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  1. So this shit must include keeping forum online since i packed it all in...... Spending money keeping forum alive.... Some people really amaze me to be honest.
  2. Just renewed server for another month as i dont want to see autoshite disapear without trace.
  3. Just cant understand why it is taking so long,it only takes a couple of hours to provision a server.
  4. Just thought i would pop in & check progress,,Not a lot it seems. 3 weeks & still running on my server which i paid an extra month on to stop any downtime.ip Another month due shortly,do i need to continue paying this to keep site up or is new server that is being paid for by all these donations going to materialise soon. Not bothered to be honest but need to know. And to think i took all of 1 and a bit days to totally rebuild & install my server & all hell broke loose. Just hope things work out.
  5. Just popped on one last time,Chaseracer & cavcraft both have access to latest server backups,just done them. Just buy a server,can be done instantly.install cpanel whatever,get electric leyland to change ip address to that of your server. takes about a day in all. I will loan Ipb software if needed for 28 days but you will have to purchase your own by then.licence is not transferable. Sorry for doing this but have spent 20 solid hours non stop trying to get board back up,would have been up to date with no lossof posts but i can only put up with so much crap,so knocked it on head for my own health & sanity. Sorry all but tried my best,obviously not good enough. Just to clarify this downtime was not a server error or anything,it was taken down by me to rebuild server,took a bit longer than expected. Was notified this was happening first post in this thread. See this thread for why i have had enough http://autoshite.info/topic/28055-database-errors/
  6. This will be my last post/visit to here. Server is paid for until 2017-05-14 Autoshite.info/fahl.us will be going down for good. Cant take the stress anymore. Message electric leyland if you want to take over the running of here. Cheers all daveb47 Mike
  7. Been having seemingly for no reason random database errors,easily fixed but not the point. Have traced problem to (paid for) backup software which was recently installed. Vendors are not much help but have disabled it for now & have been recommended a replacement. Reverted to daily manual backups to secure online storage for now. Trouble is that i want to ensure that no trace of old program are on server so i intend to close board tomorrow morning & rebuild server totally,hopefully back up by about dinnertime. Sorry about this but i would rather be safe than sorry. No posts etc will be lost Just discoved that others are having this problem as well
  8. http://fahl.us/test is up on new server,your user pass from here should work ok,its running Ipb4.1.9.feel free to have a play. Remember that no posts on there will be kept Theme is virtually sorted,just some text changes etc to do. Not going to upgrade just yet as Ipb4.2 alpha has just been released,& i am currently beta testing that. 4.2 final will be some time & will leave upgrade for that.
  9. Now on Ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/-/282460049328?
  10. Done,going on Ebay tomorrow with buy it now of £2400
  11. Vstrom passed mot. For sale thread here. http://autoshite.com/topic/27824-suzuki-vstrom-1000for-sale/
  12. Minor database glitch,now sorted
  13. I have today purchased a new futureproof server,it is all we will ever need. Not moving over to it till i do board.software upgrade though. Do both at same time. Dual Xeon E5-2670 96GB 960GB SSD Preconfig 2.66GHz / 3.3GHz Turbo 16 Cores / 32 threads 96GB DDR3 960GB SSD 33TB Monthly Transfer 5 usable IPv4 Address /64 IPv6 Address Block**
  14. As i said,wont be just yet,think i am going to stick with ipb,4.2 is out soon,may wait till then. Already have paid licence for it. I am practicing doing upgrades elsewhere at moment. They just dont make it easy.
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