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  2. While I was there, decided to have the cam cover off, briefly, to check the condition of the timing chain and top follower/retainer, which was all a-okay! Will replace cam cover gasket too.
  3. I seen an old knackered looking Tigra as well an hour ago walking round to the shops, wonder if it's still there 😂
  4. ^ Cheers! I only set it up less than an hour back, and thought my first port of call for like-minded people would be here. Time will tell!
  5. This the replacement part https://www.minigenuineparts.co.uk/info-bm11-31-7-607-551.html I've ordered one from Douglas Park Mini = £51.40, collect it Tuesday.
  6. Vauxhall obviously get their black bumper dye from the same place they get their red paint.
  7. Noticed a bit of a rattle from the LHS of the motor from the dun, dun, dun, timing chain. Not the death rattle, just a bit of a rattle as the engine revs drop back to tickover. Suspect the timing chain spring tensioner, so decide to set about removing that to see what gives. Notice the now replaced res' cap and the 'cleaned' engine bay... 🕵️‍♂️ First thing is to remove cover/filter/airbox. And throw away store safely in the boot/trunk. Which gives access to the whatyahmacallit thingy / throttle body Which clears access to the route of the problem? The camshaft chain tensioner shown here with gaint red arrow. Releasing that requires a 27mm socket after the throttle body is removed. Now we're getting somewhere. Access with the TB removed is good to excellent. Two mins later the bastid thing is removed for testing using the short, fat, stubby fingers which I'm equipped with.... Which shows that - The tensioner is goosed as I can actually squash it just using by thumb and pinky finger, not shown..... Good call and I think I've caught this before it starts to wear the plastic cam chain guides and becomes a proper "death rattle" that these engines are somewhat prone too. Replacing the entire timing chain and guides is not actually a massive job, but it does require, speshul tools and the replacement kit isn't cheap.... £££
  8. Joined thanks,and now a founding member it seems!
  9. Offers on this little beast! Roomy, comfy, rwd hatchback that does 60mpg with MOT and doesn’t need anything doing to it!
  10. How much to hire the rear tenere for a week m9
  11. Being a tall guy with presumably larger than average feet, how do you find the pedal layout? I was more cramped than in the fiat where I have to have special driving shoes.
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  13. joined. used to be in the as page until i left then it got all secret squirrel and shit.
  14. Dragged these 2 out the barn today The weather looks set for the next week or 2 so time to get out and do a bit more exploring
  15. A few from a local show today (Chappel Railway Museum)
  16. ^ They're an infinitely better car than the equivalent escRot at the time, without doubt. I got hold of a couple and they were brilliant to drive , and lively to boot.
  17. aiming for AC blue rather then Invacar blue then?
  18. omg gr18 4 castrol r shenanigans m87
  19. Yup. Maybe with the cherry bomb, maybe without. It's a Forte 1.1i, definitely the best non-GT AX. You get the body kit (to hide rust from the MOT tester), better suspension, 5 gears, electric windows, and a huge grin. I love this car more than it's healthy or appropriate to love a car.
  20. It's a little darker - not as dark as I was aiming for!
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