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Guest Message by DevFuse


Jon's New Zealand Spotting Thread. Semi-OK effort, 19/02


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#331 OFFLINE   worldofceri


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Posted 07 December 2016 - 05:29 PM

I was just about to pack my suitcase, but there's no way I'm going to fly to the other side of the world for a gathering of any less than 35 Morris Minors.  Soz.

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#332 OFFLINE   mercrocker


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Posted 07 December 2016 - 11:01 PM

That Pimp has no record on either Cartell or Doovla.   The reg itself dates to March/April 1971 and was a Surrey issue.  Maybe the car was ex-patriated with its original owner (they might not have cars, down there, dear...).    


Uncommon Commer is an Express Delivery Van, at least it was in its home market.      


Really enjoyed browsing this stuff, thank you!

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#333 OFFLINE   Jon


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Posted 08 December 2016 - 09:12 AM

Have a micro postscript bonus post from the museum, which I forgot about earlier. One of Autoshite's finest 21st Century motors (inexplicably shown here with some stones holding down a white sheet over the rear 'screen):





What I didn't know about at the time of visiting, was that this was hot off the press, having only landed a few weeks before! Apparently, the UK owner was terminally ill and had a dying wish that his 75 be gifted to a British car museum, so his kids googled such places and found this one. Read below for further details from the museum's blog:




....and a rather comedy video of the museum owner driving it about very sedately (and on the wrong side of the road!), outside the museum:





Anyway, it's a heartwarming story I suppose and a relatively steep financial commitment from the museum owner, to ship over a car which can't be registered over here. But then seeing stuff like the Imp and Maestro, that clearly doesn't bother him! 

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#334 OFFLINE   Jon


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Posted 16 February 2017 - 12:30 PM

Behold everyone, I have some more spots! What's more, I am also super dooper mega into the 21st Century, since I have acquired.....a smart phone!! It goes against many of my beliefs but it was virtually forced upon me, was free and is also an iPhone 4, so is utterly terrible at downloading mind numbing apps that everyone else engrosses themselves with, meaning I barely stab at it like a zombie, so the battery lasts a few days and I can now check my e-mails on the go, which is admittedly very handy for work.


It also has the double edged sword of offering more shite spottortunities (told you'd I'd use that phrase again) but admittedly the camera really is terrible. Don't believe me? Then feast your eyes on my first ever spot with it:




Somewhere in that potato rendition is a Bedford J1, spotted locally still plying a trade! It's about to turn a mere 37 years old in two days time, which must make it a very late J1 indeed. I'd assumed they'd have binned off the lightweight J series trucks a while before then but this is a twin rear wheel one, so perhaps it's not a J1 after all, despite what carjam tells me.





This effort's a lot better, though obviously my standards are slipping, allowing a car so late as to be issued with white plates from new to slip under the net; not only that but it's an XF Falcon/Fairmont/whatever, which is easily the blandest of the XD/XE/XF trifecta. Sadly, that yawn-inducing front end lasted several years later on the utes and vans.





Another clear breach of my preferred non-white plates rule but it's a flipping FSO ute! Again, being the utter shite spotting ledge that I am, this isn't the first one I've spotted on here but the other one had a Fiat 125 front end, utterly belying its true credentials. I wouldn't be surprised if they're the only survivors, as FSOs were sold in incredibly small numbers for a very short space of time in the late 1980's. Bonus Mini in the background, too.





Only very mildly scene'd Beetle is acceptable content, especially in such nice surroundings. When tropical fruit is out of season, it's quite expensive to buy over here, hence the empty roof rack.





Here's some top Euro exotica, tucked away in a car park at a stadium-based second hand book sale I went to. I'm guessing little more than 20 or so Kadett GSIs would've been sold here and this one looked brill. Thinking man's Pontiac Le Mans.





This spot fills about 1% of the frame unfortunately and any further zooming in creates a horrible mess but it's a Strada Abarth 130TC, so worthy all the same.





But wait! The 1980's sporty Euro spots doesn't end there, as this 80 quattro attests. Despite owning an excessively white 1980's European sporty thing (Visa GTi), I'll admit that the bodykit and light stripes are a touch too far for me. Great that someone appreciates it, though!





Let's come crashing back down to earth with something a bit more sensible, if a little less common these days.





Say whaaaat?? An Audi Coupe S in NZ?! In brown?! That's dream car status for me right there. Sadly, according to internet images, these seem to attract people who like to fit inappropriate large modern wheels to them, in the misguided belief that the originals can be surpassed. Quite clearly, they can't.





