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    nigel bickle

    Sao Penza

    Those of you who know me/ my family know we favour oddities. Rare vehicles, not necessarily valuable, but in limited or non existent numbers. Circumstances mean that if such a vehicle appears, I will try to get someone else to save it, but if that fails, we’ll step in. That is what happened here. Some of you may know of young Jude Currie, from Surrey who has an interest in similar, predominantly Asiatic, motors. He had been hunting this car for some considerable time, and a bit of joint sleuthing narrowed the area, little by little. We knew it existed, or had done until recently, someplace in Poole or possibly Bournemouth. A little luck was had, when it was spotted on a street hunt. I helped Jude approach the Owner, who was surprised at the interest. Youthful exuberance raised the asking - but we all need to learn, eh! At least it stopped it being scrapped, which had seemed probable. The initial finder had first dibs, but turned it down. Jude went down, and spent some considerable time looking at it, but decided it was too much work for him. Although it was running well when he started, it now wouldn’t run evenly or tick over, and didn’t sound well. I had warned him about the pitfalls of running a long term layup, but - again youthful exuberance! So, I contacted the vendor, who was a little pissed off now. A Property Developer,( it came free with Bereavement purchase.)He drove it back to his, taken with the clean condition & low mileage (22,000) but unaware of its rarity. We chatted - I bought it unseen, based on Jude’s pics. A week or so later we headed down with the A frame, By now, it wouldn’t run, at all. We tried the usual, but it barely hiccupped. . But look at it! Funds changed hands, and the car was hitched up, returning to my barn without event. A few hours fettling had it running reasonably well. It’s principal problem was / is cold starts. Neat fuel dribbled into the carb gets it running, and gentle feathering gets it warm at which point it’ll drive,nreasonably. So, an MOT was booked as it’s first road trip -( we weren’t prepared to risk DVLA shenanigans for an unlicensed 25 yr gap) with no real idea how good the brakes were. Straight pass, first time. It’s near immaculate, aside from a few small blemishes on the bottom of the drivers door, exacerbated by by being taped over by the previous owner. I drove it home, parked up The next day I tried to start it - the cam belt failed! Instantly. Research said it’s non interference, so we stripped it off, replacing the water pump at the same time. Fingers crossed, it fired up fine-& that’s really the story to date. I’ve not taxed it, as I’m not up to using it right now, but it is dry/ safe-& and ready to go. Family concern for those irreplaceable wheel trims means they’re coming off. We’ve tracked a set of turbovecs which we’ll get tyres up & trial fit, for now - although this is one car I’d prefer to keep standard, where possible. It needs snagging. About 2 tankfuls, or 5-600 miles should sort the fuel system and settle the car down.Then the door bottom, and that’s it We’ll update, infrequently, when We’ve something to add.
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    Low effort thread warning: I bought this Galaxie after seeing it on the bay with ~10mins left to run. Coolest thing I've ever seen in my life but my goal for 2019 was to not buy any cars. One high adrenaline, guilty bid later and I've completely ruined my life. Called the guy up and asked could I drive it home. He said "not a hope in hell" It was in a barn in the US for 25yrs sitting and rotting. Imported to the UK in May 2019. Old mate was a classic rally man back in his day and had one exactly like this back in the 70s. He planned on restoring it but had a f*cking awful run of luck (ill health, son chopped his fingers off, garage burnt down with the seats in it). 39k miles. 390 cubic inches. Pillarless. 1966. It's had a new fuel tank, new wheels and tyres, new battery, new pipes, new brake cables and the drums rebuilt all around. I've found a lot of crazy stuff since buying it though - ran it for 100miles until I noticed no air filter. Found out the fuel tank wasn't sealed whilst I was on the motorway. The lights also intermittently turn off completely every so often which I found out at night. 1 hub cap fell off and nearly hit a man walking. Good: Chassis is solid. Interior is bone-dry. Drives straight and I think the engine runs well. No fluid leaks. Bad: Gear changes are insanely clunky. Dash is warped. Boot taking on water. Interior looks like it's had several generations of mice + a fire.
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    As some may of seen in my other thread, I became the owner of a 1988 Fiat Croma I.E Super today, my first venture into old cars after passing my test in October! 32,000 miles from new, even have the original bill of sale for £8995! Needs some attention before I can start using it, most noticeably a lumpy idle, cut out on me a couple of times on the way home. Everything seems to work alright apart from the speedo which just jumps up and down at will and I’m pretty sure the steering is a lot heavier than it’s supposed to be so that’ll need looking at. I’m not to knowledgeable mechanically so I’m sure this’ll be a great learning curve*. As a side note anyone in the North East know any garages/mechanics that are knowledgeable on old shite. I’ve spoken to the Italian specialist in Ouseburn about the speedo and he was quite helpful but more than likely quite expensive going off his usual clientele of classic Alfa owners. I’m sure some of you here will appreciate the pix!
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    Fleet Update - New Purchase(s)!

