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  1. Not mine. But an ex work colleague that I keep in touch with required my assistance today. He’s bought this mini van that’s not seen the road since late 90s. Last tax disk in window 99. It’s been sat under trees at the top of a steep drive ever since, wedged between a double garage and a wall. its borked. But my mate is going to restore it. the exhaust had to be cable tied up. the floor isn’t there anymore Ive braced across the dash support to the b pillar, as jacking the front up left the back bit where it sat. once the nackered wheels and tyres were replaced for good ones, and the front drums smashed off it rolled. Diff was seized but that freed off with a bar. it now sits awaiting a trailer tomorrow. How much of it will fall off during transit. Place your bets. It’s a 1971 by the way.
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  2. Some of you will know what it is keep it a secret for the others i've bought a car, and i'm getting it delivered cos it's pre broken! it has an electrical fault, it doesn't start, it has no MOT and it needs a fair bit of work and i probably paid too much for it excellent! estimated arrival time of 4pm ish poo count so far, 0, i've just got out of bed
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