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    New arrival........

    Given the work done to install the current setup, assuming all the mountings etc. are the same then I would have thought it’d be simplest just to upgrade to a Merc turbo lump?
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  4. Alder Valley rather than London Country, I believe
  5. Maybe so...but seeing as they have an LS430 and the fact I've been out the loop for Lexus LS prices but, £7,495 for a 2003 LS430 that's LEFT HAND DRIVE example in the UK is a bit crazy no matter how good! (and there ebay has it for £500 less) Considering how one of the photos of the red Camry shows BIG scratches on the wing mirror, a Lexus LS400 or 430 for the same amount of money would be a better idea in my book. Seems white room without the white room...
  6. NLA PRC4156 Lucas SQB704 Shitpart GI57534 and you missed out on this one just over a fortnight ago https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/113958173846 https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=12&t=1013100 I would be inclined to sweet-talk someone into doing 3D print of the broken white bit.
  7. chaseracer SIAB beko1987 (if 1st Feb) hairnet (if 1st Feb) clayts450 (Saturday only) Floatylight Smoll FL BL Bloke
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  9. I actually spoke to stuart about this a back in august we think the colour differences where just down to suppliers and the such like as you say checking the spare parts manual only lists the seat base/backrest etc once, so I don't think there was any specific choice in colour (nor does the colour mean anything, I did wonder if it was like some sort of hard/softness thing, but doesnt look like it) stuart said he remembers seeing black trimmed seats as well most controls of the Model 70 could be had on the right or left hand side of the vehicle to suit the user, indeed I suspect the seat had its sliding capabilities disabled because it was, blocked in from both ends, you wouldn't want it accidently becoming disengaged and smashing into something! even on Model 70's with a slide over seat, usually the other side was still free, so I imagine they would still have sliding seats, although I have not seen one up close in detail to tell sadly, Dolly is unusual that on one side she has the slide over seat and on the other side she has the floor mounted parking brake, (which also means she cant stow a wheelchair at all) (she also has dash mounted heater/choke controls which I have not seen in any other Model 70 and is not something listed in the parts manual) stuart did mention, that most non handlebar Model 70's tend to have other modifications etc, as if you require special main controls, special auxiliary controls and the such like sort of come with the territory so to speak, which makes sense when ya think about it as mentioned before, Dolly's cabin layout is most unusual aside from what's already been mentioned, the only other different seats modifications in Model 70's I can think of are 1 Model 70 stuart recalls where the heater/choke controls where mounted to the seat itself so moved with the seat as it was slid around and Derry preston cob's Model 70 where stuart suspects the seat slid all the way out on the car, as he recalls reading that derry to be loaded and unloaded from his Model 70 via forklift! (the Invacar new era, (which is the Model of Invacar Derry is most commonly pictured with) was special in that it could be driven/operated directly from the wheelchair, no other invalid trike before or after had that capability, I suspect this capability is why Derry kept using his rather then move to newer models) and obviously Model 70 Prototype 5 had a bench seat for 2 and its interesting to note that Dolly's slide over thingy is a box rather then a metal frame affair they normally are (im not actually sure what the official name for the slide over/seat extension is, but STY534 is listed as "distance piece" I wonder if this is it?)
  10. A fair few of the early Pacer withdrawals from Northern are already being cut up over there.
  11. Believe me, I've been there. Needed surgery eventually.
  12. Doors do turn up on occasion at Citromobile (fantastic annual European Citroen show in early May, held near Amsterdam Schiphol airport); there is a big following for the Visa in the Netherlands and the national club keeps a stock of spares cars. I think that's where we got a full set for one of ours. I will ask Mike though. Otherwise, letting in some metal might be a more practical option. I'll ask about the window and window channel. You can get the channels new: Here's a new one from Les Classics (left hand would be UK passenger side...) http://www.les-classics.com/carrosserie-visa/61-bas-de-glace-pour-porte-avant-gauche-visa-piece-d-origine.html The right-hand side one (for passengers in France!) http://www.les-classics.com/carrosserie-visa/60-bas-de-glace-pour-porte-avant-droite-visa-piece-d-origine.html This post from the Visa Forum in 2014 notes that the front door window channels (that fits to the bottom of the glass) for C15 (and Visa) were available from Citroen at that time, so worth asking a Citroen dealer also: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/visaforum/citro-n-c15-door-runner-t2028.html These are the part numbers for the driver's door, so we might assume the passenger side would also have been available: Part Number Description Quantity Price excl. VAT Price incl. VAT Total incl. VAT Selection 5481391 WINDOW SEAL* 7.15 GBP 8.58 GBP 8.58 GBP 7920071942 WINDOW CHANNEL 14.21 GBP 17.05 GBP 17.05 GBP *the seal is the rubber retaining strip that fits between the glass and the channel
  13. There's a few odds and ends I need, the channel from the window being one (provided I can remove it from the glass) I'm still looking for wheels but lack of funds is stopping play at the moment. A pair of grot free rear doors would be nice but not essential right now. Do these things still grace breakers yards in Spain or the south of France where presumably rust isn't an issue?