    I’ve not been on here much lately; I’ve moved house, gained a dog, have a longer commute to work and life’s sort of got in the way. Good to be back though! At the start of the year I had my trusty Mondeo, the Mk3 Astra convertible that came to SF18, my Mini that’s still asleep in my parents’ garage and the Simca, which is stored at a friend’s and I haven’t seen for ages. I moved house in April (after already moving in January 🙄) and needed a sensible commuting car, as we need two working cars between us and a garage quoted silly money to weld the Astra. So I bought Sigmund Fraud’s Dolomite 1300. That was great for 3 months and 2,000 miles but has developed annoying issues as detailed elsewhere. [I was going to insert an image here, but I have absolutely no idea how to do it on this new mobile site - so seemingly they’ll have to come at the end!] The arrival of two more cars means I now have five at home and I feel bad about taking up all of the parking outside the house. I also need money to repay the price of my latest arrival so it’s for sale, along with the Astra and, once they’ve gone, the Simca. With the Dolomite out of action, despite my best efforts, another daily was needed. My friend has always wanted a Saab, and last week I spotted a 900 convertible on Gumtree. It was very cheap, because the roof doesn’t work. Still useable as a coupe though, it had a new MOT and had been quite well looked after. It’s only a 2.0 NA “S”, so is quite a low spec, but still has leather (but not heated) and a trip computery thing etc. We bought it from the quite elderly second owner, who’d done only about 2,000 miles in the 8 years he’d had it. We had to change the starter motor immediately, due to user error (not by me!) - the spring in the ignition barrel has gone so you need to turn it back from ‘Start’ to ‘On’ once started or the motor runs continually. After being driven home with the starter on most of the way, it was dead. Replacement wasn’t as difficult as expected though. Other than that, we’ve given it a clean (the roof was horrible!), replaced the broken stereo, and repainted the screen surround and wheel trims. Just needs new badges and it’ll look quite smart! May attempt to fix the roof (or at least try to get rid of the CHECK LATCHES warning from the dashboard) at some point. Now, I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that my ultimate “first thing I’d buy if I had some money” car is an FD Ventora that used to be my dad’s. A history lesson: In March 1972, my uncle (Dad’s brother-in-law) bought WPA 506G, a 4-year old Vauxhall Ventora. He had a company car so only used it for family holidays and was keeping it nice for his retirement, which would be about 20 years later. He stopped using it at all in 1976, but kept under dust sheets in his garage. He died in 1989, before retirement and in 1992 my Dad bought the car from his sister. It had 18,000 miles at the time. I was 6 then, and we had it until I was 13. I loved being driven about in it, it was super cool and nobody else had one. I was devastated when it was sold, because we were moving house and would no longer have the garage. Since then I’ve attempted to keep an eye out for it and vowed to get it back one day. I last saw it in about 2008 though and, other than periodically checking it was still “taxed” etc, I’ve had no idea if its whereabouts. About six weeks ago, a picture of it cropped up on a Facebook group, still looking great. From there I got in touch with the current owner and arranged to meet him at a show so I could take some pictures and have a sit in it, but that, disappointingly, got cancelled. A couple of weeks later, he messaged me to say he fancied something else and was thinking of selling. My heart sank. I didn’t want anyone else to have it, but I have no money at all and the asking price was way out of reach. All I could do was politely decline and ask him to pass my details to the new owner. It was advertised within FD circles but, quite unsurprisingly, most either didn’t have the money or already had one. But he did receive one offer of the full asking price. He’d sold this guy a very nice original Victor 3.3 estate previously and was saddened when he put a V8 in and messed about with it. He’d been circling for a while and said he “already had an engine to go in the white one”. He didn’t want to sell it to him. I didn’t want him to either. But it would be a quick easy sale and I couldn’t do anything to stop it. He even offered me it for £1,000 less, but that’s not much help when you have very little. But I couldn’t get it out of my head. I had to save it. After explaining the situation to family, I was offered a loan for the reduced asking price. Should I? Of course I should. So, after modifying the shelving in my rented garage that I’m not allowed to modify, I collected it today. I still can’t believe it’s mine. It’s had about 4 owners since my Dad, and the mileage has doubled, to 45,000. It’s still 95% original but now has an upgraded water pump and radiator and a better carburettor (that cost nearly £500). A stainless exhaust and new tyres too, and it’s been meticulously maintained. The guy I bought it from absolutely loved it and his enthusiasm was very reassuring. The receipts prove he’s not making money on the car. Faults are limited to a stuck fuel sender making the gauge always read full, and I’d put the ugly cheapo seatbelts in that category too as they’ve inexplicably replaced the nice light grey Britax originals, that weren’t passed on a couple of owners ago. Replacements need to be sourced. Considering its age and originality, and that it’s been through a few owners since I lost touch with it, the condition is still fantastic. A small amount of barely noticeable lacquer peel in one area is about the only deterioration I can find, apart from what was already there 20 years ago. Yes, it uses a ridiculous amount of fuel. Yes, it handles like a cruise ship. Yes, I’ll be scared to use it or leave it anywhere out of sight. But I don’t care. It’s mine. And I’m keeping it.
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    Petrol station shot!
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    1974 Dolomite Sprint

    Paid and paper work. On way home now!
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    Found on the bins

    Driving around all day everyday I get to see a fair amount of old chod on the roads and rusting rammel on driveways. Been meaning to do this thread for some time now, so here’s what I’ve seen over the past few months.
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    Bornite’s Broken Bus

    What an incredible day. 24 hours after passing its first MOT for 22 years, I entered the Mini into the Ipswich - Felixstowe Historic Vehicle Run. Thanks lie entirely with @alf892; this wasn’t straightforward. That is to say - the car took 5 maintenance pauses on the way to the MOT test alone. Somehow it ran just long enough for the test process to take place and, through a miracle, we coincidentally bumped into the biggest Mini hoarder within a 30 mile radius whilst at the test station. He, whilst eccentric, did sell me a complete carburettor for £5 English pounds. Without it, and Alf spending every waking (and sleeping) moment - this would never have actually happened. The Mini now runs brilliantly. We’ve done 250 miles this weekend alone and it hasn’t missed a beat since the carb change. Something is now banging away which I think is either a driveshaft or CV wotnot, but I don’t give a shit. It was truly lovely to take the Mini home once again. Buzzing around streets familiar to the car was utterly surreal. Roads we trundled along when I was 7, my Nan at the wheel, chatting shit as you do. It was out of this world. It’s this exact weekend that she died. 29 years ago. Serendipity. Cheers, Nan. 😘 ^This is Nan’s. The perfect picture to end the perfect day.
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    Dreams do come true. Shitestyle.

