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  2. As this got so much interest on the News 24 thread i thought I'd start it's own one. During the week a friend of mine messaged me to ask if i knew if anyone in our car club was interested in a Mk1 Astra, he had meet them at Morrisons whilst in his 1940's Austin and they told him about the car that they had since new in the garage but due to old age and poor health it had to go, naturally i jumped at the chance even though i needed another car to a hole in the head. I popped round and meet them yesterday and learnt the story behind it, whilst staying in a hotel called the Albemarle Hotel in Scarborough in 1982 the receptionist asked if he fancied entering a competition to win a Vauxhall Astra, he filled it in, had a lovely family holiday and forgot all about it. 3 weeks later he gets a call telling him that he had won, he couldn't even remember entering! So they drove back to Scarborough from Ipswich again to collect their prize. He said the photo was in the Scarborough newspaper and the Ipswich Evening Star, he was so proud that he felt he couldn't ever sell it! Just lovely, obviously i took this opportunity to recreate this photo today! Such a lovely family, the car hasn't ran for a few years so the battery was flat but my small jump pack and some easy start soon got it firing into life, out of the garage and onto dad's trailer. It was at this point that it dropped it's water contents! this was the first time i'd seen the car outside and i had already paid for it and if I'm honest i was a little disappointed as the paintwork is a little patchy, i think it's had new wings and the colour match is piss poor and its had some arch repairs that aren't particularly painted well, but for a 40 year old Astra i probably should have expected that. To be fair it's pretty good really, we found the reason that it lost it's water was because the stat was solid with crystallised anti freeze and so was the water pump so I'll get them replaced. Shame about the zebartted engine bay but that's what has saved the car. It's only done 53000 miles, only 10000 of them was in the last 22 years! The interior is really good apart from the dash trim that's popped out, unfortunately the radio doesn't work and the aerial needs fitting but that's no biggy. and the very rare saloon boot!
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  3. I wasn't going to bother but as a few of seem interested i thought I'd start a thread on the Capri that i bought last month. It all started when a lady in the village who knows my wife asked her if I'd be interested in her husbands relatives old Capri they have in a garage, both him and his wife have died of old age and they have inherited the property and this old Capri had been in the garage for 20 years since he gave up driving at 83 and it was now being a 'burden', her words, not mind. The car was over a hour away near Harlow so i shot down there to visit the ladies mother in law who was at the bungalow sorting it out, she gave me the key to the garage and told me to take a look whilst she made me a cup of coffee. This is was i viewed when i opened the up n over door. I admit i got a bit excited at this point! the story is what he bought the car new in 1986, used it up until 2003 where he got Parkinson's and was too ill to drive anymore racking up 95000 miles, whilst he maintained the car well he probably would have benefitted from parking sensors these days! The lady said she'd been offered £900 by a neighbour but thought it was a bit low, i offered £2000 and she was more than happy! a few days later by mate helped me collect it. Access wasn't great as it was at the rear garden with a short drive with no room for pulling the car out easily and onto a road that was rat run and blind pulling out on, nothings easy! fortunately my mates truck managed to drag it out with locked brakes and big hammers! we then dragged it backwards down the roads, swapped ends and pulled it into a nearby school entrance and onto the trailer on the way back we got lost and managed to go past the original dealers, Gates in Harlow so we pulled in a got a photo! eventually we managed to drag it into my garage, phew! that was hard work!
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  4. This fourmonth hence, I hadde cause for to dispense with mine Vauxhalle Astra G, as mine goodwyfe had comment’d most unfavorably on the fucktonnes of blackest smoak that didst issue forth whence caning it throu’ the Mighty Thames tunnel at Blackwall, and didst cause her coiffe to smell most lamentably of unburn'd deasel-oile, acause the passenger window hadst dropp’d but a trifling hand-breadth. Alsoe, the rear offside bearing wast remonstrating dismally again, and I couldst not be fuck’d pulling the cunte off once more. I dost sweare, the mechanickal particulars vended by olde Mssr. Rottingdean at the sign of Eurasian Conveyance Partes are fabricat’d from the foullest rejects of Deptforde cheesemongers mix’d with fulsome nightsoil. Accordingly, I didst arrange to place a free-notification in the Oxforde Gazette, begging to informe gentlemen readers of the availability of myne goodly conveyance at a moste moderate sum of three guineas, for partes or repaire. Some days later, just afore the city waites cryed six of the clock in the past-noon, were I at leisure in mine studye-chamber whence I didst heare a sharpe knocke at mine door. Upon setting mine eye to the latch, I could see naught, yet again didst the knocke sound. I didst then unbolt the door, and aspied a smol boy in rags standing thereupon mine thresholde. Afore I couldst enquire of the nature of his errand, the whelp didst exclaim, “My master doth say, is thine item still available?” Confuzzled, I didst state, “Yea, if it is mine Astra 1.7 that thy master doth make query of, it is indeed still available.” At that, he didst turn and run down the staircase at Ax-Court and thence out into Whitehall. I tarried in the hall-way for quite some tyme, for to see if his master wouldst appear - but he didst never return. Most vexed, I didst turn and bolt the door, and return to perusing mine copy of The Auto-Trader, for to see if there were any Passat turbodiesels left that hadst not been shipp’d to Prussia. But not many moments had elaps’d afore another knocke came. I didst ope mine door once more, and t’was a different smol boy astood there wearing a most absurde cock’d hat. All he didst utter was, “My master doth say, what is thy best pryce?” Most affronted at the brazen-nose of the whelp, did I splutter, “Indeed, sirrah, you may informe thy master that mine Astra is price’d most moderately at three guineas, and I shalt not suffer cockchafing offeres.” And at that, the rascal dids’t turn and flee down the steps. But not many minutes later didst another rat-a-tat sound, and the smol boy with the hat did stand there most bold once more. Now all he didst utter was “My master doth say, one guinea tonight, goodsir”. Much taken abacke at this insolence, I didst boxe the cur’s ears by way of answer, and sent him howling backe out into the Mall. As I clos’d the door once more, Elisabeth didst appear from her embroidery-chamber