Here's a cheeky shot from work, as I thought the line-up in such nice light too good an opportunity to miss. The Merc is well cared for but I did follow it on a rural sojourn as it developed a fist-sized hole in the manifold, which made it sound fantastic but also scared the local farm animals witless. The Ducato by the way is hanging, in case you wondered.





Lurking back of shot above is this very tasty 1984 Scania, registered in Jan '84, less than 4 years after the J1 above. Interestingly, it seems to be rated at 24t but has a 5000cc engine. Is that even distinctly probable, or just an admin glitch?





I think the rear end styling of these hatchback Coronas(?) is quite something. Family car being dwarfed by more modern town car shocker*.





I'm only mildly incredulous towards these rims (size: good. style: not so.) but the rest is AMAZING!! I love XA Falcon sedans in this shade.





Nice rear flappage. Actual shock of more modern background Benz trumping a 1970's MB in the outrageous colour stakes.





I like this Chrysler Imperial so much, I'd oust a turquoise tinged XA Falcon out of my imaginary shed of dreams to make space for it. I know it's an imaginary shed of dreams but space isn't limitless, so I have to be realistic.





We'll end this telephonic update here for now, in the same vein as it started - with an awful photo. That said, it's been included because This J20 works way better than a lowered Jeep painted matt black has any right to. 


Next time, I promise to show spots taken with an actual camera.

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#335 OFFLINE   Spottedlaurel


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Posted 16 February 2017 - 01:15 PM

I'm with you (not literally) on the Corona rear end styling - they were a lot more interesting than a 5-door version of a rather conventional mid-size Japanese family car had a right to be.


The Audi's very nice. Circa 1989 I saw one being used as a hack in a scrapyard.


It's very rare I'll resort to a phone for taking photos, pretty much emergency use only (like the day I saw a Chrysler 2-litre at a local garage and inexplicably didn't have my camera with me).

1973 Datsun 1200 B110 2dr; 1980 Laurel 2.4 C230; 1988 Sunny 1.6 LX N13
1992 Camry 2.2GL project car (still on hold); 1993 Camry Estate 2.2GL (was daily driver, written-off and awaiting repair)
1996 Lexus LS400

And a couple of modern Toyotas.

#336 OFFLINE   danthecapriman


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Posted 16 February 2017 - 07:27 PM

Nice spots again Jon. That Imperial is gorgeous.
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#337 OFFLINE   Essex V6

Essex V6

    Rank: Austin Maxi

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Posted 17 February 2017 - 09:37 AM

I visited that British car museum in the Hawkes Bay and took heaps of photos which I had intend to put up a thread for but had entirely forgotten about this until reading your thread. My eyes also nearly popped out of my head when I saw the MG Maestro!image.jpeg .

Attached Images

  • image.jpeg

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#338 ONLINE   Capree


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Posted 17 February 2017 - 02:45 PM

Fantastic pic collection Jon, many thanks for posting. Great choice of pics of interesting cars and vans. Like the everyday NZ street pics. Am going to have to go back to November and go through them all again. I'd like to live in that car museum.
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#339 OFFLINE   Jon


    Rank: Citroen Ami

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Posted 17 February 2017 - 09:13 PM

It's very rare I'll resort to a phone for taking photos, pretty much emergency use only (like the day I saw a Chrysler 2-litre at a local garage and inexplicably didn't have my camera with me).


One of the small draws for me with a smart phone (or a 'phone' as they're referred to these days) was the ability to take shots at many more opportunities, as I shoot with a DSLR, not known for its un-noticeable versatility in everyday life. Just a shame that camera isn't great on this one but I'm guessing Apple really upped their game in later models to sell more phones. They are legible I suppose but I certainly won't be throwing away a proper camera any time soon.


Anyway, hate to do it but here's a shameless bump, as the sun has literally come out for the first time in 3 days, so the outside is currently looking a lot more appealing than uploading images of guff. Soz!



    Out of the rat race

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Posted 17 February 2017 - 09:29 PM

I wonder ??? I once owned one of these in that colour with an NX plate. 




Could it be ? it was in very tidy condition then.


And that blue Falcon HL1064, my fathers first non-brit car was a Datsun 180B,  HL1005 in 1975.  That was registered in Putaruru.

