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    The grumpy thread

    xtriple, Thursday:
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    It is on a school day indeed! Days leave in for it. I've landed. In Scotland, bit miserable up here but I used to be based up here for a couple of years when I was 17 so it's all good. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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    Over the last three weeks this poor car has been subjected to carrying shedloads of stuff for our house move is so grubby both inside and out that it looks like its neglected, has done many many miles ferrying is round to our wedding, family dos and quietly ticked over 192,000 miles last week. So today we went for a run for our pleasure and ended up in the Peak District. I thoroughly enjoyed driving it up snake pass. We even had some AS meet up as we bumped into @Ghosty in the pub! It truly is the most capable car I think I’ve ever owned! Tomorrow I might even wash it!
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    Hi, Above are my two Charades, the red and the silver; third car, the four door, was a loan car. Both red and silver were bought with around 4 to 5000 miles on each, so were in fairly 'as new' condition. Red one was chopped in for a Smart Roadster - big mistake, the Roadster is a fairly useless car, nowhere near as much fun as a Cappuccino or a MR2, not to mention being temperamental and difficult to work on. Still have the silver Charade, getting on for 9 years now, and its recently passed the 35k mile mark. Spent most of its life in Brighton, but has been used for regular long distance runs up to Staffs, Mid Wales and Tyneside. Totally reliable, no issues, except the EML light has been 'on' for a few years. Now that the light is MoT fail, will need to get it sorted. As with Rave's example, its the second downstream sensor that's indicated, so will have to switch it off come the test, and see what happens. Heaviest load its carried so far is a 2CV engine from Redditch to North Staffs, nee botha, man. In a hurry one lunchtime, I jacked it up in the wrong place, and damaged the radiator, so replacement was fitted. Eventually. The 4 door loan car was from Clarion Cars in West Worthing, who were once Daihatsu dealers. At the time in 2014, it had covered 130 odd thousand miles, and was still as sweet as a nut; brilliant. An automatic, too; just like driving an old Issigonis auto Mini, or a dodgem car; really really great fun around town. Last time I checked on line, it's still on the road with around 145k on it! They're all great fun cars, very well made, characterful, comfortable, easy to work on, spacious inside, and very very cheap to run. Genuinely found both to be more real world fun than a nearly new Panda 100 I owned some time ago; mind, my boggo 950cc AX was much more fun than the bloody Panda, FFS! Have kept careful mpg records over the years, here are some findings: Medium to fast run Brighton to North Staffs, up the A5 = 58mpg Mid Wales mountain road tour in winter conditions = 62mpg Local touring around East Sussex/Romney Marsh = 61mpg Fast run Sunderland to Brighton = 47mpg M40 motorway flat out, full throttle (not exceeding 70mph) = 42mpg thanks, BBCM
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    Lazy spotters thread

    Unexpected sight the other morning. Not really optimal pics - but I had a coffee in one hand and half a croissant in the other when this giffer-piloted lump of GDR beigeness hove into view along the Shore Rd, so I reckon I did alright to crack off a few snaps under the circumstances... Have a bonus Saab 900S and all. Oof, dem wheels...
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    1951 Pontiac Chieftain - Electrics

    Ugly bearing. That's where the melted globules came from then. Phil
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    Yes,that was the last one in service. mr lbf,don't know if you've already come across this reg series,but here's a pic of one used by a friend of my Aunts,was used quite near the end,I think the pics were taken in 2002,I believe at the time she told me there were around 18 left in use or something like.Its got an Invacar badge on the front.
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    That looks like Bristol Airport, screen of my most infamous pre flight dump! You're bought something in Scotland?, ovlov ?
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    Lazy spotters thread

    Cor, an LX on base model wheel trims. Interesting. To me, anyway.
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    Automotive bull5hit facts thread

    Incedentally, spotting a Ssangyong Rodius makes you 28% more likely to fit your house with a dormer window.
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    No, he has a hybrid finish on the car, and doesn't want to damage it. Perfectly sensible, if his routine is correct a good foam and rinse will do, but finding the right product is hard so as not to strip the finish. Then there's drying to avoid marks. Hence the big blower. I used to use a 1992 Hoover Portapower in blowing mode, haven't got that anymore but other vacs with blowers exist. Dog grooming dryers are popular too I miss detailing... Must do the zx soon, I've got enough stuff I think for a full go over
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    Lazy spotters thread