with a goblet of good hock-wyne. “I hope thou art not planning for to go out to-night, Samuel, for thou knowest full well mine mother is to call upon us at eight bells for supper, and thou art to give her a lyft back to her rooms in Cheapeside thereafter.” I assure’d her that all messages coming forth were relat’d to sale of mine Astra, and that t’were all at her owne requeste that I were inviting this pestilence most foule upon myselfe, which in truthe were proving more tiresomely arduous than mine accursed bladder-stones. Over the next two houres, suffered I a further eighteen smol boys to come a-rapping upon mine door, all most curt and insolent, assortedly claiming their masters would fetch myne conveyance this very nyte for a most dismal low amount, or that their masters wish’d most keenly to purchase mine wondrous conveyance, even to pay a handsome bag of gold sovereigns for the great privilege, but they were sorely all fighting for Emperor Leopold in the Brabant, and wouldst thusly instruct for to send me mine gold directly via The Union of the Weste, if I wouldst but only supply mine detailes. Churls, mountebanks and niddy-noddys, to a man. In truth, afore longe mine knuckles were much bruis’d and most weary’d, acause of such ear-boxings was I obligat’d to discharge upon their sorry persons. No sooner had I chase’d one whelp whose master did beg to swop me an elderly bull-dog with but three legges, than a knocke didst sound once more from the hall-way. Sore vexed from such impish torment without cease, didst I wrench ope the door in great temper and chunter out, “Go forth and fuck thyself most heartily, foulsome fruit of a whore’s dung-hamper!” Thou mayst be sure that I had clean forgott that Elisabeth’s mother were due for to sup with us. T’were a frosty enough repast, with Elisabeth and her beldame eyeing mine selfe in most sour and silent fashion, and I were sore glad when I heard another knock to the door and had sound reason to exit the dining-chamber most swiftly. Past the vestibule, didst I encounter a sorry-lookyng wight, somewhat besmirch’d with dunge, tipping himselfe as Ignatius Scrool Esq, and begging leave for to view mine Astra, as it possesseth many of the qualities he was most desirous of in a conveyance; viz. that it were exceeding cheape. Calling through to mine goodwyfe that I wouldst not be outwith two shakes of a lambes’ tail, didst I usher Mssr Scrool downe the steppes to the back-yarde, where mine Astra had been park’d up. In an act most fortunate, t’were somewhat wette and darke out, so the lacquer-peele didst not show too badly. I didst start the Astra, which regrettably took longer to catche than optimal, all the while taking greate care not to draw the attention of mine buyer to the unfortunate plumes of smoak arising, and turning on the radio for to maske a grievous grindyng sound, that had appear’d only the day before. Mr Scrool didst pop the bonnett, and after a few moments of poking around beneathe, presently remark’d, “goodsir, the injector seales are fuck’d, here and here, and I daresay thy water-pumpe is on its last legges, going by the fuckyng noise herein.” I didst demur most forcefully, decrying him a cheeseparing scoundrel here for to beat me down to naught, for this fyne engine were in sounde healthe. But that I wouldst, in truth, accepte two guineas and six shillings for it. “Nay sir, not two guineas – not any guineas. Not a brass farthing. It runs lumpy as pig-knuckle porridge and stinks of deasel. I fear it is fuckyng fuck’d, and therefore of no account to me. I wilt bid thee a good-nyte.” And off he didst stride, leaving me standing most forlorn. Asudden, didst I then notice mine wyfe’s beldame approaching – quoth she, in high dudgeon, “Samuel, I desire to return to mine lodgings. Wilt thy shitte-boxe make it to Cheapeside, or shalt I just hail an Uber now, and save thee from making an even bigger pryck of thyselfe?” Stung by her wordes, I didst protest that I hath toatal faith in mine conveyance – and in mere minutes didst we pull out onto the main thoroughfare towards the Great Abbey of Westminster. Lamentably, afore we coulds’t cross the bridge, mine Astra did judder most alarmingly and make much smoak, causing a grievous loss of forwarde momentum, and I wert oblige’d for to pull over. Mine cross-mater didst depart the conveyance most volubly, calling hence, “I shoulde have knowne, Samuel, that thy automotive wanke-socke had no more integrity than thy spousal affections. Plainly, thine injector seales are well befouled and yet I daresay thou wilt yet buy another. Faith, knowest thou not by this pretty pass that all Vauxhalls are naught but shitt?” And, with that, she flagg’d down a passing cab forthwith, and didst exit over the bridge. Mortal wounded, I didst pop the bonnett and were near knock’d colde by the aroma of deasel arising thereof, and beneath the oile cap t’were clear signs of Black Death. As I stood forlorn, a smol boy of dim familiarity sporting an idiot cock’d hat didst scuttle past, calling over his shoulder, “Wouldst thou had taken mine master’s guinea now, cuntichops? Thy conveyance is not worth but a hogge’s turd!” In the ende, I push’d the fucker off the wharfe at Blackfriars into the Mighty Thames. A poxe upon the lotte of them. Fucke mine lyfe.
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  5. On Tuesday I set off for the big Panda event near Milan in my 94 Panda. I’m taking a relatively easy route this year stopping in Reims and Besancon before going over the St Bernard into Italy and then driving down Lake Como. The return trip will be over Stelvio but heading to Zurich (to look at a car for a relative) and then heading home via Luxembourg and Belgium. Wish me luck, flying solo this year. I have done less 500 miles in this car over the last few years. The radiator gave up last week and when I started it up today and smoke bellowed from under the bonnet when I tested the headlights. Turns out the old dim dip resistor has burnt out so I’ve bypassed it until I can get another. Great start.
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  6. Where's the Cadillac? The what? Come on man, the Cadillac, the Bluesmobile, where is it? I traded it. You traded a Cadillac for this? Actually no, I traded a Cadillac for this... Be honest, how many of you saw it coming? The reality is, it takes something like this to get me to part with Huggy. We met up and did the deed at Charnock Richard services on the M6. HMC - Matthew - is positively heroic, setting off at silly o'clock this morning in order to get there at almost exactly the same time I did. Now I'm home, but I bet he isn't yet. I hope he's having a comfy trip. Well I know he's comfy, it's not possible to be anything less on Huggy's seats, but you know what I mean. It feels very strange. No Cadillac! What's the matter with me? Well basically, decrepitude. I can't maintain a near-50-year-old car now. How good I am at maintaining an 18-year-old car remains to be seen. The Jag, which I'm naming Handsome (YVH = You're Very Handsome) is a lovely thing to drive. It's quite easy to get up to silly speeds though! I'll have to be careful with that. Even MrsR likes it.
