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  2. Okay so - this was kinda experimental, to find out whether the Czur Aura scanner thing I got a few months back actually does what it says and flattens and straightens scanned images etc... (of course it fucking doesn't; this is why I shouldn't buy random stuff from Fundrazr). But anyway - here's part of the Top Gear Banger Guide from 1995. Hopefully these'll be clear enough to zoom in and read! Oh, and a better scan of the prize Marina, too. I'll bung some more up from this issue on the Shite Magazine Scans thread, too.
  3. I feel a dose of Coronavirus coming on...
  4. There are these two that have been sat for god knows how long in a suburb near me. Renault 16TS Automatic: Mercedes W123:
  5. What a find! What era are these magazines from?
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Volvo-66gl-variomatic-1976/254520070470?hash=item3b42941146:g:iToAAOSw0theUTNg
  7. https://www.autouncle.se/se/d/11480308-begagnad-opel-kadett-c-city-1977?ref=search-results
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  10. had my 32nd lesson today pleased to say things are continuing to go well and im consistent at that now did a bit more parallel parking, and also did a 3 point turn successfully (although that's not in the test anymore its good experience to have) also saw the mustang from a couple lessons back, again so that was cool (I have also spotted plenty of other chod out and about especially in the more "suburban" areas!) now I just have to go from consistent to improving beyond that, im still a little slow in places, so I want to improve there the next lesson is on friday I also had a quick look at other available driving test slots the other day, and the next one after the 23rd of march 9:07AM was on the 21st of April 3:02PM, so I moved my test to that one obviously I would like things to happen sooner, but this way at least no matter what else I actually have a test booked at a time that both me and my instructor can actually do! (once my instructor thinks Im definitely ready for a test then Ill double down on looking for a sooner slot) (it is a bit worrying if the test does end up being that late/if I cant find any sooner slots, because that would not leave much time between the test and shitefest, and if I fail the test the first time im not sure id be able to take a 2nd test in time or such, guess I just have to hope I can pass first time!)
  11. I was woken this morning by my wife shouting up the stairs to tell me there was a car key in the hallway. I was not fully awake and my tired brain took a while to work out out. Oh yes, I have a car being delivered! Now safely stored in my council garage nearby. Thanks for the parts. Myself and my son, whose car it is (age 12), will be making a list of areas to fix over the coming week. I gave it a thorough one mile road test and I can confirm that the engine is willing, it rolls a lot compared with my other cars and I have been spoilef with power steering for far too long. It seems an eager old thing and I'm sure we will have some fun with it. I'm actually thinking of maybe running it myself for a bit, if my son agrees of course 😉
  12. Probably just me but how fit is this
  13. In just over three weeks we have booked flights to Nice. From there we have train tickets to Genoa for two nights. The trains we are booked on start and finish in Milan. Looked on the train company website and currently they are still running but a lot could happen in three weeks. The Genoa hotel has free cancellation up until the day before, so if the worst comes to the worst we'll just have to spend all four nights in Nice. Nice is nice. It's not a bad place to be stuck but I was looking forward to the train journey, it follows the coast all the way.
  14. that makes 2 of us! (although I was 19 when it happened) (I very much want another shot at this/a Lada now I have had comparatively lots more driving experience) best of luck @Fumbler wish I could have started driving when I was 17!
  15. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2585202718430836/ an allegro estate is always full of yum. and this does look really nice, yum yum...... what are those wheels, MGB?
  16. #28 please if it's still free. If not any old random. Cheers
  17. Phwoar, a 2107 with mirrors on both sides and hopefully slightly less vague steering! That being said, it looks really tired at just 10 years old. I'm sure I will be closer to the occasion! I have a bit of an anxiety problem at times so I'm putting it down to that. I'm only driving home on roads I've travelled for the best part of 9 years so all should be well.
  18. Ah, I see. It's 3 degrees here dahnsarf
  19. 2 randoms please. Sent from my SM-J330FN using Tapatalk
  20. Yeah it's really icy out there !!
  21. Anxious, why? - it's not your test. You should be mucho excite!
  22. Could be worse, my first driving lesson, on my 17th birthday (18th December 1997), was in one of these You'll be fine, don't worry.
  23. Been 17 for roughly 4 hours and I have my first driving lesson tomorrow... already anxious AF. I'm sure I'll be fine.
  24. I'm not sure, there is no more for sale in UK, euro prices are all over. I'd like 8 to 10. That would be cheapest one for sale.
  25. I think my home PC still has Vista Not that I use it ever... My grump is work. New job within the company starts Monday coming,but I've not spoken to my new boss since I got the job back in November. Yes, November, as my current department needed me to stay until I replaced myself, and to run a few projects. Being the last minute & bad planning type of department /company we are, my last week consists of the following, on top of my day to day 14 hours work crammed into 9.5 hours: Run project A - spreadsheets, stock profiling, data extrapolating etc. Run project B - Same deal Run project C, but keep it on the down low as not officially announced yet. This data intertwines with project A,and has the potential to fuck it up royally if I'm not careful. Reduce working capital to below budget by restricting purchasing. This means everything now comes through my department, instead of being done at branch level. Cue a stressed out team at the end of their tethers. Oh, did I mention my boss is in New York on holiday this week? So I'm office manager too technically. And one team member is on Sabbatical until next week. My boss's boss is relatively new to the business and isn't really in a position to help. Also, my 'replacement' is coming in for the next 3 days for... 'training' Guess who is expected to train her? And to cap it off, I keep getting told I'm doing great and that my department will be sorry to see me go, but they aren't exactly trying hard to keep me. The best I got was a half-hearted offer to 'match' my new salary. Yeah, stay in stressful job for same money as new, less stressful job? Erm... These next few days will be hell, and to top it off, my anxiety is through the roof, and when I get home and wind down I'm depressed and snappy. Probably as I'm starting to wonder if either department actually wants me at all, and if I'm just being used until I break... Phew! That took longer to type than I thought it would. Ps. I also found out the some re-profiling data I did yesterday didn't get uploaded properly, so my figures looked crap on the KPI.
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