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  2. Yes I think the changeover was 1993.
  3. Same here. I had a Ford Orion that did 175000 and a couple of others near to 100 00, but with working at home , mileages are much lower. My 18 year old Subaru is only on 75000.
  4. Unless it’s an HGV with Polish or Lithuanian plates which have priority over everything else.
  5. Yesterday
  6. yeah the dash silver edging does suffer wear faily easily
  7. Yellow DS looks...wrong? Like a plastic mould?
  8. i was looking at this caliper and thought it says ATE and sure enough there are ATE listed in the parts book
  9. Sorry I was being a tit, I meant engine number! Euro Car Farts/AutoDoc list two. 111 and later 146 tooth belts. (Most of their info is duff so I’ll take the cover off an confirm before ordering but assume it’s the one with an auto tensioner as I think the older engines were tensioned by the waterpump).
  10. I knew our Vectra was closing in on all the 2's and as Mrs Popsicle mainly uses it I asked her to grab a pic to put on here. So shit loads of panic about driving and remembering to do so resulted in this the other day. I thanked her for going to the trouble as I really didn't fancy a kicking for moaning about the quality of the photo!
  11. Was watching Dambusters earlier and they missed one of the overdubs. NSFW obviously. YouCut_20220924_201653475.mp4
  12. Fwoah, that series 3 Jag and the 535i... Mega stuff
  13. If it is a constant crank with no fire then it may be the poxy (UK?) immobiliser fitting - I had one of these with a touch key that would arounf half the time fail to kick in - all crank, no fire. Got so cheesed off with it that I sold/swapped for a Laguna
  14. I have been to speedway before, have actually worked at a couple of speedway events. Good night out but just doesn’t interest me like the bangers did - probably because seeing old shit cars is relatable for me, in fact mrs JJ stood next to me said and I quote “I know why you like this, its because it’s full of old fucked cars, most of your cars have been old and fucked” 😂
  15. Also try the Speedway if you have never seen that. No brakes on a Speedway bike. Bleedin 15 years we raced there and you show up after his retirement!
  16. I love watching banger racing in YouTube although from your account I think I'll just keep it that way 😅 Vans are my favourite for some reason.
  17. o.s.i daf was one of my favourite corgi toys- unfortunately it wasn't mine!
  18. Nice one, this has certainly gone to the right home. Your engine code is C18NZ, and you should get the belts for it no bother. The crank pulley bolts can sometimes turn to chocolate. This happened on 2 out of my 3. Forewarned is forearmed! In case you decide you do need it, that whole outrigger under the floor can be had new from Carz2.com.
  19. It ended at £2153 on eBay last month (and didn't meet the reserve), and now it is on Autotrader for less than half, with altered images and a location that doesn't match the one of the ebay seller? Seems somewhat fishy to me. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vauxhall-NOVA-1-2L-1987-Low-Mileage-Grey-MOT-ed-VGC-Classic-Retro-Vintage-/115502151585?hash=item1ae476f7a1%3Ag%3AhrUAAOSweJti3ZI-&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAoBiS%2BqyAfnUjJNr4r3egJ1oLlAIGzw%2FRqHidoRtRss9%2B%2FwT0s7qSDB67A8bgM3e0r0dYaA5fqQRCQNqdP5X59lSZh%2FmM0foSTKKMlFmqKNmAIavtioPPcC9hOXGNL7SfcEWHnA%2Blw93vTvWBRgB262xhVLQEAyAZo5nqNI7v545ft2E7nMjHNOOCS0a71NvoopYjH6U2VhDMVEGPCUxKde0%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR9bO45PuYA&nma=true&si=95TfUeYA8mki84osgAWVVHaHjjM%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  20. Blackcircles has 15% off PilotSports today. Do it. It's a car that deserves top notch tyres.
  21. Its great! Once i got used to it i think its a very useful bit of kit. I changed the o rings on the connectors, which cured those leaks. Theres still a drip on the socket at the front but its only minor.
  22. 10 minutes from green day, what a shame
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