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  7. Reveal time It's a citroen XM!
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  8. I've just done something brave. I've imported a 31 year old Lancia. I had a Thema, it was a 16 valve TURBO, it was gold, it had lovely green alcantara, it would have been FAST had it ever worked, but sadly it was broken in many complex and headscratching ways. Having bought it on the promise of restoration, after some considerable time of it lurking in the back of his workshop like an ominous presence the gentleman I bought it from went "Bollox to this" and refunded me. So I no longer had a Thema. Sad times. Because although even having a broken Lancia Thema makes you cooler than the average person, it would be nice to have one that worked sometimes. So I resolved to find another. Not an easy task. And so here's Giovanni, a 1992 Thema V6. He's from the Netherlands, he was bought from a dealer in South Holland, and he has the 2.8 PRV engine (boo, I hear you Volvoists say, but this is a later, much better development with EFi, it sounds marvellous and Thema owners really rate it). Being Dutch, he also has the steering wheel on the correct side, though not for the UK which is backward. But we'll get used to that. He arrived in the dead of night on Sunday, and so far he's been confined to being reversed into the barn and a blast down the few hundred yards of farm track. He needs either a battery or an alternator, as he does not go without a jump and even running him for half an hour doesn't mean that he'll go again (spoiler; he won't), there's an exhaust leak which I think is coming from the centre pipe, and there's an indicator bulb out. After a bit of fettling he'll be in for a test and then I'll start the process of registering in the UK. Btw, he's named after Giovanni Falcone, the Sicilian anti Mafia prosecutor who was assassinated by the Corleonesi Mafia in the Capaci bombing one month to the day after this car was registered, in a convoy that included a couple of Themas. Anyway, have some pictures.
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    Garage find Capri

    I've still been pretty busy on this, last weekend dad came over and helped me change the valve stem seals, they were absolutely shot, it took most the day using the compressor route with the head on but it worked and now there's no smoke at all. I also fitted a new electric aerial which was a faff as a fuse had blown behind the ignition column that I didn't know about, eventually sussed it out and now works, the rear orginial speakers were rotted out too so swapped them out for some new ones. Then today it was MOT day! I won't lie, I was proper anxious about this as I hadn't even driven it before! I need not have worried though. It was a new garage about 10 miles away down the A12 but they were a great pair of lads who own old Fords and were very understandable with the old cars which is what I like, it flew threw though, just a verbal to sort the welding probably on the strut top. The only fatality was the rear axle cover sprung a big leak which is apparent common with them, £65 for a new one with a gasket and bolts so not the end of the world. So all in all a pretty good result I'd say!
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  10. I've posted this previously on the 'cars that you never knew existed' thread and also on the 'ambitious towbars' thread but I think that it is time it got its own thread. Introducing my 1975 Turner Ranger tractor! Four wheel drive, four wheel steer, mid mounted 1098 A series in longitudinal configuration (gearbox in sump) but mounted transversely driving the front and rear axles through a Triumph differential. Steering box from an A30/35, hydraulics from a Leyland 154 tractor, drum brakes and rubber cone suspension from a mini. Very small, very unusual and very fun 😀 I saw this on ebay a few years back and being a mini nut I had to get it. I've used it for light duties since, namely moving trailers and a caravan. Road registered thanks to the Friends of Ferguson Heritage club and absolutely scary to drive on the highway. The history of this design is quite odd. It started off as a Harry Ferguson design through his Ferguson Research company. They were originally designed to run on Calor gas and were sold as Calor Ranger's. Turner Engineering (who made the Calor Ranger's) also started selling the petrol versions badged as Turner Ranger's. The rumours are that about 250 were made. Since acquiring one I have become obsessed and have done plenty of searches to find as many survivors as possible. I've found 26 examples (including mine) including one of the original prototypes which has a shorter wheelbase than the production models. I've also found various brochures and literature related to these odd machines. Having seen his success on the Invacar thread and the '93 Mondeo thread then I might have to employ the services of @LightBulbFun to work his DVLA magic to find some more examples 🙂 Also, a few videos of this on my YouTube channel. Just one link below as I don't want to spam you!
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  11. It only took 12 years! They're not the most popular of cars but the Ph2 Safrane with the volvo powerplants was always a winner with me. That is, until i removed the engine, put it back, couldn't get it to run, then got it going, then the cooling went, the head gasket followed. I really do have the worst luck with car engines / gearboxes and this one was certainly no exception despite being a Volvo. I'm not a mechanic so i've had to do a lot by trial / error. It's literally the most screwed up then fixed car on the planet. There's nothing on this car i've not buggered up somehow and then had to work out how to fix it and in the process it's cost me more than i'd care to admit. It's been the biggest pain in the arse a car could ever be but for some screwed up mental block of a reason, i couldn't part with it. On a positive note, i've learnt a lot from it that i need to learn when to quit. So the best course of action was to buy another (£600 jobbie - cars were cheap back then) which got scrapped after 8 months, then a 3rd which also got scrapped a couple of years later. I kept both engines (plus loads of other shit which recently got trashed too due to a house move) but I still had the 1st safrane. 7 years ago i put the 3rd's engine into it and that went the same way.. ran instantly but no cooling system despite coolant bleeding out of all the bleed holes. By this point i'd given away the 2nd engine so couldn't try that. Eventually I ended up swapping the head gasket out which was covered in mayo.. It was a pig of a job with it taking 5 weeks for the volvo dealers to even work out which gasket to order. The engine has far less space on the timing side than the volvo 850 so it was really tight in there and two of the bolts took a lot of head scratching. I got it done but despite the new head gasket, the cooling malfunction continued. Last year i had some luck when a couple of local lads came out and plugged in their snap-on kit for less than a penny. It locked up until i started the engine. One of them said he'd never seen that happen before and was stunned. Eventually it pointed to the coolant temp sensor which i knew was wrong as i'd replaced it twice! So they concluded that it had an electrical woe and i set about investigating the impossible again. I'm too embarrassed to tell you what it was but i shall say that it was something simple that i'd completely overlooked for over a decade. Sorted that, cooling fans worked again. All good right?.. well in all the passing years a few other gremlins had set in but i managed my way around those and 2 months after we'd moved again, i was able to collect it and take it for it's first MOT in over a decade. More pics - taken today! Just in the nick of time too. 2 days after the MOT my van went off the road again and so the car that the missus had disliked for years because "it's a fucking dead lump of metal" is now alive and slowly winning her back over now that it's doing school runs so she can still use her car for work. At 2.5L it's thirsty at 17mpg around town - that's 3.7miles per litre. 33mpg on a motorway is pretty much the maximum. Insurance is a pain too but i won't go there. So now i've got it fixed up and back on the road i shall have to SORN it again shortly and keep it as a spare motor.