  14. I have £4 worth of car related tat from poundland ready to post to someone lucky, I have £6 in my pocket burning a hole which will be tailored for my lucky giftee.
  15. And to that I always say, if it's alcoholic, it has NO place in my food, at any stage, in even trace quantities. Two grins now. I was at Carer's Group yesterday and the three ladies and I were talking about common sense. One said something to the effect of, men just don't have any (tbf she did preface it with an apology to me). I said "I can smash your argument there with two words, and neither of them is Off. Diane Abbott." She couldn't fight that! Today, I walked round to my local chippy for my usual Saturday treat of fish & chips for tea. Except... they were shut. I came home for the car (no other chippy within walking distance) and headed for one I've used maybe once or twice before. I was the only customer in the shop, with two female staff (young one on the counter, more mature doing the actual frying). We were having a bit of craic based on the principle that life's too short to be serious. I told Youngster about my late friend Harry. Whenever I went to see him, he would lead me in the direction of the kettle with his usual greeting, which wasn't "hello, how are you?" or anything like that; he always greeted me with "What happened then?" I would then respond with something like "Well it all went to pot after you left" and we would have a conversation that lasted until the brews were made, and might have made sense if anyone knew what we were talking about; but nobody did, including both of us. No actual event was ever specified. The whole thing was nonsense, but it didn't half amuse us! Youngster liked that and I have a feeling she might even use it herself.
  16. Is there anything specific it needs now? @Six-cylinder and I are seeing Mikee the CCC Visa Forum lead tomorrow and can ask him for help to source. Is it just the window channel you need or the glass as well?
  17. Clucking Bell, values are falling faster than shares in Gerald Ranters Jewellery Empire. For less than a Bag, get in there boy, this gotta be a forum bike
  18. Half an hour of thundering V8 around Spa-Francorchamps, anyone? 😎
  19. Other themes to cover in the 'compare and constrast' analysis of the Model 70 survivors (whether still 'in a field' or heading for restoration) would be the colour of the seats, also their design and the configuration of them with other things like extensions, along with any modifications. There are some differences that we have seen already. Colour & design: seats are vinyl and most seem to be a nice Royal Blue colour. Dolly has grey seats and I can see from the examples above that VES108S does too. The seat on LPL837P is maroon. What others are out there and which of the survivors have what? Is it just colour or were the different coloured seats perhaps from different suppliers and possibly of a different design? Could a person choose the colour of their seat? Sir or Madam received the Ice Blue paintwork regardless, but was there a tad of choice for the seat colour? Configuration: Dolly has the handbrake and release mechanism to the left and the extra padded 'seat extension' (a chipboard box with padded vinyl covering!) to the right, so it would make sense for the seat not to need to move. Modifications: on Dolly the lever for the latch that locks the seat in place and prevents it from moving sideways has been modified, to disallow the lever to operate. Essentailly the lever arm has been sawn off both sides! Extra bolts have also been put into the guide track for the seat slider also, which act as pins to stop lateral movement beyond a certain point. Why actually lock it out of use? Was it to avoid the operator trapping their hand against the handbrake lever if the seat moved leftwards or to stop them knocking away the 'seat extension' (it was bolted to the floor by 3 or 4 small 'L' brackets) with the seat? What other seat combinations are there?
  20. And possibly a Cummins LTA10-R to turn it into a RoadPacer
  21. Wot no eggs? And where's the fried bread? You ain't even trying. To be fair that looks fine. Imagine it with maple syrup over the top. Fantastic.
  22. That's actually a flipping superb conveyance. The old 5-pot Merc lump is as reliable as the tide, and it won't be any slower than any other P4. Plus Range Rover-style driving position and bench seats! I'm various kinds of jealous right now.
  23. That looks thoroughly enjoyable!
  24. HM Liz. With three security bods in the back. And of what fucking use are they gonna be on the back seat of a 2-door Range Rover? May as well be in a Mk1 Capri. (Now that I'd like to see). Nice day for the little children and old biddies tho. Am sure all ended well. At great expense to us all. But that's another story, not for this thread.
  25. Saturday night... With no beer and rubbish on TV means car time. Before Mr Monkey offered his massive torch, I had ordered a Renault 5 thermostats on advice of 320touring. It was delivered today, so took the opportunity to see if it would fit. Having a browse online it was suggested to drill a 2mm hole in the stat to allow air to pass through. Top hose off Tried it dry and the stat was almost there but not quite. Heat was applied Little be of lube and some good thrusting before it popped in Pushed down and then refitted Topped up the water, tightened the clamps and took it for a spin. Result! Heaters are proper furnace like now, very much better. The car starts heating up before the end of the road, where as I could drive all the way to work on motorway and it was still cool. I did have a mini moment of panic when I felt the front rad and it was stone cold.... Until I worked out that was the Aircon rad!
  26. colc

    New arrival........

    Just what I was thinking........pref something with an auto box, and not riddled with electronics..............
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