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Guest Message by DevFuse

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#1296051 Renault 6 rescue (now with more Bobmobiles)

Posted by quicksilver on 24 August 2017 - 04:23 PM

This has been in progress for a few weeks but I kept it quiet until it was all done and dusted as I didn't want to jinx it. Everything was going well, we were quite happy tinkering with the Maxi and had no intention of buying another classic, yet alone a project that has been off the road for decades, but then a chance remark about a manky old Zafira that even Cavcraft would turn his nose up at set off a chain of events that resulted in the purchase of a Renault 6.


It all started with model buses. My friend Bob from the Model Bus Federation passed away recently after spending a couple of years in a care home. I arranged with his executor Barry to visit his house in Rugby and acquire some of his models. The aforementioned Zafira languished on the drive covered in green so I asked Barry what he was going to do with it. He said he'd found a buyer but there was another old car in the garage, which he thought was a Renault 19, was L-reg and only fit for scrap. That doesn't sound too promising but what we found instead was pretty amazing.




It wasn't a Renault 19 at all but a 1972 Renault 6, pre-facelift, 845cc, last taxed in 1994 - a genuine garage find and a very rare car as the club know of only two others. Under all the dust the bodywork looked amazingly sound but the engine and brakes were seized so we couldn't get it out for a proper look. Nevertheless we knew it was far too good to scrap and Six-cylinder kindly offered to help with transport so we did a deal with Barry and became the owners of an immobile Renault 6 stuck in a garage 30 miles from home. Oh, and did I mention Bob had brush-painted it in 1970s British Rail loco livery so it was two-tone green with a grey roof, black and yellow tape stripes and yellow front and back ends?




That was just the start of what turned out to be an epic adventure so stay turned for more amazing Renault action...

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#999130 Cadillac fails to co-operate

Posted by eddyramrod on 15 May 2016 - 07:38 PM

Being two of the resident American-auto lickers on here, danthecapriman and I have been having some PM chatter about possibly going abroad and bringing one back.  Here's one that we fancied quite strongly until Dan realised his passport had expired...


So you see the sort of thing we like!

Well... then this one appeared in the ebay thread...


Dan and I discussed it at length (when was the last time you had a PM conversation run to 8 pages?) and decided I should bid on it.  We set a ceiling, because neither of us wanted to be involved in a bidding war even though we would be watching when it ended.

And we were outbid.  Fair enough.

Then I got a Second Chance Offer.  Winning bidder turned up, declared it wasn't for him, and scarpered.  The seller liked the car so much he almost didn't send me the Offer, and when it took me a while to reply (consulting with Dan) he almost wanted me to turn it down so he could keep it.  But I didn't.  Consultation showed that we both still thought it was a good buy, so I accepted.  Arrangements had to be made, money drawn, directions printed, etc etc.

So yesterday my friend Roger arrived, a mere three hours later than we had arranged.  Immediately he declared his 2006 Fabia wasn't well and he didn't fancy it all the way to Derby and, crucially, back.  So ok, we went in my Saab.  He liked that, a lot.  Derby is almost 200 miles from Barrow, in case you wanted to know.  You know what my Saab looks like so you don't need pics of that stage of the trip.

So, here we are at the seller's farm.

Derby 001.jpg

Let's take a minute to explore some of his other toys...

Derby 005.jpg

Derby 006.jpg

Derby 007.jpg

Derby 011.jpg

Derby 012.jpg

Derby 013.jpg

Derby 014.jpg

Derby 016.jpg

Derby 017.jpg

...and believe me, these are only highlights!

So, now let's look at the Cadillac in a bit more detail...

Derby 002.jpg

Derby 003.jpg

Derby 004.jpg

Derby 008.jpg

Derby 010.jpg

Derby 020.jpg

Derby 021.jpg

Derby 022.jpg

Derby 033.jpg

Derby 032.jpg

Derby 027.jpg

Derby 034.jpg

Don't worry, I do have the bonnet mascot!  Seller removed it at my suggestion, because the car will live outside on the street.  I don't want to lose the ornament!

So, we set off to drive home, after one of the compulsory-element pics...

Derby 015.jpg

Seller directed us to a gas station and a chippy...

Derby 018.jpg

Derby 019.jpg

(I might cross-post that one to Cars AndGirls...)  The girl in the white shirt is one of the chippy staff, she just couldn't get enough of the car!  I took a load of pics on her phone of her sitting in it, admiring it from outside... then finally we could have our tea and get back on the road.  We stopped at a couple of services, not least because driving at night with no instrument lighting is pretty stressful!  Especially when you have motorway roadworks for mile after mile, with a 50 limit and cameras.