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  12. It's going to be a massively costly experience with long lasting effect that may or may not go away. I went and take a look at this 1979 Toyota Corona Liftback on 30th March. Sat on it for 2 days and decided I got to have it. I've always wanted a 1970's experience after having a couple of 90's and 80's cars. This fits the bill and it's affordable. It's also Barney-colour. How can I say no? This particular model of Toyota Corona was assembled here in Samrong, Samutprakarn from 1978-1983 during the period of early localisation. A lot of parts still had to come from Japan but many bits are made locally. It's general model code is xT130. This particular one is TT132. The T means it comes with 1,770cc 3T 4-cylinder engine, overhead Valve, hemispherical head. According to the brochure it produces something like 108hp. It certainly moves way better compared to the 1,587cc F6 OHC of the Mazda 626 with something like 77hp. This engine runs great and I've driven it quite a bit now. Pretty good engine I'd say. Although I have to say, it's clearly a 70's design with a lot of rear end tramlining due to solid axle which isn't helped by fucked rear shock absorber which I've already ordered a pair. The steering is boat like. The whole car is boat like. I like it a lot. It's everything I expected from that era Toyota. The Mazda feels like race car in comparison. And yes, the Mazda is staying for now. I have no reason to get rid of it yet. Although I can confirm that the Corona will eventually effectively replaces it. Anything wrong with it? Well the clock says it's done 260,000 miles and it certainly shows. It will need bodywork, suspension bits, engine stuff and a whole host of other things. It's a well used high mileage car. But it's been somewhat maintained and used regularly so it doesn't have odd running issues like the Mazda when I first took it home. The Mazda only done 90 odd thou miles but it wasn't maintained at all. So I've already done a simple service, oil change, coolant change. Things that wouldn't hurt a car like this. Gear oil, diff oil, brake and clutch fluid will come next. It's noisy from many places, the air con compressor quits compressing on me today and just locked up in the middle of a u-turn. It's rusty in places and the paint is peeling off everywhere. Yes I am complaining, why isn't a 43 year old car completely perfect from the get go? Maybe I should get a refund etc.etc. (I'm joking in case somebody didn't notice). Also replaced the fuel hoses as that's deteriorated. Stamped 2013. So at least it's been replaced before. It will not be run on E10 just like the Mazda. I've also went and got a set of somewhat period correct original Toyota steel wheels. Two center caps are missing but I will find a set eventually, they aren't that rare. What's the plan then? Well I hope I'll get everything working correctly in a few months. Bodywork maybe next year? It's a pain in the arse buying an old needy car just before a 9 days long holiday because all the shops are closed but I can just park it until then. I haven't even been able to transfer the ownership and insured it yet. It'll stay as original as possible (it even comes with non functioning 8-track ffs) definitely no barried shenanigans. Yes @hairnet, you will get a go in it. I paid £1,100. Barg. There will be many updates.
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  13. I’ve had a bit of a crisis upon turning 30 (I’m loathe to refer to it as ‘mid-life’, as that seems a pessimistic guess of my life expectancy, however the amount of sausage rolls and Guinness I go through on a weekly basis is helping that dream become a reality), and so decided that I needed one last automotive hurrah, preferably one with a big lumpy V8 and was old enough to be tax- and MOT-exempt and low enough insurance to justify the eye-watering fuel consumption. Enter: this clapped-out ol’ hog: A 1964 Ford Galaxie 500, held together by its own corrosion and some misplaced hopes and dreams. Found on FB for the princely sum of $1,500 (so about £10k at the exchange rates I paid) this has been owned by the same chap since 1974, when it was parked in his cattle shed about 30 years ago and then moved out into the paddock about a decade later when the cattle needed more room. A North Carolina car its whole life, it will live there in my father’s workshop until I get over and am able to spend a couple of weeks getting it into shape and stuffed into a container, destined for the UK and eventually NI. The plans for it include: - a 347ci stroker motor with some go-faster bits like an Edelbrock inlet manifold, Holley 650ci carb, GT40 heads and other odds and sods; hoping that this combo will be good for 350hp or so. - an AOD 4-speed slush-o-matic with some 3.55 rear gears, which should hopefully* make it sprightly enough in its first 3 gears while making for a decent cruiser in its 4th. - painted black (I’m currently undecided between gloss and satin; this will be dependent on the standard of the bodywork, as satin will hide the multitude of sins better than gloss but I feel gloss will look less ‘thuggy’ than a matte satin finish), set off with some painted steel wheels and white-line tyres - some other creature comforts in the form of a Bluetooth stereo, maybe cruise control and a ‘knee-cooler’ A/C unit. I don’t have much else to add right now - I’ll mainly just be making a list of what’s needed and getting all the parts delivered (while also trying not to get completely fleeced by the exchange rate). But I’m excited by this and just wanted to share with the rest of the parish. One final pick for how it sits now - these won’t be the final wheels for it, however they’re definitely growing on me:
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  14. after the interior, it was exterior time, the best part of any project! I couldn't believe how much better a bath made it look! and i gave it a touch up and ran a mop over it. I've spent so much time on ebay and Facebook just souring the broken or missing bit, side repeater lamp, boot spoiler plug, head rests, fog light switch, just silly bits like that. I also fitted a brand new 32/36 DGAV Weber carb, for the sake of £280 it wasn't worth messing about with the completely seized and gummed up one, same as the radiator
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  15. Always wanted one of these…. Viewing tomorrow….