    Our house is up for sale and we have had a few good offers over the asking price,and a offer has been accepted on a house we want to buy. This meant obviously I needed some sort of motor for house moving duties. I managed to sneak in time a 83% filler filled stag last time. However, Mrs T has cottoned on to these shenanigans, so said this MUST be practical or I ain’t moving with her into the new house. We was going to sell her car and buy something that could be used as a tip run special as the new place needs lots and lots of work. But on the plus side it’s two mins from her work. But in the end it didn’t really make sense to sell hers so I have been on the lookout for something. This was at a dealer for a few quid more than the average Diastra but, you know. Fancied a mk3 for a while. These seem to be a high point in Vauxhall’s illustrious vehicle lineup for me. It looks better in the pics. But is generally pretty darn good for a mk3 Astra van. Done 95k and got a mot till next year Also the mot history is literally the best I have ever had on a car. It’s bubbling up on the arches and a sill but doesn’t look like it’s proper rotten. Also had a respect at some point, the paint has a half decent shine to it. Merit spec so not even a cassette player. But 1.7 Turbo Dizzler!! Two owners from new. Drives ace. So had to have it. Left a deposit to pickup this week. Already ordered a service kit, wiper blades and a new gear gaiter. Yes the wheeltrims are being thrown in the Trent the minute I drive it away. So there we are kids, dreams can come true. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Daewoo Leganza Resurrection

    Firstly, I need to apologise for being PeopleShite. I've barely contributed a thing here since acquiring my beautiful Leganza around a year ago. Possibly the shittiest AutoShiter ever...? Anyway, desperately hoping to make up for my significant shortcomings (a process I've learned a lot about over the course of my marriage), I come with motoring news and hopefully good news for every avid Daewoo enthusiast. I have had an epiphany, but I need to elaborate first. I first acquired the Daewoo when my 2003 Mercedes W220 S320CDI decided to cost me a fortune, and financial pressures at the time meant it needed to be laid up pending a property sale and it was cheaper to buy a temporary motor from the sub-£500 world of cars that probably won't see another MOT. In that year, the 2003 S320CDI was bodged and sold quickly, and a 2008 W221 S320CDI came along to replace it. When the Daewoo tax ran out, it was simply laid up and has stayed that way for 9 months. That was until last week, when I finally snapped. The W221 has cost me £8k in maintenance alone since January. My other Merc, a 2003 W211 E320CDI estate has also managed to chew through front bushes in less than 18 months, and quite frankly I'm sick with Mercs. No sooner is one job done, another shockingly expensive one will come and bite me in the ass. Meanwhile, my other bus-driving colleagues with their very average flotilla of Peugeots, Skodas, Fords and Vauxhalls have a much easier time of it. Even the company Vauxhall Zafira has managed 3 years of heavy-handed abuse with not so much as a single bush or arm needing replacement. It was in this moment of contemplation that I realised the Mercs have to go if I am really going to be a responsible, mature 32 year old and put my family and future financial security ahead of running the big Benzes. So, I have decided the S and E classes can be sold, leaving enough in the pot for a nice boring little family car for the missus to potter around in. Meanwhile, I'll simply go back to the Daewoo, right? Well... almost. The Daewoo has other ideas. I threw it in for an MOT without so much as a look under the wheelarches after 9 months idle to find a significant "to do" list. It was probably upon removing the offside sill cover that cleverer, logical men would walk away from the 12 inch cavern that greeted them, as opposed to the sill that really should be there. Never mind the 4 shitty discs, the corroded brake pipes, worn wheel bearing, damaged ABS sensor, cloudy headlamps blah blah. Well, in some frankly ridiculous wave of sentimentality and a quick look at howmanyleft.co.uk, I decided I have some absurd duty of care to this remarkable* survivor - now one of only around 60 left, and as an auto, one of only 35. So, I have some remarkable deals on parts through work: very cheap discs and pads thanks to Euro Car Parts looking to clear stock. All the bits I need sourced from either ECP or FleaBay for £135 in total, a very friendly boss offering to do most of the work in exchange for me taking some shit Xmas party work over the next month or so, and a friendly welder only a phone call away means this piece of automotive history should live to tell the tale for another few years yet. I'm almost wondering if I can have the last Leganza standing in 5 years time. So, that's where we are. Everyone bored yet....? Check back for more ramblings in the next few weeks as the Leganza comes back to life!
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    The new news 24 thread

