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Guest Message by DevFuse


Jon's Spotting Thread. USA! USA! Road Trip, Update 21/10


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#361 OFFLINE   danthecapriman


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Posted 20 October 2017 - 12:21 PM

Loads to like there too Jon, that Tradesman is gorgeous. I'm feeling the horn for yank van!
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1984 Ford Transit 2.0 100L LWB high roof
1988 Volvo 740 2.3 GLE estate

#362 OFFLINE   Jon


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Posted 21 October 2017 - 10:32 PM

It's a bit of alright, isn't it?! I honestly think a camper based on a small panel van would be a great way to see the national parks and other areas we'd like to explore further if we went back and I think that Tradesman would fit the bill perfectly - practicality, with a bit of snazz.



It wasn't the only browny bronze thing undercover yet overexposed, as these two will attest:




Phwoaaar! Matching paprika trim, too! Wouldn't have even given this a second glance if it had been silver or white (actually, it's very white, thanks to my photo skills).





More subdued interior but it's a late Toronado, after people seemed to stop caring about them, so I suppose it'd beat the Caddy in some sort of straw poll that has no relevance. I think I'd opt for the former though, on hues alone. Foreground green thing looks interesting in hindsight but I didn't take a photo of it. Probably had terrible wheels, etc.





Now this is my kind of Mustang - miser spec on dog dish trims. Think it was a 6cyl motor with 3 speed auto, for ultimate crowd-avoidance. 'My kind of Mustang' is becoming a bit of a recurring theme with me. Scary.





Here's the rear, to further promote my unnerving interest in the American MGB. Actually, those trims remind me of the metal wheel caps that came on the Matchbox 1:64 Mustang I used to play with round at my Grans. It was a white 60's model and had a small nub to steer the front wheels with. It wasn't a standard Matchbox wheel and I must have been picking up on these inane details from about toddler age, which probably explains a lot.





Something about the colour brown and something about Duel. These are the two things that spring to mine when I see this, so string your own sentence together based on these things, if you like.





Outside briefly now. I'm sure plenty of these anodyne early 80's cars met their demise under a jumped up truck back in the day. Plenty seemed to on the VHS 'Blood, Sweat and Gears', which I relentlessly watched back in the day. Would always fast forward past the Sgt Slaughter bit though, as he was a tit. Seems they tried to bring WWF style drama to monster truck events at some point and it was as grim as it sounds.....





Some of the dregs that are seemingly less desirable than a rusty 1980's Camaro on flat tyres. Quite common to see a dedicated old truck as snowplough parked up in many yards.





The fact that these were officially called the VW Thing in the US and that the advertising at the time seemed to accentuate a Volkswagen's ugliness and highlight their differences from 'conventional' cars, shows just how much the company has moved on in the last 40-50 years. Except for their emissions!!!!!!!!!! Scathing topicality right there.





Sigh. When did I become middle aged? I still hate that spoiler though, so perhaps all is not lost yet.





Woah! Period spec but I'm just not sure which period in particular. Delightfully terrible, nonetheless.






On the theme of Matchbox cars, I once emulated this silver/black paint scheme with a black Matchbox one of these, when I discovered what nail polish would do when daubed on to toy cars. Paint scheme and wheels just shout 1980's to me. Could imagine this featuring back of shot somewhere, after Micheal Knight has rescued some dazzling young lady with big hair from a group of bungling middle aged hoodlums, on a purely altruistic venture and definitely not because he'd like to have sex with her. 





I quite like the mirror imaging idea that's going on between the painted and the chromed part of this Pontiac's front end but flip me, you could harldy describe it as pretty. Imposingly uggers is more accurate but it's somehow still quite cool. Great colour, too.





Hi, could I book an appointment, please? What's my problem? Yes, well, I seem to be a prolific photographer of Ford Mustangs and I don't seem to be able to shake off the ability to share them with others. Well, no, they aren't the wank modern ones, just the literal antithesis of such. The more tragic the body style, the better in fact, though I haven't got to the mid-70's period yet. Hello?