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  16. Thanks for the offer, it all went swimmingly though so I was able to sort it on my own. All the tyres inflated and the brakes were free so it was a case of pushing the Cit out of the garage and onto the road then getting it on the dolly. Overall condition? It looks great, a quick look over and there doesn’t seem to be any rot- I need to have a proper look though to see what’s what. Interior looks great, engine isn’t seized and hopefully should run. I’ve seen images of rotten boot floors on 2CVs but this looks good. Overall it’s a massive result!
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  17. Bought…..😱 the fact that the unobtanium trailing arms are in excellent condition sealed the deal….
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  18. With the allegro sold I now had a 1977 Chevy c10 and a Nissan micra on the fleet. I’m all for a noisy American toy but that micra. Actually I like k11 micras for their chuckability but decided I needed something a little bit nicer as my daily…. Hence I’ve sold the micra and bought a 1992 merc 220ce. In “Nutra” - named after a semi aquatic rodent. It’s metallic brown basically. Probably a very unusual choice in 1992, long before it was rediscovered by car buyers. Its also been very thoroughly gone over. All the stuff that rots or goes wrong has been sorted. Anyway here is the rodent brown merc coupe
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  19. why did i dont know but haggled on price he wanted kings ramson but he needed space it was his late fathers car,but its got its good points it runs stops and starts really nice interior nice as your going get them still got its orignal lw,mw radio lol,rock solid underneath innerwings inside the boot,and parts i need are very reasonable used to over price ford panels be tax exempt next year,stood in lock up for 15 years and front window was smashed so damp air got to front wings but only bolted on, its had 90s repair on end off sills,its in my lock up be slow rebuld ,its not been botched so i think got a good starting point lol,wanted something get my teeth stuck into,am so bored so it should keep me busy
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  20. Hi All, As you may have noticed we had some issues today. These were mostly my fault. The recent picture upload issue was due to the site running out of storage. In an attempt to increase the storage on the primary disk partition I managed to megab0rk it, and was compounded by network interface problems when the server was restarted. We've been working to restore things since ~14:00 today and have now been able to restore back to midday today. Sorry for any lost posts, this was absolutely not my intention. There is quite a bit more work to do in the background but we're up and running again, I'll announce here any further maintenance or downtime as we make some fixes to improve things in the background. Huw
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    The new news 24 thread

    I've had a weekend of crap cars, Saturday dad came round and helped me get the Volvo finished off at last, it needed a lot of brake work which took time, new calipers all round, new pads, rear shoes, brake shields etc which was a right faff as well as new tyres fitted, the work all paid off though as it's now a lovely looking car. How it was when i collected it. and after two months of graft and expense! and bit different! the corner had took more of a knock than i realised and damaged the wheel and wishbone which i replaced, the wheel was very kindly given to me by a stranger on the internet, he dropped it at a DPD drop off for me and and i paid the £8 delivery! I've done a few miles in it today and it's driven lovely, like a 70's car registered in the 90s! I'm not sure I'll keep it but I'm pleased i stuck through repairing it as it was due to be banger raced, It's only done 49000 miles! It still needs a little bit of welding and a few stickers replacing.
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  22. You know when you go on a bit of a wild one and then wake up the next morning and you've got married to an alpaca? No? Just me then, well it's not legally binding anyway I'm sure. Well, the other day I went on a bit of a wild one and bought another Vauxhall Cavalier. And this morning I was awoken to the sound of it being dropped off a trailer outside my house. 92J 2.0 CDi saloon on its original Camden plates. Luton registration. Platinum Silver (I think). ABS light on (so much for that being cleared then). OSR door moulding missing in action (think I've sourced one). Dead SC303 radio/cassette. Needs a very good clean. Broken clocks. It has a year's ticket. It's EXACTLY what I've been looking for since I sold my other mk3 a whole week ago. That didn't take long then.
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  23. Ohhhh, we're not done yet... Whilst all the wheels were off the ground and I was changing gears, every time I pressed the brake with my hand from outside the car the OSR wheel caught my eye as it was doing a strange thing. Turns out that the bottom arm bush is slaughtered and the wheel is moving around and actually hitting the inner well, mainly running at a toe out angle, dragging the tyre which will explain why the 10 year old Michelins with the same date code have about 5mm difference in tread between them. I really wonder where this car has been getting it's MOT's... I just can't figure it out? So, decision was made to poly bush the lot, which is on order and not being delivered on time. With the cars box now put back together, a short test drive was had, you know, because the rear wheel is about to rip off and no faults appeared. I then put the console back together to complete the car and take it on a decent run- slowly. I covered 10 miles and pulled up behind a parked lorry to overtake it, as I pulled away, GEARBOX FAULT! This was different though, The car hadn't gone into safe and was still running ok. Upon return, code P0705 hadn't returned, but instead it had traded for several others, one flagging a rear speed sensor. Given the work that was done on the car and as its been sat, the faults were noted and cleared. Now I've been using it every day just to ease it back into service and there has been no faults stored and we're all good. Desperately waiting on the bushes though. Chasing these tomorrow. The wheel nuts were expired. They swell up causing all sorts of issues trying to get them off. And the locking key was bent and almost destroyed, so I got black wheel nuts and had replacement locking ones. The wheels will be getting a refurb and going a bit darker in colour. The interior wood trim... I can't stand it on these cars. The S Type was meant to appeal to younger customers so they stuck old timer wood in it? No. My wood in this car is supposed to be Grey. The sun made sure it didn't stay like that. So I covered it to pretend it's not there. A nice tidy up of the interior, and it's a nice place for me to be. I also run a remote and RCA to the back which had to tap into the existing rear speakers so I could get a sub in the boot. I need a sub- always. I also changed all the interior lamps to LED as well as the number plate and front side light lamps. It brings it up to date and uses less power, generating less heat too which destroys the plastics surrounding the old lamps. Everything, even the AC works... I can't believe it. I've never had working AC in any of my cars (except the Disco, that was for the missis though). It sounds great, looks good and nearly smells good. I also discovered that this car has electric adjustable pedal box and wait for it... head restraints. Electric head restraints... Lets think about how good that is, and how necessary, for a moment. Next was to service the engine. No major issues there except for the oil filter not being included in a package and therefore arriving late and the plugs were all just over hand tight. There is a squeak from the ancillary drive belt area on cold start. The belt and tension look and feel good. I read that putting a smaller pully on the supercharger for moar HPs can cause belt squeak so I'd like this to be what's causing it rather than a worn belt. I haven't checked yet. There sounds like a manifold blow on heavy acceleration that I need to look into which is a shame as it muffles the supercharger noise so this must be sorted immediately! Speaking of which, where the car has been sat, opening the bonnet was like opening the crypt door... it was dusty in there and the supercharger casing had lost is luster. So I covered that too to pretend it's not happened and make it look brand new. Then I washed it for the first time for years yesterday and took it out for a show in the sun. After all that, I'm pleased with it and I'm happy to keep it. Moral of that story is : Keep buying massive liabilities, sight unseen.