    I've done a car buyage. Well over my usual budget but it must be a virtual lone survivor. Zx 1.9d automatic estate. Only 36k miles from new and not far off immaculate. Drives like a new car still, albeit stately.
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    Another day completed on the car. It now has it's face back on! Previously I went through and cleaned up the engine bay wiring loom. I've now redone most of the loom wrap and installed it in the engine bay making sure it follows the original route. With the loom installed I can now begin to build the front end of the car. Once again various new parts are being used and I've also fitted lucas RHD head lamps. Getting all this stuff to line up can take a while. General fit of the indicator, lamps & chrome is usually quite poor on a Mk1 Granada. Its a few hours to get all the flimsy bits and pieces to line up properly. I've got as close as I can with this one, they don't typically get much better and I'm happy with the look. The grille is also a new part. The bumper is the original unit and has survived in excellent condition. It needs a final polish but I'll save that for later. Next up is the spot lamps which where available on the Granada S or as a dealer fit option. Without spot lamps I find these cars can look a bit dull at the front and luckily the previous owner had the same idea. Granada spec S lamps are very hard to find especially the brackets that hold them onto the car. Very happy to have these, looks much better!
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    Been hard at work on the car as usual. I've now mostly completed the headliner & vinyl roof. I'm working towards getting the screens in as I don't like them sitting around in storage. Before the headliner is fitted I needed to install the sound deadening. The headliner is the typical perforated stretch fit Ford used in everything. You need to make sure the right shapes and thicknesses of deadener go in the right place to ensure the headliner fits and looks correct. I've done a few of these cars before so it was an easy job. I also have pictures of this car coming apart which is very helpful. The headliner itself is original. Despite being 44 years old it's very good and shows no signs of nicotine or damage. The original headliner always goes back in better than an aftermarket one so I got to work. Went in really nicely. Once the glass is in I'll remove the handles & visors for a proper clean. The wiring loom that goes up here has been cleaned routed & tested. Now for the roof. This is a reproduction item and they are quite good. The original crackle finish Ford used has been reproduced perfectly. Some minor details are missing but I'm not bothered as original ones don't exist anymore. Not the easiest of jobs to do but it is rewarding. Start off by rubbing the roof down with a red mirlon pad. Then find the centre line on the roof & vinyl and mark both with a pencil. Now fold the vinyl in half along the centre line and begin to glue with contact adhesive in stages. After gluing the first bit lay out the roof and make sure you have it centred properly and straight. I use plastic tools to push the vinyl into position and squeeze out as many bubbles as possible. Keep repeating the process until you have run out of roof. Hard bit is knowing where to cut and avoiding creases around curves & tight areas. I used the chrome trim as a guide for cutting. Still some more to do like cut the hole for the sunroof but I'm pleased to have got this far. There are a few small bubbles which just need injecting with a blob of glue. I'll worry about those once I've got all the trim fitted and finished all the cutting.
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    The new news 24 thread

    I told myself no more cars for a while. But it's a cheap, early Senator B, and it's brown all over. It's also a non-runner, but appears to be fuel starvation. Pump and filter are new, and it was running until fairly recently. I viewed in on Tuesday and tried to resist, but the prospect of owning another Senator for £not much was causing my head to explode, so did the deal this evening. It's still at the sellers, and if I can't fix it by the roadside in the next few days I'll get it trailered to my parents and dump it on their drive for a bit.
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    1981 Ford Capri 2.0S

    Hello everybody, just wanted to introduce myself and my capri to the forum. Its a 1981 2.0S mk3 that's been in the family since 1990 and has been passed down from my father to me some years ago. The story is that my father bought the car inn 1990 as his escort xr3 was to expensive to insure and his first child was on its way, so the escort went and he bought this from a man in the Selby area. (my father being a ford trained mechanic, he did like his ford back then) He drove the car for about 3 years and with a new house and me and my brother on our way he had to find a family car that was my economical and cheaper to use than this, and so for the next ten years it spent time in a relatives front garden, then made its way from one barn to another until 2003. This was when he decided to restore the car himself and so we dragged it back home and plonked it into his garage. Sadly due to work he just couldn't find the time for her and so for another 10 years she sat unloved until 2013 when I was given her. The picture above was taken on the day we dragged her out of the garage, now I was still an apprentice living with mum and dad so all I could do at the time was put her in a council garage safely tucked away. This picture was taken in June 2019 as she is now. I have now purchased my own home and I'm currently working on modernising that, I also need to build a garage for the capri so that I'll have a dry place to work on her. My plan is to restore the car so that I can enjoy using it on days out and even holidays to the south west. I wont be doing a full body strip down resto but she does require some welding work on her back end. As can be seen from the photo's the rear valance and rear corners have gone and there are some holes in the sills at the rear. There's also a small hole in one of the rear chassis rails just around where the fuel tank is mounted to. I have obtained a new pattern part rear valance and I can get pattern new rear corner out skins as well, I will also be removing the tow bar as this car will never tow a trailer or caravan again. I will be needing new leaf springs as the ones on it are pretty well worn. I may be needing a new fuel tank if the old one cannot be saved but I'll make that judgement when the time comes, but apart from the rear end the car is mostly rot free. From the back of the doors forward everything is pretty much solid. Floors are good and the doors are ok (I have a spare passenger door if I decided to replace it). The scuttle panel is solid with no bubbling any where on it and the dashboard is not cracked which for me is a bonus as I've seen lots of capris with cracked dashboards due to the sun. I just hope my father can remember how this all goes back together. I do still have the original steering wheel which is inn a poor state and requires recovering, currently a mountney one is fitted which I actually prefer to the original one so I'll be keeping it on the car. The engine is the original 2.0 pinto with the 205 block, this will be getting a full strip down and rebuild when I get to it. Well that's all I can think of to say right now, hopefully within the next year and can get my garage built and start working on this car and maybe start to actually enjoy it. 😉
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    Couldn’t resist skipping my morning brew and bringing a battery up. Under the bonnet.. clean air filter and new Halfords battery Main fuse blown, could it be this simple? Answer is.. yes! Bridged the main fuse with some welding rod and it fired right up. So, book it right in for a test! All in all, 100 percent successful trip! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    daverapid's shite