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#341 OFFLINE   Felly Magic

Felly Magic

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Posted 17 February 2017 - 09:43 PM

That Scania has the 11 and a bit litre lump if it's a 112

Yer can't beat a bit o' Autoshite

Felly :P

#342 OFFLINE   Jon


    Rank: Citroen Ami

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Posted Today, 10:34 AM

It's been a couple of sweltering days here Shiters, I'll have you know. This weekend also marked the arrival of the annual invasion of flies into our house, so it's not all milk and honey here at the moment; that said it does mean I can deride pleasure from sucking a load of them up with my trusty old Hitachi vacuum cleaner. 


Let's continue wistfully looking back to late last year, when we had all the good bits of early summer (hot sun, mainly) and none of the bad bits (humidity; constant droning of cicadas (daytime) and crickets (night); cat wandering through open window of bedroom with live mice gifts at 3am; flies). What's more, I even used my proper camera to nab some shots, so behold the actual OK quality!





I actually like this shot very much and think that its composition would be perfect as a new desktop screen saver, since there's loads of room left of frame for all those files I should really delete but never will.





So, where are we then? At that twice yearly local drag meet I quite often go and watch, of course. It's a lot of street stuff but nevertheless, it's still a good way to wile away a few hours. Seeing stuff like this Stingray above get a little messy is all part of the fun, especially when there isn't any harm done, like this time. The announcer on the world's tinniest PA system is still awful, though, although I only ever remember this just after we've arrived and paid up....





Here's the aforementioned PA system, which does not respond well to spontaneous cackling laughter by someone unaware of the concept of holding a mic more than 8mm away from their gob. Still, nice Valiant, eh?





From memory, the reg plate on this Viva looks pretty similar to the one seen on the yellow and green Viva spotted at this event some time back. I'm guessing they're one and the same, as what are the chances of two HB Viva drag cars? Either way, it certainly attracts the hordes, doesn't it?!





I've wittered on about the massive rear lights on these Sunbirds before but in all honesty, I think that gigantic or not, they really work. All in all, this really is quite a smart ride. Well done.





This has definitely been spotted before but it's just so right, I doubt that anyone will mind a double post. Can you see a bit of similarity occurring in these shots? I'd love to say that it's some style I really gelled with that day but in actual fact, it's the best I could mange without leaving my camping chair and so pretty much all of the shots will look very similar because of my laziness.





See? There's something about this Capri being jacked up that really accentuates to me how tiny the headlamps were on Mk1s.





Seems it was tastefully modified Ford day that day, which is quite often a misnomer, I find. I've only just noticed that they all have very similar wheels, as well. Aaahhhh, not a billet chrome in sight.





This was a clear car of the show for me - I do love to see a good gasser. Did quite well on the track too, from memory.





Back to the crushing banality of a few phone spots now but this Maserati was really quite a surprise to see turn up one day at work. Not 100% on it being lowered, as those rear wheels look a little bit inboard to pull it off. Still, someone owns a tidy Maserati and I'm pissing about with a driveway full of old cars that no-one cares much about, so what do I know?





Spotted on the way to a camping trip just before Christmas, I thanked my bladder for not needing to be emptied at this particular toilet stop, lest I'd have missed this fantastic XA Falcon. Don't they just look perfect on steels and dog dish caps?




Have a second shot, to indulge in hot, unadulterated hubcap action. UUUUUURGH.





After arriving and pitching up at the site, I was given permission to ditch the in-laws and take off on my trusty pushbike for the afternoon, covering 25 miles or so aimlessly looking for chod. This generic overview featured a couple of oldies still earning a crust.





This excellent D Series later caught me up on a long uphill section, where I was able to confirm at very close range that it was V8 Cummins powered. Again, profuse apols for potato footage.





This Nuffield (I think) tractor was one of many old knackers parked around the place as boat launchers and it's great to see them thriving, even amongst the inevitable rise in expensive holiday housing being built everywhere.





Here's a small fleet of them, headed up by a Zetor closest by, IIRC. I later watched 3 men moor a boat back on to its trailer and I must say, the sea wasn't calm and the oldest fella had obviously landed a few craft in his time, as he elected to pilot the tractor, which was by far the safest place to be. 





Last one for now was this tasty pickup on too small tyres seen whilst out for dinner one night. Not actually too bad for an obsolete phone camera in low light.


Bit boring and shite-deficient I'm afraid folks but I've got a more eclectic selection up my sleeve for next time. Cheerio!

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#343 ONLINE   Capree


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Posted Today, 11:43 AM

Great shots as usual. What sort of times and speeds are these drag cars running?

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