    Haven’t seen a Saxo in a very long time. And a follow up “when did cars get so, so, big”. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Not gone back through to page 1 - but do you know of the one that was at Coventry Museum Of Transport? 1977 INVACAR 493cc TJN352R by Jonathan, on Flickr 1977 INVACAR 493cc TJN352R by Jonathan, on Flickr 1977 INVACAR 493cc TJN352R by Jonathan, on Flickr 1977 INVACAR 493cc TJN352R by Jonathan, on Flickr 1977 INVACAR 493cc TJN352R by Jonathan, on Flickr Registration TJN352R Make INVACAR Date of first registration 29 July 1977 Cylinder capacity 493cc - PETROL Vehicle status Tax not due Vehicle colour BLUE Wheelplan 3 WHEEL - TRICYCLE
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    my spots.....

    Wouldnt say no
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    Invacar MK12 - I has V5!

    Woah! What a difference. Must be good for the old mojo? I think I might've missed it, so apologies, but what's the current situation with getting it back on the system? Did you find out its original number or are you waiting for an age related plate?
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    The sporty looking Hyundai is ace, I was all over one on the forecourt of the then dealer in Little Bushey. The Toledo went for some wheel alignment therapy at Formula 1 Auto Centre and the guys were ace, they loved the Toledo and oooh'd over the simplicity of the mechanicals. Steering much more pleasant and will take it back in a few weeks to have a free check and tweak of the tracking if required, no need to book, just bring it in
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    Did see the passport in the first pic and wondered? Then dismissed as thought was using for ID? Are we heading North or South? Probably going to be a long journey either way? Good Luck.
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    Just realised I can do better as I have photos of KPL's underside from when we did the initial inspection. I've arrowed the cable where it drops under the car. Hope that's helpful! Oh...and make sure the cable goes up through this little eyelet on the transmission so it stays clear of the CVT belt.
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    Calendar - August 2020

    Cort 16's Granada from the "Prick and collect" thread.
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    And if you like Post-War architecture 'l'age de beton' - the concrete era - the whole Norman coast and inland rebuilt after 1944 war damage - lots to see if you like that kind of thing:
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    Noel Tidybeard

    The grumpy thread

    dave numbers would've been proud of you
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    Dumped cars in your area

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    Barefoot's Rover 75 update

    Here we go; A little dull, because nothing exciting happened. Caught the bus. Waited for train & saw this It clagged - A LOT, then I caught a different train, then another smaller train, then a 63 plate Merc Taxi, then I arrived at the vendor's. He looked desperately unwell, so I didn't hang about. I paid the agreed price, roughly half the asking, and set off for home. There's no petrol shot, because the bloody car was full of fuel! Arrived home without further ado. It's a 2.5 litre automatic and apparently a 'Sovereign' Connoisseur SE? Whatever, it has only done 64,000 miles, but it is far from perfect. Top of my list before I delve much deeper is a replacement key, both are utterly fucked, but appear to work mechanically. The radio is also either fucked, or simply not intuitive to use. It appeared to only pick up crackly tennis, so I switched it off. There's someone on here with piles of R75 goodies isn't there?
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    Alas no photos but 2cvs DUJ190B AZAM A869SYP red special D747KYD plum and custard dolly F428SMP burgundy and black Charleston All owned between 2003-2006, think the red special was my fave.
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    Daft tyre names

    20190813_152641 by RS, on Flickr LOL
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    Yep, that's bang on MPG. I think I did most of the fluids.
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    I'll keep an eye on the level for sure. I'm still not up to doing much, so I doubt engine compression will get tested any time soon.
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    i meant the plates on the car but hey
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    Thank you all for the kind comments and company by the way, definitely kept me plodding on down south! This place etc Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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    No dizzy on these, but it does have a double cam sensor setup controlling 3 coil on plug sparklers as it's got a variable advance inlet cam so needs to reference its advance , any problems with the timing setup pings on the eml straight away and makes it run despicably rough. These can blow through petrol, if I keep up with the 3rd and 4th lane traffic on the M1 i can drop it into the late 40s mpg wise usually as you say dropping into 4th or even third to keep it responsive up inclines, I get decent economy by essentially just letting it slow on inclines in 5th as it will maintain 65 with very little throttle input, but wants full throttle to gradually get to 70 .
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    The grumpy thread