Derby 024.jpg

So we finally arrived in Barrow at 1.00am, having listened to Ken Bruce covering the Eurovision most of the way up.  Yes, the Cadillac has its original factory AM/FM radio, and it works!

This morning I thought I'd better do something about the lack of door-locking, that the seller pointed out to me.  The car has 4 keys, all slightly different!  One for trunk, one for ignition... er...

A little consultation with Dan brought forth the suggestion that the power-lock actuators might be at fault, and upon dismantling the driver's door, this was indeed the case.

Derby 028.jpg

I disconnected the actuator from the lock and all was well.  One of the "other" keys was found to fit the doors, so now I can lock and unlock them manually.  Good enough.  When I took my dog out, I couldn't resist grabbing this shot...

Derby 026.jpg

And then I decided it needed a clean, so I swept it out, found a carpet offcut for the trunk, and washed the thing.  It does look better.

Derby 040.jpg

Several of my neighbours have come to have a look, and gone away impressed.


What happens now?  Well the immediate plan is just that I should (and will!) drive it, as much as possible given that I don't have anywhere off-road to keep it.  This is at least partly why we went for a mechanically-sound car (which it certainly seems to be) with cosmetic issues.  One worries less about a fresh ding, you know.... To this end I'll be going to work in it tomorrow, and stopping at the Post Office on the way home to get the tax in my name.  This car is the right side of 40 years old, so I get free tax.  Lovely!

What happens in the further-distance remains to be seen.


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#990158 The Last Ambassador. It's Ours!

Posted by rovamota on 01 May 2016 - 04:11 PM

Maybe we're mad, maybe we're sad, but we are delighted to announce that, after much negotiation, www.leylandprincess.co.uk has secured the last of the line Austin Ambassador Vanden Plas, A500 KWK. This car was part of the Heritage Motor Centre collection at Gaydon from 1986 and was on display up until 2003, where it was then sold as part of their auction of some 60 cars in the collection.


Since it was sold it seems it has not been used and was parked on the driveway of the owners house for several years and now still shows the same 11,700 miles on the clock since it was sold at Gaydon.


We know these aren't the most loved of cars but as real enthusiasts we think this car should be saved due to its provenance, novelty value and the fact so few remain. Obviously the car will probably need a fair bit of cash spending on it but we hope to have it looking as good as it did when it was in the museum.


We're collecting it on Friday.


Attached Images

  • Last VP2.JPG
  • image4.JPG
  • VP 1.jpg
  • LAST VP (2).jpg

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#1042098 Garage find Rancho - the bronze one. Rust update, p15

Posted by Skizzer on 11 August 2016 - 03:37 PM

Sorry for the radio silence, I'm alright, I just fainted slightly BECAUSE RANCHO.


Rust report:
The sills are very frilly but there are some NOS inners and outers in the boot.

The floor pan looks ok. Rear suspension mounts and lower A-pillars, hmm not sure.

The driver's door is rather bubbly, but there's a replacement (in red).

There are holes where the wing mounted spotlights used to be...but there are two spotlights in a box :-) One is yellow, for maximum Frenchness.

No sign of cracking round the upper tailgate hinges.

It runs and drives! Doesn't even sound very tappety, which is crazy for a Simca. My magic booster pack and a squirt of EasyStart were all it took.

The interior is a bit grubby but all there and not torn. Mmmm tartan seats.

It's only done 62k, backed up by MOTs.

And best news of all, it's officially ours.
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#1129605 That vandalised Ambassador...

Posted by rovamota on 27 December 2016 - 07:16 PM

A week and a half ago we went to pick up the vandalised Ambassador that we won on ebay. We decided to bid for it as it just looked so sad and needs to be brought back to glory once again.


It looks structurally very sound but, thanks to the mindless vandalism, there's a bit of work to do. First job will be to get the engine to go. There's a spark and a smell of petrol but sounds as dead as a dodo. Shouldn't be too difficult though, famous last words.


s-l1600 (1).jpg




We then set off for the uneventful journey home, stopping at Strensham services on the M5 for a comfort break.