Comical*** witticisms aside, just look at this! A saloon body style representing the tipping point of Mustang bloatedness, with hubcaps and painted steels, sporting* the now textbook straight 6/3spd auto combo. ACTUAL YUM. Good luck finding a buyer for $10k though.





Again, great that this is appreciated enough to be sitting here and who wouldn't want a Mercury version of a Pinto wagon, with wood cladding? But $7k?? Have a word!





Excellent! My Commodore is a very similar shade both inside and out and has chrome bumpers with black rubbing strips and a mostly ornamental roof rack like this one, so it's no wonder I was smitten. Check out that sidewall! Surely that's got to be close to 100 section or summat daft. Would like to own.





Paradise corner. It's saying something when an AMC personal coop is actually one of the less interesting things in frame, doesn't it?





Sadly, I couldn't get a better shot of that cool blue number behind the AMC but I wasn't going to leave without taking a digital souvenir of this achingly brilliant 4dr Torino. I think all things considered, this would have been my pick of the day and it was certainly the one I'll admit to daydreaming about most, as we whisked along effortlessly in our 18 month old hire car. I think it was $10k, so undeniably not cheap but it's easily within Mk1 Granada territory, which does make you think, eh?





Looking great for being so original, in direct opposites to that gash Mercury peeking into shot. Yin and Yang in old car form right there.





Final shot from here, so out with a bang. Super sleuth STUNO has since worked out what this place was called: Classic Country Cars, in Staunton, Illinois. Sad to say that a few weeks before I visited, they lost about 150 cars in a shed fire. There were a few lined up at the entrance still but I must say that they'd cleared the place up very well otherwise. Anyway, well worth the dollar, I reckon.

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#363 OFFLINE   Essex V6

Essex V6

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Posted 21 October 2017 - 11:51 PM

Superb photos Jon!

Highlights for me were the garage full of unloved non- Sceptic stuff like the X1/9, 120Y and Tercel.

Also loved the AMC Javelin and Dodge Tradesman.

#364 OFFLINE   barrett


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Posted 22 October 2017 - 10:49 AM

Is the little wedge thing an Urbacar?

Great updates. I think I agree with you on the Torino being pick of the bunch, that period of American car design produced some genuinely great results. Amazing to think what things looked like only 10 years previously when looking at such subtle delights as that and the AMCs etc.

Close second is the Corvan, for obvious reasons. I'd love one of those to run around in

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#365 OFFLINE   danthecapriman


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Posted 22 October 2017 - 11:52 AM

I really wouldn't know where to put it (so to speak!) over in the states in a lot like that! I'd have them all if I could.

I'd lick that Mercury Bobcat wagon though! That type of US compact and many of the later early 80's small yanks, I've been thinking about a lot recently. Here in the U.K. They'd make a hell of a lot of sense as a daily, if you wanted something cool and different from the usual European stuff.
1973 Mercury Marquis Brougham 429 V8
1974 Ford Capri 1.6 L
1984 Ford Transit 2.0 100L LWB high roof
1988 Volvo 740 2.3 GLE estate

#366 OFFLINE   Jon


    Rank: Citroen Ami

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Posted Yesterday, 11:48 PM

Thanks for all the comments chaps, much appreciated. It certainly helps roll the pages along too, so it's not too pic heavy for those of us reading on our phones. I actually tried checking this thread out on a phone a few days ago and the photos looked pretty garish, tbh. Hope they look OK to others? That said, the phone I tried is a cheap(ish) Chinese no-name jobbie and the photos it takes are super mega over processed and low quality, so perhaps that screen is not the best to be viewing anything much on at all, really.



Righto, back into it. This represents stuff I saw and photographed the day we travelled between Missouri and somewhere in Oklahoma, passing briefly through Kentucky. Here's where our day had started:





A great motel, with a truly retro feeling, in that everything about it was out of date and thus I was in my element. Here's some features of our room, for those of you with an Expedia review bent:







CRT TV! Shame it wasn't the one that would've come with the stand in the first place. Natty little stool seat, would rest on again.





Wicker's World segment over, I spotted these in Kentucky, just on the border with Missouri. Modern surroundings and trailer type rim on the foreground van dull the scene a little, sadly.





