to order a 2000 GT XLR for rostyles. Corsair 2000 GT V4 engine with the lovely 2000E gearbox. A car of it's time. No touch-screen sat-nav. Cruise-control was your foot, and cup-holder (milk bottle or Coke-tin holder) was between your legs. My mum had a 1970 H-reg 1600L from 1982 till 1990. With non-inertia-reel static seat belts which were meant to be hung up on a little clip but just got left on the floor. My dad's pal had a Sapphire blue J-reg 1971 3000E from 1973 till around 77. With blue vinyl interior. Fire up the T-Rex tape.
  16. The aronline link to the Chinese 'Itals' which were made into the late 1990s is interesting.
  17. In the summer of 1988 a mate had a short-MOT 1980 gold V-reg Strada 1300 for a few months. The floor was rotten and sitting in the passenger seat was like sitting in a rocking-chair as he drove along the road. You couldn't open the hatchback as the rear of the roof hinge-area was made of duct-tape. If you did open it you could physically move the hatch sideways, with crunchy sounds, - there was a danger of it falling off completely. It had rusty lines and rust holes half way up the doors where the window mechanism was, (so that'll be no paint inside the doors then). Most of the interior plastics such as the window winders and heater controls were brittle and broken. It also reeked of mould from the carpets and the rear headlining and rear seat. The Strada was only 8 years old. Can you imagine a 2014 car being in that state? His next car was a cheap 131 1600 Supermirafiori and there were various Lancia 1500 Deltas, Alfa Suds / Sprint coupes, and a silver P-reg 1976 Fiat 130 Coupe which was made of bodyfiller and had patch-welded rear chassis-legs, (but it also had a gorgeous blue velour interior and a hand-operated throttle on the centre console - impressive). The 130 was rubbed down and resprayed but within 3 months the rot was back again. Italy didn't really do rustproofing at all.
  18. Peugeot 403 on the right? Light coloured one possibly another 403? Just guessing. Don't know.
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