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Guest Message by DevFuse


Jon's Spotting Thread. USA! USA! Road Trip, update, 14/11


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#391 OFFLINE   chaseracer


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Posted 06 November 2017 - 10:31 PM

Spot of light reading...



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#392 OFFLINE   sheffcortinacentre


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Posted 06 November 2017 - 11:39 PM

Yes they were ,mercury delears sold the mk1 capri & mk3 cortina, then stopped breafly & then re started again with the kk2 Capri & mk1 fiesta, stopped then started again in the 80s as merkur with the Sierra & mk3 Granada.

to much power is just enough & theres more to life than mpg.

#393 OFFLINE   Schaefft


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Posted 07 November 2017 - 11:47 AM

Yes they were ,mercury delears sold the mk1 capri & mk3 cortina, then stopped breafly & then re started again with the kk2 Capri & mk1 fiesta, stopped then started again in the 80s as merkur with the Sierra & mk3 Granada.


I'd own a Merkur Scorpio, love them in white with grey lower body cladding. Too bad they didn't catch on in the states, guess there just wasn't a point with the Taurus and Sable being large yet cheaper alternatives. Thats probably the reason the 2nd gen Scorpio received such an American design, they must have considered selling them over there originally.



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#394 OFFLINE   Jon


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Posted 11 November 2017 - 07:22 AM

Cheers for all the replies, chaps and all the juicy 'UK Fords in the USA' info. Sad to say that I didn't see a Mk1 Fiesta over there, as I think that would have been shite nirvana for me. Always loved the fact that they had XR2 headlights before the XR2 was a thing and that they went to the trouble of changing side body pressings to incorporate a fuel flap, as per US regs or something. Crazy.



Anyway, here's the rest of what I saw in the yard, starting now with my favourite spot:




Lesser loved early/mid Seventies Dodge Charger! Faded graphics really add to the scene, as does the addition of an avocado telly on the trunk  boot lid. Satisfyingly, I don't think there's a single thing in shot not to date this happy little scene from the 21st Century - barring the digital clarity, of course.






Front shot, complete with (I assume) factory steel. Am 50/50 on whitewall here, personally - at least this combo is preferable to the rest of the slightly gash rims it rode on. Incidentally, that sticker at the bottom right of the bumper/grille surround is a veteran's disability parking sticker, with an expiry date of 1984, so chances are this has been off the road quite some time. Colorado seems to be a favourable climate for parked up cars and they don't salt the roads apparently, so another state to consider importing from, for those wishing to bag some US tin.





GMC truck, formerly used to transport and launch house boats. But everything I told you is there to see from the picture, so I could've saved on the keystrokes.





Now, forgive my ignorance but I wasn't aware that this shape of Falcon was sold in the US - I thought they threw the towel in after the second model, which itself wasn't manufactured in Australia; they went straight from the first shape to these, from 1966 onwards. Can't say the first series does much for me, unlike these ones, which are real lookers in my eyes. 




Here's the rear view. Someone seems to have modified it with the rear lights from a late Austin Princess. In retrospect, despite my ambivalence to them, I should have photographed the first series Falcon sat nearby, as the yard owner made special mention of it being his first car. 





Check out the styling* of this appliance on wheels. I've certainly seen a sight, here.





Another Maverick. I really like these and to me, the styling shouts AMC far more than it does Ford. Maybe that's why, since I'm such an AMC licker? Note owner's Falcon, left of frame.





Another El Camino. These are almost getting a little boring now, eh? But what's that, in the background?





A great big line up of Cherokee based Jeeps! These two were my firm favourites of the bunch but annoyingly, now I've noticed that the bonnet always kept its kink from the original 'uggers grille' period and therefore filled the gap in some unnecessarily fussy manner, I can't now unsee it, sadly.





Happily, the rear end of these are much more pleasing, even with the weirdy roof rack adornment thing. Great flaps on this brown beauty.






As if to somehow predict danthecapriman's personal liking of the original version, I documented this one in his honour. I think that flat panel which surrounds the headlights works much better on the commercial versions, tbh. I now dislike these front ends even more though, since making my latest discovery. 






The owner told me these early Scouts were very rare as closed cab versions, since they didn't sell well compared to the canvas roofed ones. I didn't have the heart to tell him I'd seen another one parked up on a street, earlier that week. That said, it was about 6 states away, so I think his claim is probably legit.





One for Seth. If you're reading this, how's the Borgward going? On a completely different note, isn't it weird when cars are styled with one round wheel arch and one squared off one on each side?





Roadkill spec. How insanely solid does this look, despite such weathering?! Also note owner's Falcon in background. Hurrah!