Ditto. I chose this angle to spare you from the truly horrific rims that Orange atrocity was wearing.





I know that time has to move on but I found the lack of Greyhound buses a bit of a let down. When I did finally see one in operation, I was doubly disappointed to see that they're just generic modern coaches painted dark grey and not the streamlined silver custom built things like days of yore. This is most likely not a former Greyhound bus but it was close enough. I toyed with venturing closer to snap it but I was pretty sure it was currently occupied. Still, great shading on those mountain peeks.





Damn right, live bait. It hooked me in with its faded paint and suspiciously bent looking frame. Glad to have netted this one.





Natty little combo here, just up the road. 





Trundling into Oklahoma, I saw this out the corner of my eye, so a quick u-turn was deftly administered, accompanied with rolling eyes from long suffering Mrs_Jon. As an enthusiastic owner of a Clio 172, I tried to engage her with "...it's a Renault....in America!" but her stone heart was not for turning.





If this were some clickbait type of thread, I'd now say something like:



"He noticed an old car parked up at the side of the road but what he saw next will truly astound you....."






More Renaults!!! 9 and 11 based Alliances, in all body types. Bonus Yugo (one of the lesser uttered sentences right there).





Look, there's even a Phil A spec GTA, albeit a rag top. There's even one of those slightly differently styled Mk1 Nissan Prairies, or whatever they were called in the US.





And some more! Out of the way, generic American roadside pickup fodder, I want to see more unloved French cars!






That first lot again, just because.





Two more 9s in foreground and a better shot of that Prairie.





Moody 9, with a slip of a Ford Escort for added excitement.





And finally, another early Escort, with weed obfuscation but included purely because of the sun baked paint and the excellent steels. Great yard, would stare at like a weirdo again. Naturally, I have made Phil A aware of this place, even though its hundreds of miles away from his house.






Onwards we must and now let's look at an 'official' sight, in that it's something cobbled together on purpose. Nice enough but how on earth am I always able to muck up the horizon? My left leg much be an inch longer or summat.






Right across the road was this little place, which was even tinier inside. Proudly boasting that it sold the ONLY route 66 cookies in the entire planet, I bought Mrs_Jon one and she deemed it edible. Phew. Lovely lady who ran the place, though - she insisted that I sign her visitors book, when I dropped a foreign accent on her.





Mere yards from the shop, this helium muscle was being anchored down by a couple of breeze blocks. Holiday detail: I was eating an ice cream from the shop at the time I took this photo. Must admit I was hoping for some genuine ice cream and not a whippy type one like you get at McDonalds or fibreglass bodied diesel Bedfords. Oh well.





I did nab a few old sign photos, as you will have seen at the start of this post. Fairlane foreground on original trims ensured that this was not one to be missed. 





Walking back to the car, my shite senses picked up something moving nearby that wasn't grey, white, silver or black, so it had to be an old thing. True! Pure off the cuff spotting here, so slightly zoomed in and thus just on the cusp of being in focus. Hopefully it's one that Krujoe can appreciate, with his KB tendencies. 





Last one of the day and what a billy bargain! Just like UK Ford prices have gone mental, so have Aussie ones too, to the tune that it'd probably be much cheaper to have this full size Yank brilliance landed in NZ than it would be to buy a very ratty XB Falcon coupe - thank the Mad Max lickers for that one, I guess.


Tune in again for more of the same (except for the Renaults).

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#367 OFFLINE   PhilA


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Posted Today, 12:43 AM

Nice. My wife asked you to ask them if they wanted another one to go with the rest of the broken down Renaults.

She doesn't feel the love for my GTA.

I'm a Byte Wizard. I've been told so.

#368 OFFLINE   Clanger


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Posted Today, 01:24 AM

How far west are you going Jon?  If you're sticking with Route 66 and don't have all of your accommodation already booked and don't mind a small (ish) detour you should check out the Shady Dell in Bisbee, Arizona.  http://theshadydell.com/


Stay in an old bus, airstream, or 1947 Chris Craft motor yacht like we did... http://theshadydell....allery=gg-7-45#

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