Once home it was maneuvered into our garage and left as we were all pretty knackered by this time.
A good nights sleep and a few cups of tea later, the next morning we attempted to get the engine started. Once we'd discovered a connector had come adrift from the coil we found we at least had a spark but there there was very little in the way of any life from the fuel side. I went and got a gallon of fuel and we poured it in but still, no sign of any fuel proceeding from the tank to the carburetors despite the fact we could hear the electric pump working. We disconnected the fuel pipe from the carb and poured fuel directly in which, upon the turn of the key brought the engine bursting into life! It sounded okay apart from the blow from the exhaust downpipe clamps, but then white smoke started billowing from the exhaust - but as there was so little fuel getting through the engine didn't run for long enough.
There was still no sign of fuel from the fuel pump even with the engine running so I decided to remove it for further investigation as it can be removed in a matter of minutes. Once out it became clear what the problem was. There's a short piece of hose that runs from the fuel filter to the pump motor but this one had completely fallen to pieces. The only way fuel could leave the tank was if the tank was filled above the outlet pipe. I managed to find a suitable piece of pipe and refitted the pump back in the tank. 
Once all the fuel pipes were reconnected we could then run the engine for longer, so we decided to fill it with water...
Things got a bit worse from that point on. The engine then ran very poorly and the white smoke, or vapour as we'd now established, got worse. We could see water being spat out of the manifold/exhaust join and pressure built up very quickly in the cooling system. It was quite obvious we had a major coolant leak into the cylinders.
Inevitably the cylinder head would have to come off and so, 20 minutes later (it's hilariously easy to remove on these) it was on the bench. It was quite clear the the gasket had failed on No. 3 cylinder allowing coolant to pass between the fire rings and go straight into the bore and the wet piston just made it more conclusive.
This picture shows the head gasket still sat on the block
Forum 5.jpg
We've decided to dismantle the head and have it skimmed after checking it with a straight edge shows warpage around cylinder three.
In the meantime we'll get on and sort the other issues, but we have all of the glass except the bonded rear quarter. The sunroof was ripped out and, consequently, all of the parts that fix it to the frame have broken and are unrepairable but I'm sure that the sunroof is made by Britax and the mechanisms were shared across all other Austin Rover cars of the time so we may be able to source replacement parts to repair it. 

Attached Images

  • 20161218_142229.jpg

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#822293 Bentley Turbo R total shite! Now, Brooklands 'R' turbo shite....

Posted by xtriple on 11 September 2015 - 12:04 PM

Well, I have finally, after years of prevarication and double guessing myself bought a Bentley! Just had the phone call from Specialist cars to say that my offer was rejected but he'd take £9200. I said £9000 and he accepted!  Bearing in mind it;s getting a service, new engine mount and new disc pads (and the old owner has still got to pay for the DIM and all the other bits) that's all going to make a sizeable dent in 9 grand!


I have not been this excited in bloody decades!








Ain't she pretty!


Now got to tax, insure (eek!) get full AA cover (on reduced cover as the Honda has its own) and a PRIVATE PLATE :)


Do I do a 'collection' thread next week?  Got to sort out a lift up to Exeter as trains from here are useless and a taxi could be... pricey!

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#1229694 Database: *NEW NEWS: TUESDAY 23/05/2017 PLEASE READ*

Posted by Cavcraft on 23 May 2017 - 02:44 PM

Thanks for bearing with us, there has been a lot going on behind the scenes with the transition in hosting of the forum and we wanted to update you all on whats been going on and what still needs to happen.


We have a new server to run the forum, have taken backups of the current forum and are in the process of restoring the backups to the new server to ensure that it all works as expected. We've bought the IPB licence (software that runs the forum) and are using this to test that all works correctly.


We've set up reliable external cloud storage for automated forum backups which will be scripted to run daily, and as part of the process we will also regularly test restores from these backups to the test forum to ensure it all works as expected in the event of a serious problem.


The next actions are for some testing to be carried out on the new server to ensure that the backup restores correctly, then to cut over to the new server for the 'live' site. Stanky and Slartibartfast have a plan for this which should only require about 15 minutes of downtime and no lost posts, timing of this will be announced once we are ready to make the change and we'll give as much notice as we can. The plan is for nothing to change on the surface as a result of this changeover.


Once the changeover has taken place we'll get a sticky post added to the top of the main forum with a breakdown of running costs and a link to a GoFundMe page for those who wish to contribute. We'll also welcome suggestions for improvements going forward.



Again, peeps, this has been the hard work of Stanky and Slartibartfast, and Mike is still helping us out.

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#1221704 Database: *NEW NEWS: TUESDAY 23/05/2017 PLEASE READ*

Posted by Cavcraft on 11 May 2017 - 08:58 PM

After the recent disruption Stanky and Slatibartfast have kindly offered to take ownership of the hosting of the forum on an ongoing basis. This will require a change of DNS which could cause up to 24 hours downtime while the changes propagate.