    The radio has been on in our open plan office all morning. Have never given too much thought to it, apart from thinking it's shit. It's tuned into Clyde 1, a commercial station and it's absolute brain damage. Constant advertising that all feeds on fear, shite tunes, vapid opinion and awful generic music in between. Away home at lunchtime to get my headphones!
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    The grumpy thread

    From memory, travel sickness is one of the things Phenergan is used to treat. Be aware though that it can make you really drowsy (insomnia is what it's used to treat in our household), so keep that in mind.
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    High Jetter

    The new news 24 thread

    I've got round that in the past by putting the nuts back on but not tightening them, and moving said vehicle around on the drive for a short distance.
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    That spring does look rather lively. Hopefully you won't end up with a servo shaped hole in your garage roof...
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    Lazy spotters thread

    Cracking looking '86 316 spotted on the M5 at Strensham earlier today. Sent from my Moto G (5) using Tapatalk
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    Cars in Colour

    Big fan of colourful cars, the brighter the better! I don't have any specific examples, but these shots of colourful motors I've spotted at shows will hopefully go down well here [emoji16]
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    1951 Pontiac Chieftain - Electrics

    Agreed, and this may have been part of the issue here. No telling. The front band being incorrectly adjusted, stuck valves, leaking seals.. you name it, it had it. With the governor clean but yet to receive new rings, I turned my attention to the valve block. Apologies for no pictures of it apart as I was trying to keep clean but it's all reassembled now. Imagine valves that were stuck, passageways full of black sludge and a general look of malaise. Now, it looks new. All the valves slide freely as per spec. Added bonus, the thrust washers for the drum arrived. You can see the old ones and just how bad the worn one was. More cleaning tomorrow. I didn't want to but I'll need to pull the reverse mechanism apart in order to clean it out because every single piece has to be spotless before it goes back together. Phil
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    The Archbishop of Canterbury has been speaking about the need to be social on social media. This from today’s Guardian: Welby said: “We don’t want people to [use] jargon in a way that ontologically results in some epistemological confusion.“ Mods, please be vigilant.
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    The new news 24 thread

    Don’t ask. It is obviously the head office for my IT consultancy company though.
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    Dumped cars in your area

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    Potential for time wasting!

    I toyed with the idea of doing videos but after recording a few and watching them back I decided against it.
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    BBC Radio Shite (pic heavy)

    Missed this thread the first (and second) time around: great to catch up with it though. BBC Radio Ulster were still using their Cortina estate until at least about 1996, to my recollection - I seem to recall seeing it down in Bangor to cover the start of the Circuit of Ireland rally. Like a goon, I saved my precious camera film for the rally cars, so all I have are smudgy streaks of Escort Cosworth, rather than a glorious Cortina with its UHF mast standing tall. These days BBC Northern Ireland seem to use mainly VW T5 vans for radio broadcasts, and an increasingly scabby-looking fleet of Mercedes Sprinters for TV outside broadcasts.
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    Estate(s) of the nation

    Yeah it says 12V and 4 Watts on it, cheers
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    Eye-catching black and whites

    and now back to eye catching Black and whites https://www.instagram.com/p/BLyw4YUArEd/
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    Austin 7cwt van resurrection

    my uncle had a 1.3 marina back in the late 70s couple of times he had it to 100mph along the A69 with me in it, NUTTER.
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    The grumpy thread

    Sorry to hear this Stanky but glad you've made the first move and visited your GP and got signed of sick. Few quick bits of advice.. Firstly join the appropriate trade union, most have a qualifying membership period for legal advice but many reps will provide advice and a listening ear with minimal membership, just don't join online and then call for advice half hour later! They may come along to a meeting with you and provide support.. Secondly consider counselling, whilst the gp may have put you on a waiting list it may be worth looking to local volunteer run ones, don't discount ones in churches, they are often just based there.. Three, talk to friends and get out of the house, walk, join the library, don't let four walls close in around you... *Just my thoughts, 15 yrs as a union rep and wife is a counsellor... Get well soon Steve Sent from my Moto G (5) using Tapatalk
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    The Tempo lead me down a rabbit hole that lead to... The Renault Rambler. There's even a Renault Rambler Rebel, presumably never owned by Jonathon Ross. (A re-badged AMC, but who knew?)
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    So we have 2CV:Brownnova, 6 cyl, Dollywobbler, Richard Morris, Eifion, Meshking. Dyane: Chaseracer, Jimbob, Frogchod Acadianne: Meshking Have I missed any?
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