    I haven't posted for a while so for no reason whatsoever I thought I'd post some recent photos of my shite.
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    Interior you say . 2.8 v6 with manual box
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    Sorry for the boring title! anyway yesterday at my car meet someone gave me a disc that he made in 2007 of old cars at shows which he scanned from some glass slides he found in a skip, the original slides he gave to the transport museum but he's now given me the disc to share. There's over 1100 images of cars, commercials and steam vehicles! I thought it's share a few on here if there's any interest anymore?. Most of them are vintage cars at local shows and i don't know what they are but the background cars which would have been modern back then (i believe they are from 1974-1978) are quite interesting in my opinion!
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    I've made some more progress over the past two weeks. Few more bits have made their way onto the car and I've started polishing the paintwork. I've not polished the paint until now for two reasons... I didn't have the balls to take 1200 grit sand paper to my paint job I needed to perform one or two additional bits of paint correction and they are now complete. (I missed a nasty ripple in one of the rear wings and needed to fix it). Tried living with it for 2 months and couldn't stop looking at it all the time. First up the washer bottle bracket which was very rusty/damaged has been repaired and painted. I've already polished what I can of the engine bay. When new the finish in here was very poor and it's one of the reasons for all those scabby Ford engine bays years later. I've got a good coat of paint in here and it's shiny so I'm already beating the original factory. I will continue to hand polish various areas under here as and when I get the motivation. Next I've fitted the rear windows. This is probably the worst bit of design on the whole car. The window is held in by the pop out catch at the rear and two very small bits of metal on the B post. With the window popped open it eventually falls out while driving so they will remain shut from now on! This is a well-known fault with the face lift coupe. I've also fitted the remaining trim pieces inside the rear of the car. Starting to look quite nice in here now. Polishing the paint is a slow and scary process. I've never done it to this level before but it won’t polish itself so I've made a start. All the bits I've put on the outside of the car so far have been chosen because they don't really get in the way of the process. There is nothing fitted to the sides of the car so I have access for polishing. Here you can see the finish as it is off the gun. Deep shine but plenty of orange peel and when you start looking there is a fair bit of dirt in places. I expected this as I'm a novice painter. First thing to do is use a de-nibbing tool to remove any spots of dirt & dust. I'm using 2000 grit on the tool as it's what’s in stock. You end up with loads of little dull spots after completing this. Next I use 1200 grit paper on a DA with a soft interface pad. This takes down the orange peel and also removes any small bits of dirt and dust. Be careful of the edges! Next I move to 1500 grit on the same tool and sand until I have a flat matt finish. All the time I'm terrified of seeing primer but if you study the picture I'm really removing only the very top surface of the paint. There is no danger of rubbing through provided I stay off the edges and stick to the method. Next I move onto 3000 grit 3m Trizact disk. This removes all the 1500 grit scratches and starts to move us back towards a shine. After this I should have gone to a 6000 grit Trizact but I didn't have any. I've ordered some so will have a go next weekend. In the absence of those I moved to polishing using 3m green & blue pads/compounds and a decent polisher. Not bad for a first go. I didn't make any major mistakes but due to lack of confidence I've not fully removed the orange peel near the edges and a few small areas. I also needed to spend more time on the polishing stage. I'll revisit the again with 1500 and follow up with both Trizact disks. Here's a comparison. Before on the left and after on the right... Will take me a few days to complete this, nice boost to confidence as I didn't mess it up! Was more worried about this bit than the actual painting.
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    Major ticking of box taking place. It's not mint,by a long shot, but £350...
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    Probably of no interest here..... Clocked over to 400k this morning on my school run, purchased at 84k and only driven by me since. 10 local council plates which it's only failed once on minor paintwork! 3rd clutch and original gearbox Might be its last plate tho, council are saying we need new ones......
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    Trigs new project - Granada Scorpio