Last thing I took a photo of here. White grille tells you which year it is apparently, as the grille was chromed the following year. These of course are great lookers but they're almost a little 'obvious' as an old US truck - a bit like a commercial '57 Chev. Plus Forrest Gump ruined these for me, since those nobs chased him in one at the start of the film.


Anyway, such a nice bloke and a great way to while away half an hour or so. Stuff holidays are made of, meeting locals in a non-touristy manner and getting on so well with them.

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#395 OFFLINE   Jon


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Posted 14 November 2017 - 07:30 PM

After all that 1950's - 1970's US tin, let's get back to something a little more prosaic:




1986-90 Toyota Tercel, with a rather beige looking man piloting it. Nabbed this one whilst waiting for the oversize load to pass. Still confusing that Toyota sold these and Corollas concurrently.






I think I'm right in saying that this was my only spot from Utah. Got to say that I didn't find much of interest in the state. Bonneville was good to see but the salt was slush, so no vehicle access, sadly. Plus, it's only a couple of miles from the Utah border. Perhaps that correlates with its interesting level? Apologies for those reading from Utah (as if that's a likely thing..)





You'll have to forgive me for completely not documenting Idaho as a state we visited but again, I don't recall much of interest from it, apart from spotting 2 resting SAAB 96s and a forlorn Omni on the same road - alas, only seen with the old peepers. Anyway, this was seen at a yard in Oregon, a state I was happy that we had made it to. On actually design analysis, that bonnet really is pretty bad, isn't it? Conventional truck on the bottom half of the front, rear end of a 1960's Ford Thunderbird on the top half. Despite all that though, why do I think it actually works?!






Anyway, as you can see, we're at some fella's yard, which I rocked up to look at, since it was tucked down a street with a name, so I thought I wasn't trespassing. It was a Sunday afternoon in a sleepy town, so didn't expect anyone about but all of a sudden a roller door shoots up and a guy comes to say hello. I play the old 'from NZ' card and lay on the charm, which works a treat and Chip (I think he was called) lets me roam freely. Love the colour of this Rambler Rebel but not so keen on the narrow gauge and large fins, which all look a bit fussy. 






Seems that somebody at GM shared my thoughts re: bonnet design and this later model received a much more cohesive one. I bet they must weigh a tonne though! 






These spinner Fords or whatever they're called are well and truly in the 'scene' category of old Fords but I wonder which one is more valuable in this state; this, or a Mk1 2dr Escort? Was this the car that led the design influence for 1950's chrome excess?






Been reading a comparison test of these in a WHEELS magazine from 1968, where it's pitted against a Mk2 Cortina, Rootes Arrow and a Mazda 1500. Doesn't fare too badly but I somehow don't put these in the same bracket as the others, on size alone. Presumably, that was the thinking behind launching the 412 shortly after.






Not sure why there's two photos of this but it bumps up the content a bit, so suck it up. Inset rear wheels look more acceptable from this angle. I think the styling would've suited a wagon version quite well.






Some truck. Sky indicative of the crap weather that came shortly after leaving the yard.






Cadillacs often sport glitzy paint jobs when seen out and about but I reckon this one looks well fit for all the weathering. I'm sure Junkman would have a succinct comment to sum up my thoughts.






Sat at home writing this all up, flicking along to the next image and I'm beginning to tire a bit of all these old trucks. Maybe I'm glad I didn't go through with my hair brained idea to buy one, tour the US and then ship it home to NZ!






Wow, an Auntie Rover in the US!!!!!!!!





Some heathen's modded the front of it and taken away the Cyclops!    (For those of you unsure, yes I know it's not really a Rover)







A much more interesting truck to see and one for SL/Bickle. Just look at the size difference between this and a very standard sized pickup beside it. How did these ever catch on?






Last one for now, in a slight Ode To Rab style. Quite liked the eerily bleak backdrop to this one. Laterz, handful of people still reading this tripe!

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#396 OFFLINE   danthecapriman


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Posted 14 November 2017 - 08:35 PM

More great pics. Keep em comin Jon!
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#397 OFFLINE   Spottedlaurel


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Posted 16 November 2017 - 09:30 PM

Just ploughed through three pages of your thread, excellent stuff!


I'm glad you did it, and recorded all those sights. I'd love to, but I can't see Mrs SL ever going for it.

The home of one previous owner Japanese cars:

1973 Datsun 1200 B110 2dr; 1980 Laurel 2.4 C230; 1988 Sunny 1.6 LX N13
1992 Camry 2.2GL (definitely just for spares now); 1993 Camry Estate 2.2GL on the road again!!

And a couple of modern Toyotas

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