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  24. Hello. I have a lot of Renault espaces. Consider this thread as an admission of guilt, but I also need your help. I have a lot of these cars, but never enough. I'm on the hunt for a quadra especially but I'm actually just looking to save more in general more than anything. If you know of any owners, please put me in touch. I actually posted a hand written letter to a house I saw on street view with one on the drive last week, and even contacted a water company through Facebook to find the owner of one that someone else on Facebook spotted on their travels. It's a drug problème but I'm going with it and sticking with it. I've met some wonderful people whilst collecting these cars, parts, and breakers. Here are a few photos of mine. Edit: bought another one. Red and silver weird looking one. Edit: bought a broken silver one with 3/4 million miles in LHD flavour Numbers 1 through 6 Number 7 Number 8... My plea to you is to please put me in touch if you know owners who may be persuaded to sell, a quadra is next on the list be it from the UK or whether I just end up finding one in Europe later in the year. I am absolutely serious about saving as many as I can both as a financial investment to myself but also as just excellent cars I know inside and out that are slowly becoming nonexistent. Likewise I have a very very large stock of parts, almost three full MK1 facelift injection cars in bits, so if you know someone in need please point them in the direction of "musee de l'espace" (me barn) My reward to you is a sunset photo of one that I sold. Then I bought it back because I'm *definitely okay. *definitely not okay
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  25. As some of you may be aware I've bought a RR 4.2SC with some issues (kindly found by cort in the low cost big liability thread ), most probably a sensor fault as the HDC and Air suspension are inactive I'll be picking it up on Tuesday if things go to plan , it's only 240 miles away so £90 in fuel to get it home 🤣 The plan is to drive it back on Tuesday then drop it at the garage Saturday as the mot expires that day It was cheap though , the guy selling it sounds in his 70s , health issues , he's also had to sell his yacht Needs a bit of bodywork on the back(rust) but I'll have a go at that before spending out on a bodyshop Other than the warning messages on the display he says you wouldn't know there was anything wrong with it Pre may 06 so £360 instead of £610 ved could be a long thread 🤣
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  26. Following on from the recent issues with uploading attachments due to running out of storage space and the subsequent outage of the forum, the uploading of Video files and anything other than pictures is going to be restricted. The up-loader will still be available for as many pictures as wanted (and this is positively encouraged) but video will no longer be able to be hosted by Autoshite. There are several reputable video hosting sites which can be linked/embedded directly into a forum post, so if you want to put a video on a thread, please make use of one of them. YouTube and Vimeo are two of the most popular ones, but many others are available too. My preferred host is Vimeo. YMMV The reasons for doing this: The amount of video storage on Autoshite servers has grown exponentially over the last couple of years and is a very large user of both space and bandwidth that we pay for. It is not easily practicable to introduce size/quality compression on video uploads, so it makes far more sense to simply make use of a 3rd party host that already does this well. Preventing video storage protects the space we have for photo uploads: One 5 minute video is worth about 5,000 images in terms of our server space. Hosting video on AS servers massively increases the amount of bandwidth we have to pay for each month. This will take effect immediately. No other forum I am aware of will allow video hosting, and it's very clear why that is true! Existing video stored on AS servers will not be immediately removed. Instead over the next weeks I will be sending out PMs to people who have the most video storage, advising that they will be removed, and if needed/wanted, could they be downloaded and re-hosted on a video service provider. (or indeed the OP may have their own copy elsewhere which can be re-hosted) The reasons for doing this: Initial estimates show that there is at least 60GB of video being stored on the AS server. This is equivalent to maybe 400,000 images being stored, so by removing video, we open up a huge amount of space. After the great Photobucket disaster of 2017, the storage of photos on AS servers is important and should be prioritised. Several members have uploaded very large videos indeed, which don't play well once embedded in a forum post as they cannot be streamed fast enough. YouTube/Vimeo/etc. are far better at compressing and presenting video that plays properly. Playing video is a disproportionate use of Autoshite bandwith, which is part of the recent increases in hosting costs. Playing these from a 3rd party provider moves the bandwith on to them. Some of these videos are not actually being displayed on forum posts or in PMs, meaning they are just sitting there taking up space, having to be backed up and costing money for no reason. Their removal will open up space that was otherwise lost. Some points I must emphasise to avoid confusion: Please DO NOT delete any old threads or posts in the mistaken belief that it's "helping out". The amount of space needed for the database of threads is absolutely tiny compared to what is being discussed above. That would be the motoring equivalent of pulling a single strand of hay off a tractor-trailer full of 500 bales. It will make no difference at all. Threads and discussion is the lifeblood of the forum and they should not be removed. The forum software does currently compress and reduce the size of uploaded images. At the moment this is set to a maximum resolution of 1280pixels in each direction, with each image being displayed on the forum post at a maximum 800x600. (when you click on it, you get the up-to-1280x1280 version) If you want to host higher-resolution images, then there are many options on the web for 3rd-party image hosting. There is no restriction on uploading images to the AS servers for inclusion into threads. Pictures make the threads and they are actively encouraged. No-one should stop doing so. The slightly more detailed bit, for those interested: 100GB of storage was enough to keep Autoshite going from it's inception all the way up to early 2021. At that point another 100GB was rented, but this has lasted just 18 months. Another 50GB has been rented now, but at current usage rates, this will last significantly less than a year, at which point we'll be back to a full server again and have to buy our way out of trouble. This would appear to be mainly due to video uploads over the last couple of years, but is also due to ever-increasing megapixel counts on digital cameras. Also, there is no pruning of old stored files, so the storage needed can only grow in size. It's growing exponentially and so is the rate at which files are being uploaded: in 2014 - February - the total size of the file uploads was 110MB in 2017 - February - the total size of the file uploads was 702MB in 2022 - February - the total size of the file uploads was 2.5GB Whilst storage is indeed fairly cheap, there is the knock-on of the fact that we currently have off-site duplication and regular recovery points, meaning anything uploaded not only uses multiple instances of storage space, but also uses bandwidth to be copied to that off-site storage. Removing videos and other large files will save space, save bandwidth and should see a reduction in monthly hosting/bandwidth costs. The increase over the last 18 months from £50/m to £80/m co-insides rather with the massive increase in video files, so I am hoping this will drop back a bit, or at least not go up any more as hosting costs rise generally. Any queries on this, please ask in the "Autoshite technical help" thread.