    Yeah apparently they are really soft and fold straight up in a impact so rubbish for bangers but the 2.9 V6 is worth a few quid on it's own. I've been working my little socks off today on this, started at 9pm and finished at 6! but much progress has been had, firstly i went all two buckets wrongin on it's sorry arse. Which resulted in it looking much better already. also have the engine bay a quick wash too. Next my attention turned to the interior, it was rough, clearly dangermouse and his mates have been living here for a few years as there was bait under the rear seats and eaten interior trim and bits in the glovebox. I found Autosmart G101 multi purpose cleaner was excellent for cleaning marks of the carpet and getting all the grubbiness from the door shuts, definitely recommend that stuff, buy 5ltrs of it and dilute it in one of them pump action spray bottles and it last ages. Much nicer I'm sure you'll agree! I also had a quick wazz over the front wing with the mop, you can't really see much of a difference here but it's come up really well, I think the car will repond well to a mop all over.
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    So I’ve not touched the Yugo for a couple of months. Progress had stalled due to not getting it going quickly (I’m a millennial- I like quick results). I had meant to get back to it over Christmas but it was cold and I chose to do other things. Today I got the 2CV out of the garage and saw this... Yes... it really looks like one of those stalled projects... Mrs_b’s brother wanted to borrow the trolley jack so I had excuse to be in the garage. I wasn’t sure if the battery had any charge, but decided to give it a go anyway. BiL turned up at this point and we got chatting. I explained what I was doing and he said go on then give it a go... The engine span, battery was ok... it kept spinning but no catch (just as the last few time) so I started pumping the accelerator and all of a sudden... she roared into life-properly. Last time it had been lumpy as hell! To be honest both me and BiL nearly shat ourselves!!! We weren’t expecting it. Within 5 seconds the fuel in the carb was gone and it died. Refilled the carb and.... battery had gone.. bugger. I popped it on charge quickly whilst I gave the BiL the bits to help with his car... then a bird flew into the garage. That was entertaining! The little twat had to be chased out! BiL left and I was due at a friends house. But I couldn’t resist one more quick go... if it had run then the plugs might be warmer and maybe, just maybe... Almost instantly it purred into life! It’s glorious Yugoslavian engine clattered away happily!! I was over the moon!!! I jumped around whooping like a small child. My diagnosis is that the empty tank being sat had meant that the pump had run dry and the low level of fuel was struggling to get it drawn through. Looks like that was right. I engaged the clutch and moved it about 8 inches backwards and forwards. Clutch works. Brakes don’t tho, that’s next on the list. I turned it off and on again, no bother, fires straight up. What a relief!! And a spur to get on with it! But for the fact that my BiL has pinched my trolley jack I’d probably be under it now looking at the brakes! Today is a good day!!!
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    The house move is finally happening! 21st of December is the date I'm moving, other half will be in sooner than that because they haven't had to work around the same logistics that I have. Look out, Kent, here I come.
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    As I mentioned in the Show Us Your 2CV thread, I recently bought a 1988 Citroen 2CV special after spending a few months looking at dozens of them for sale on the Internet. I've started a thread as owning it is going to raise a lot of questions. As an example of how much I know about them, I spent a good couple of minutes pulling at things on the dashboard looking for the bonnet release before working out that it should be opened from the outside. The main two problems I'm going to have to sort out with it are the rust on the sills, front floor and toeboard (I'll get someone who knows what they're going to do this) and the electrics. It has, weirdly, been fitted with a second battery and I've got no idea why so investigating that will be fun. Anyway it's nice to join the list of 2CV owners here and I'm looking forward to taking it out on the road once it's all done.
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    2 years ago, just after we started dating, Girlfriend_70s went on holiday to Poland with a friend. I jokingly asked her to buy me a Syrena 105. She just got home from a 3rd holiday to Poland (with her mother this time) and presented me with this: "They had a shiny red one as well but I thought you'd prefer the mustardy beige one" What a girl...
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    Trigs new project - Granada Scorpio

    I spent some time this afternoon doing a bit more on this, got the grey paint on now, I'm not super happy as I slightly cocked up the height of the grey on the rear arch dog leg, it should have been more inline with the plastic side panel but it's hardly the end of the world, the grey isn't excatly the right colour either but I think I'm being a bit over fussy. I need to work out how to get that yellow paint of the plastic trim, hopefully a magic eraser will help?. I also ran the mop over the side with some 3m Fast Cut Plus which has really brought the shine back too, so still lots to do but it's certainly looking better for it.
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    Back after a lengthy break Well the E30 finally got eaten alive with tin worm but it did go to a loving home who is going to do a LOT of welding on her and sort it out . So a new daily was required , had to have 4 doors this time to assist with carting my aged parents about if required . So i spotted an 06 Merc in nice " cant ever keep clean " black , Its a W203 C180K with 127,000 miles on the clock , apparently only available with very fragile timing chains , bucket loads of computer and SAM electricery issues and a thirst for fuel , road tax , tyres and every suspension bush fitted . Being an 06 its galvanised so theres no rot at all. So are ive fixed the busted fog lamp , the busted centre heater vent , the leaky boot , the borked wipers , changed both cam magnets , fixed the alarm ( didnt even know it had one until the Star test picked it up ) , Star test also picked up the Crank sensor " out of range " , that did at least sort out it perplexity to suddenly splutter and flash every dash light at me in blind panic . Basically ive swapped a very rusty but reliable motor for a very unrusty but temperamental gremlin ridden nightmare . WCPGW
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    V70 tdi. Clocking.

    As I’ve spent all day cleaning it I am going to declare it done. The only fly in that ointment is the oil cooler coolant hose sprung a leak, mainly because it’s 20ish years old. I’ve trimmed the end of the hose and got it onto the stub, so it’s been on jaunts round the estate but I don’t trust it not to give way halfway up kingshill. Just waiting on a hose joiner stub. Small potatoes. Passenger drive shaft sounds dubious, but did before. Needs tracking. Srs light on. But fuck those, really very minor and easily solved details, because there will always be something, a line needs to be drawn. Check. Out. My .Throbber. Spent all day cleaning it. Which is not a common occurrence. But it’s been languishing under a tree all summer, and hadn’t been cleaned for a while* previously. Washed, t cut by hand all over, roof and bonnet twice. Washed, snowfoamed, washed, chamoised, polished. Windows cleaned and rainexed. I can honestly say that I have never done anything like it. Fuck 2 buckets, at one point I had 3 buckets and a hose going. In the rain. Beko would have creamed himself. but, on reflection wurf it. It’s been stanced yo. New bilstein suspension all round and new brakes with upgrades from a t5. Grey wheels with brand spankers tyres now getting the thumbs up from everyone. Mudguard and sill cover more formally attached with my new, really weren’t lying when they advertised it as heavy duty, pop riveter. Load bay windows tinted, stopped there as it was beginning to look like a hearse. Check out the beading. Under there is my new* engine, but you know about that. I learned more than a few things putting it there. It fires first turn of the key and sounds keen. I’ve genuinely missed tooling about in this. The interior has been similarly tittivated, as mine was hanging but donor donkey had a minter. Everything in the boot below the headliner is new. Doesn’t it look lovely. And clean. In the front, new carpet, mats, seats, seatbelts, door seals, centre console, heater control unit, alpine head unit, gearstick, dab radio, new drivers door guts, aftermarket remote central locking gubbins mounted nicely inside it rather than dangling on wires in a take away plastic tub. Everything furtled beko style I.e. I’ve even cleaned the backside and bulbs of the interior lights. Oh, lights, All door lights present and working, as are footwell lights. Front fog lights now have additional sidelights and flash with main beams. Yellow bulbs. Proper sidelights also yellow and dipped beam is osram all season, with are both not yellow enough for my liking and expensive enough to stay. Full beams are still nightbreakers. All the front lights came from donkey. So there it is, my Purple Throbber. I had to show it to you now really, as it’s never been shinier and likely will never be this shiny again, but I’m proud of it, so thanks for looking.
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    Getting there now, rain stopped play yesterday... Which makes it look a bit fancier, but although an improvement is still quite a bit shit. After some more effort. Carefully applying a liberal coat of CBA to check if you can use T-Cut with a buffer, I used T-Cut with a buffer. Obvs. like there's all those fucking bits you missed/still white after having wiped it off, so I remembered what my old neighbour said and removed it with WD40 on a cloth. It did look shit loads better, but after then washing the car two or three times afterwards, some of the sheen has gone, of course., and there's the odd white-ish bit from the polish. It needs another clean, then I'll try and polish it and wax it, then speak to my M8 as he recommended something to use after the polish to try and sort of keep it from being too dry. This is where it's at right now. The picture does flatter it tbh, but it's at least better and getting there now... Smol dog approves...
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    HMC motors- Sports van bought

    What a Bobby dazzler!
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    *NOW FOUND* This car was recovered by Southend Police yesterday, all complete less headlights, grill and bumper. The hubcaps are also missing but by and large its all complete. It appears it was stashed away in a residential garage in Southend but the tenant was evicted (so a local resident informs me) and the house was boarded up and gutted and the Avenger was in the garage, since pushed out onto the drive and yesterday discovered by local police as stolen. Fantastic news! I am hoping the missing parts are in the car, either way good news its recovered and largely unharmed.
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    Broadsword's Fleet Thread

    Home safe and sound after 235 uneventful miles. For the money it’s really, really nice. Filled up with £22 LPG and that got me home. On the road the car is nice and planted, a great place to be and just LOOK AT IT! I maintain it’s a gorgeous looking thing. The colour is metallic burgundy with cream leather and black wood trim. List of niggles not really a big deal, just the exhaust is too loud. Not sure how much of the system has been removed. I think it only has the large middle silencer. I want to put the rear silencers back on to make it civilised. I will sell the number plate if anyone wants it. TL;DR: It’s nice, very nice.
  36. 30 points

    The new news 24 thread

    The powers that be have deemed my 33 year old 205 dizzler safe for another 2 years of motoring, advisory on the 2 rear tyres being over 6 years old, and the tester mentioned that the nearside tie rod end has a small bit of play in it,but otherwise we are good to go. Chuffed!
  37. 30 points

    The new news 24 thread

    In surprise I received a phonecall this morning. So before he changed his mind again I went and grabbed the zx! It drives just like a new car and the autobox is so smooth.
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    Not been on here since last year for reasons. Got this last month from Scotland. Four crap pictures and a description of "1982 ford cortina, no v5" was enough to have me snared. I bid what I had saved as a deposit on a new suzuki thinking it'd be to low to win due to omg osf tax...and well you can guess the rest.
  39. 30 points

    The new news 24 thread

    I have a unit! Pretty much living the dream then. It's not on my doorstep, but then my doorstep won't exist from October. Should easily swallow up my fleet and all my associated crap as well.
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    ohh what a fun and exciting weekend this has been! like most collection capers this one started with a choochoo-mobile got to the station where Zel picked me up for the weekend where on saturday we headed out at 7:30AM to go pick up something up... on the way I saw this magnificent* beast over the dartford crossing which soon turned into Campervan rally stage the finally we knew we where at the right place when this scene came into view that's right we were collecting my Invacar Model 70 #alltheexcite! im very pleased to say, that the seller decided to sell to me and the other person going half and half with me (Im not sure if that person has announced themselves as the buyer of the other Model 70 so ill let them do that if they wish to ) after having a nice long chat with the seller about Invacars and stuff, paying for everything as well as doing the ownership change online, we disembarked to the FoD (the Man with the Van having left a while ago with my invacar for the FoD before we did, hence the invacar arriving first) (I thought I had grabbed more pictures at the sellers place, but sadly I did not, but the other person going half and half with me did grab a few pictures thankfully ) papping a Routemaster on the way eventually we made it to the FoD where this scene greeted us aka @Slowsilver finding out what understeer in an Invacar is like! so yes this is My invacar Model 70! as you can probably tell im very excited about it all! a lot of time and effort has gone into finding one, and its finally paid off! im very thankful to all those who have helped and supported me along the way, especially to @Zelandeth for helping me out with the collection caper, and in general just being there for me especially when I really needed help with all the government BS im going through, many thanks to @egg @mrbenn for the support and encouragement even when things were looking down or turned a bit unpleasant, many thanks to @Mrs6C who went and half and half with me and so I could be able to afford to buy REV451R, many thanks to the 2 people who donated to the go fund me thing @1970mgb setup, every little helps as they say! many thanks to Stuart Cyphus for helping me out with uncovering the mysteries of the Invalid carriage and of course many thanks to Jean Hammond of the RUMCar collection for giving me the tip off/lead in the first place! and long may this thread continue (Just because I now own one, does not mean this thread is going to be any less active! LOL) this is also my first car, its been way too pleasing to say "yeah let me hop into my car and drive there" (across the FoD in this case, to get Pizza Yummy!) which resulted in this cool shot im very happy with the condition of everything it only needs just a bit of recommissioning work and then she should be fit to hit the road, I think I did pretty good here! main legal things are just bulbs and tyres but the brakes are a bit weak and could do with adjusting, and just as a safety precaution we plan to replace all the brake lines, and fuel lines and also just give the carb a good clean out, and obviously a general service (from what we understand REV451R was last on the road around 2003ish) we already replaced the Air filter as we had that on and off a few times (because it it ran out of fuel mid hoon and sucked some crap into the carb blocking some jets, that and stale fuel not helping things which meant we lost idle for a little bit, but after I hopped back in, the idle returned ) as the old one was a bit* fucked LOL as seen in this picture, also engine bay shot (notice the bonnet stay is different to TWC and TPA, on those its a hoop type thing) we spotted a lot of little differences between REV vs TWC/TPA, (REV451R being a fairly late Model 70 from October 1976 ) ill go into those little details a bit later on it was very interesting to finally see the VIN plate of a Private Model 70 its very amusing how they just painted over the "Government Property" bit (also interesting to see the Contract No Had bit is still there, makes sense tho given how Invacar just plucked it off the DHSS production line) all in all an Awesome weekend, and a very successful collection caper (this is also my first collection caper!) I have a few more pictures etc that ill be posting about in a while once I have settled down a bit more (and im sure many other people have pictures and videos they will be sharing, I look forward to seeing those I have been keeping an eye on autoshite over the weekend on my iPad )
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    This arrived just now: One of my holy grails, a 1.4 petrol AX! Mine and my friends new project. Most certainly a project as it doesn't run currently, but I'm hoping it's nothing too serious. Tyres look ancient. It's done 32k and was one owner. It's the most solid AX I have ever owned. Let's hope this gets on the road quickly as I can't wait to drive it.
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    Shep Shepherd