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    The new news 24 thread

    I'm posting on the news 24 thread so I must have bought another shitter 🤦‍♂️ So a lady in the village rings my wife saying Trig likes old cars would he be interested in her Husband uncles old Capri 2.0 Laser? Both him and his wife have died of old age and the property has been left to them and it needs clearing out and the Capri needs to go as they want the garage space and it a burden now... Obviously I say I yes! The next thing I get is a text to say her mother in laws at the house if I want to head over, it's a hour and half away near Ware and I'm on nights but I jump in my car and head over immediately. Upon opening the garage I'm greeded with this! It's sat there since 2003 when the owner got Parkinsons and stopped driving, he bought it new from Gates in Harlow in 1986 and done 95000 miles before parking it up not to be touched until now. It's a proper garage find, lot of cobwebs and dust but it's in great condition, the drivers seat is worn, a few scabs on the bottom of the arches and a few dents and bent bumpers, all as expected from a elderly owner The engine is a bit corroded but hopefully OK, I couldn't turn it over but I'm sure it be fine, the suspension strut top has seen Stevie Wonder weld it for a mot That will need sorted but on the whole is fantastic So I agreed to buy it, of course and its coming home this Friday, exciting times!
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  28. I've been having a love affair with the mk1 facelift (this bit is important) Vauxhall Carlton for a very, very long time. Two of my dad's mates owned CD spec versions in the late 80s and early 90s and I fell for them, they were so wafty and comfortable. One of them was my transport to see Tina Turner at Gateshead Stadium in July 1990...,my folks went on the bike so I was left as a 14 year old at the mercy of four 'big boys' and their Carlton, which probably endeared them to me forever. Anyway, a 2.0 CDi model with a slushbox came up on the 'bay, B plate like both the ones I remember were, in gorgeous Anthracite. The funds were there and I almost broke my typing finger messaging the seller. The price seemed almost too good to be true...less than 24 hours later I'd dragged my stepson down to just outside Mansfield and the thing really was as good as it looked, with a new, advisory free MoT. I couldn't believe my luck. Of course, it came home. And yes, she's called Vanessa. What else can you call a Carlton?
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  29. A95…. Honest old barge…. And only marginally younger than me…..
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  30. This year is the 60th anniversary of the Cortina’s introduction and the 40th anniversary of the last produced in the UK. I have done this trip previously in 2002, 2007 and 2012, each time a different route but the same destination Cortina d’Ampezzo! I fitted an electronic ignition kit to the car about a month ago and as part of last minute preparation checked all fluid levels, changed engine oil and filter, swapped wheels for refurbished wheels with new tyres and fitted a passenger door mirror on bank holiday Monday. I borrowed the starter and all bulbs from the S. My girlfriend booked the ferry and hotels during the week, we left at 8pm Friday and filled up with super unleaded at the local Tesco before driving to Dover The M4 was closed at junction 6 so we headed for the M3, entry to M3 was blocked so we had to drive the wrong direction to the next junction, when we eventually got to the M20, part of that was closed! We eventually found an open Tesco garage to fill up with E5 again before getting to the port with 258 miles covered by 1.10 am Saturday! We got the 2 am ferry to Dunkirk. We met at the Louwman museum and then spent the night in Nijmegen. T.BC.
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  31. MOT and tax sorted. Finally back home after 4 years away.
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  32. Can't explain how happy and relieved I am now.
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  33. As i posted on the News 24 thread I've just repaired both front and rear bumpers, they had been bashed a bit and have come out surprisingly well, I'm waiting on a new bracket for the rear as that was a bit managed. That dent is very annoying too as that wing be perfect if it wasn't for that! chrome tailpipe will make it go quicker A friend messaged me to say he found a pair of Laser headrests in his mums shed if i wanted them for £20! I was over the moon! So much better, and the rocker cover, rad panel and timing cover as come back from being powder coated and now mostly fitted back on That strut top is a job for another day, I might have to farm that job out once it has a mot, It now runs straight of the key too although it's not set up quite yet so only ran it for about a minute so far. and that's pretty much up to date now!
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  34. Always fancied some sort of blown Bentley. This was cheap, and used previously as a daily so I’m hoping for reliability and embracing the slightly faded grandeur vibe. obviously the crappy plates will be binned ASAP
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  35. After a 4am start yesterday, my partner gave birth to our first child today at 9:50am. We are still at the hospital as it was a difficult labour, but baby and partner are both happy and healthy. After exhausting lists of hundreds and hundreds of names in the lead up to the birth, we finally decided on ‘Jensen’ today. ‘Austin’ was a close second 😁 Huge amount of respect to my partner, childbirth is absolutely wild.
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  36. Money shot. I can’t say it been a relaxing drive back as I’ve been listening for noises, sniffing for the aroma of impending doom and watching the gauges like a hawk. But so far no ftp and it’s a lovely cruiser.
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  37. I've been offered a car today, apparently a 1 owner from new, he won it on holiday in 1982 in Scarborough whist staying at a hotel, he's owned it ever since but is now 81 and is too scared to drive it but I must say the body work is mint. I'm not sure what it's worth or if I really have room for it? .