    The new news 24 thread

    Had an interview and driving assessment with a local haulage company subbing for DB Schenker this morning, and drove a 2016 DAF LF identical to this one. It felt like a limo compared to the M-B Ategos I've been driving lately: The upshot is that I start my new driving job next Thursday
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    Well after 400 miles up and down to the North East meet last Sunday, the shortcomings of the tired spheres were all too evident.. Today we sought to resolve it. 40 year old Citroen suspension, what could possibly go wrong? The answer? Not too much bar one of the rear spheres not being seated properly, causing an LHM leak. The fronts were a doddle - literally Tool on Crack it Then off by hand Pela pump to draw the fluid out the strut New one on Then we broke for breakfast. LHM TANK emptied via the Pela The rears are somewhat more complicated - They are pretty much like the front struts with the spheres at one end, except they are laid horizontal in a subframe. The correct thing to do is undo the high pressure 3.5mm line (8mm union). This is ok when new but after 40years, the 8mm unions were somewhat recalcitrant. Step forward the 'cheats method'. Compress the strut down using a screwdriver to lever the sphere towards the front of the car. Careful not to snap the 3.5mm pipe. Undo the 11mm retaining clip bolt next to where the 8mm union goes in. Jack up the rear arm until it's above the shelf the strut is on. Angle the strut out, and attach the tool to the sphere. Crack the sphere and wind it off by hand. With the old sphere out, fit the new seal and sphere. Double check it's tight. It's what caused the LHM leak. Re mount the retaining clip, making sure that the sphere is located in the subframe correctly. Put it all back together - wheels on and put it on the ground. Top up the LHM TANK. Start the car Open the 12mm bolt on the accumulator sphere housing. Crack the 11mm nut on the return line to the LHM TANK. Watch for bubbles - essentially like bleeding a coolant system. Tighten the nut and bolt back up. Marvel as the car rises total cost for new suspension and brake fluid? £215. £180 for spheres £20 LHM 5l £15 sphere removal tool "Magic carpet ride" £PRICELESS
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    So today I’ve picked the shiteliner up from the body shop. She’s looking good again, well, on this side anyway.
  45. 28 points
    I really shouldn't look at some of the threads on here. I don't really need another car and certainly not this one. Until a few weeks ago I had never been to Scotland, today I'm heading there again, hopefully I shall be driving back this evening.
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    I had a failed business, a baby, a promotion and bought my first flat in the last 15 months so I have limited time to combine with limited funds and limited practical skills. Awesome car to learn with though. Everything is insanely simple and there is enough room for even the fattest hands. Getting parts has been a problem. I've got 3 air filters, none of which fit. New windscreens don't seem to exist and kits for disc brakes are massively out of my budget. Below is the current list of things that need done. I have negative money so will hopefully be doing some work in January ✓ Fuel tank seal Air filter Hub cap Idling carburettor Windscreen Rear footwell welding Upholster rear bench Roof lining Paint (do not paint!!) All rubber seals Rustproofing/waxoyl I love the colour and I like it looking beat up and shitty. I fully intend to use this as a daily.
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    Great to meet up, thanks for turning out on a winter's evening to make my trip up here much more enjoyable.
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    For those that remember this thread the 5 Dr Uno escaped it's high tech incarceration. No word on the other cars. https://m.facebook.com/groups/101929366831200?view=permalink&id=951175935239868
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    I have owned some blue cars but this is fucking BLUE
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    Saved Mazda 323

    Been through the wash and had gotten stuck in the rubber door seal. 🤦‍♂️
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