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  38. I had planned on updating this through the day, but things did not exactly go to plan! Started off fine, taking my friend Elaine as she speaks much better French than I do. Made good time from La Chatre sur le Loir towards Niort and stopped for a coffee at the last services on the A10 about 40 miles from Niort. It takes roughly 2.5 to 3 hours to cover the run. Weather was great and Waze took me straight to the car park, where I failed to find anywhere to leave the trailer as all carparks were full and I made my first mistake. I decided the car park with the chod looked accessible, even if the height would prevent loading in the car park. Of course, once committed I found the exit was on the floor below and the turning points and the ramp curve were as tight as only the French could design. As a result, at each turn I had to disconnect the trailer, manhandle it around and the ramp had literally a half inch clearance either side. Elaine could not believe I got it down! Once I had found the chod I had gone for, I dropped the trailer and had a look at what I had acquired. Two flat tyres and a totally flat battery. First job was to attach jump leads and see if any life could be coaxed. After a couple of minutes, lights came on so I added my jump pack and gave it a turn. It was last started in September 21 (indeed it has not been touched since then) but it started first try. Amazing. Left it running and tried to air up the rear tyres. One took air, but the other refused and as locking nuts are fitted, I came to the conclusion it would still drive Hitched the trailer back on and headed out and as some of the church crowd had gone, I found somewhere to park fairly close. Back to the new* one, another jump and we headed for the exit. I had been sent the pass card for the barrier but no matter what I did, the barrier stayed down. After a couple of minutes a man appeared who explained he had seen us working on the Rangie, had phoned his boss, who instructed him not to let it out as over a years parking was owed! Eeek. I had been assured the parking was paid (since confirmed as being the case) but French bureacracy confused things and we were informed we would have to return tomorrow when the office was open. We persuaded him to phone his boss who despite not being at work on Sunday was in the area and came down to see us. At this point I was really pleased I had Elaine with me, and after an hour of discussion, showing lots of paperwork, taking photos of my licence etc he agreed to let us take the car as we promised to get in touch with the notaire who had been dealing with it to sort things out. A result, but it cost us 2 hours. Once out of the car park, on 3 half flat tyres and one completely flat, I decided to push my look and park on a clearway half on the pavement with the flat tyre visible from the road, and left Elaine with it whilst I went for the trailer. Of course, just after I had left, the police stopped but they were apparently just concerned Elaine was OK. By this time I had collected the trailer and RR and was heading back, but of course fell foul of the one way system. As I turned into yet another one way street, I realised I was wrong so pulled over to check where I was. At this point a police car pulled up, told me the quick way back to "ma femme" and then stopped the traffic to let me reverse out of the one way street! Top guys. Got to the car, drove it onto the trailer, strapped it down and headed out of town. Stopped at the same services for more coffee. Took three and a half hours to get back due to reduced towing speed, but all was good. Now back at my place, where it was dropped off and I took Elaine out for dinner as a thank you. Tomorrow, I will see what I have got.
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  39. They say you should learn from the mistakes of others. I’m obviously a bit slow on the uptake, especially given another shiter’s recent experiences of old British metal. Not content with one car capable of throwing ruinously expensive bills, and timed perfectly to coincide with a global recession, I spent a load of my now near worthless pounds on this: The best bit: Back in a bit, there’s someone at the door in what looks like a white coat, holding something that looks suspiciously like a rolled up straitjacket.
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  40. Aren't I lucky? I was only trying to sell a car and now I've been offered a job!
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  41. Cable ties have been holding the exhaust up since before Christmas. Quick look about to make sure nothing has been leaking. I had to shorten the rearward part of the mid section to allow the back box to fit. Then the mid section was welded back together as it had been cut to enable shipping. It was now gas tight, so it got a bit of a drive around the yard. Just the pinstripes left to do now. (Plus putting the front mudflaps back on, as I've found some better fixings for them!)
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    The new news 24 thread

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  45. With the MOT date looming I thought I'd had better crack on and get it finished, having spent a solid 7 hours on it today it's now looking much better. I've polished all the paintwork, I thought the welded repair came out well. I've since ran some stone chip along the bottom of the sill to protect it, I had a play with some coachlines again I decided I quite liked them so nipped to Halfords and bought a roll to fit, I'm not sure if there's a right or wrong way up to fit them? I then spent ages cleaning the car up, the results speak for themselves I think. Much better i hope you agree! It's not perfect, you can see a where I've blown the paint in but all in all I'm pretty happy with it, I'll be even happier tomorrow if it passes!
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  46. Life has been significantly getting in the way of any motoring pursuits over the past few months. Save for one trundle out with the village idiots, all journeys have either been work or child related. However, with the warmer weather arriving imminently (he says, hopefully) it was time to present the Sierra to the Man from the Ministry. I don't like just turning up and hoping, so last night I headed over to @alf892Autos so we could have a good poke at the undercarriage, clean up the brakes and try to assure ourselves I wasn't about to present a lemon. First problem, the exhaust (which has probably been welded no fewer than a dozen times) let go 20 miles into the journey. It somehow stayed hanging, but it blew clean out of the back silencer. As we assessed how best to make it safe for the journey home again (deleting any thoughts of an MOT) - Alf decided it'd be quicker to take the middle/rear section off and weld it AGAIN rather than trying to fudge it up. After I nearly set fire to my leg with the wire wheel, and Alf MIG'd the whole thing back together, it was back in one piece. Another issue which has been plaguing me for the last few weeks was diagnosed; somehow part of my carb linkage has fucked off. Annoying, as the whole thing is only 2 years and 650 miles old! Fortunately, Alf's the man and he forged a fix using some metal he had in his garage. So, with some pigeon shit welding and a piece of coathanger, I was ready for a test! Success. We think the wheel bearing is actually the brake shoe which may have been slightly over-adjusted last night. Otherwise the body structure is the rear offside sill which will need a tickle at some stage in the future, the brake pipe will clean up nicely and the exhaust is about to be replaced. All told a success - other than the fact I only managed 439 miles this year. Must try harder. Now - where have I heard that before?
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