We'll update you all before anything changes and appreciate that there has been a lot of disruption recently, but this has to be done as the site is currently sitting on a server which Daveb47 runs and pays for.


Going forward, we'll try to keep the forum stable and move from the current paid-for software to an open-source solution to reduce running costs. This will be discussed in due course once we have got to grips with the current setup.


On the contentious subject of donations, we plan to set up a GoFundMe page for the site where we will disclose the running costs on a monthly basis and set a funding target. We envisage this to be in the region of £100 per month. Members can donate if they so wish, and choose to have a name or handle displayed, or remain anonymous.


Thanks for bearing with us during the transition.




More as it happens! 



*Edit: We have been overwhelmed with offers of help and support from 'shiters and it's been very much appreciated, thank you.

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Posted by Mr_Bo11ox on 09 March 2017 - 10:03 AM

Hows it going gang? I have got a new addition to my fleet of hopeless old shitters and this one is a GAME-CHANGER.


Story goes that I woke up one morning the week before last and had a quick flick through my phone as I am addicted to it (see other bit of forum). Wuvverine had posted an ebay ad for a sherpa van that looked interesting and was cheap as chips. It finished in like 2 hours and I was already full of Sherpa love having recently had a shot in lanky Tim’s sliding door effort. This one looked straight, had the old Freight Rover face on it, and a hatchback rear door so ticked all my ‘Dream Sherpa spec’ boxes apart from having a sliding drivers door and a Perkins prima (Its got a Peugeot XUD). I chucked a bid in of about 260 groat and by the time I had got my computer stoked up at work it was mine for 250!!!!!! YOW!!!!!


It was at a scrapyard in Leicester, about 40 miles from home. I tried to get it Shiplyd but they were all quoting like £120, which seemed just too much. I briefly thought about ‘framing it but then the yard where it was said theyd do it for £80 and in the end I went with that. It got unceremoniously dumped on the drive while I was at work, blocking in Mrs_Nutz’s motor until I could get it started and shifted. Here is what I ended up with:








So its an LDV 200 panel van. Got the 1.9 XUD, power steering and a hatchback. I have to say its much better than I expected and I friggin LOVE IT. Its obviously not free of rust, but what rust it’s got is fairly manageable, I can see one wheelarch is a bit crispy, and theres a bit beside the battery tray that has rotted out the front wing at the bottom, dunno if its an MOT fail but it does need sorting with the welder.



Heres the engine – seems remarkably clean and unmolested. Mileage is 42,000. I have had it started now which took some doing – I have ordered a new set of glowplugs for it. However once started it sounds as sweet as any XUD ever does. Lovely!!!!






Heres Mrs Crab looking on open-mouthed at the sheer beauty that comes with like 35 years of natural evolution of CLASS. She reckoned the rugs in the back seem faintly sinister? To be fair I actually did find a few marbles under them and it would be easy to imagine the van making an appearance in a series of Prime Suspect or whatever. Whats good is, despite not being panelled out inside, it obviously hasn’t been carrying big heavy stuff as there is really not a mark on the side panels from cargo clattering about inside, its amazing really.



This is the crispy wheelarch I mentioned



And this is the grot beside the battery tray.



Get a load of this. LDV security system!!!!!



Still got the fob!!!! Theres no way this has get central locking surely.



Yeah that looks like a quality install, I presume it has started playing up and someone has just chopped through more and more of its wires till it was dead.



LDV-branded radio cassette! Can you believe it?




Interior is a bit grubby, but its all there and not completely ravaged. I reckon it will clean up pretty well




I know that a big LDV killer is rot in the rain gutters. This one is starting to go above the middle of the windscreen but I don’t think its gone through yet, certainly the interior is dry. I will have to do something about this though as that will be a serious problem if it gets much worse.






Morris marina ignition key!!!



This thing just has CLASS oozing out of it, get a load of the clutch master cylinder man. Straight out of an Austin princess or something.


Anyway that’s the van. As I say I did get it started, and it runs lovely. I have no paperwork of any sort for it beyond a receipt from the scrapyard I got it from and I know nowt of its history. It does have ‘Ford & Slater Leicester LDV’ dealer numberplates though. I have moved it up and down the drive and the brakes are a bit sticky but all the steering, clutch etc seem to work as they should. The van has so little traction that it can barely reverse its sorry a$$ up the drive without busting into a big wheelspin, but that might improve when I free off the back brakes a bit more. I am gonna chuck some heater plugs in it this weekend hopefully and then I guess I will try and give the brakes a bit of looking at. I can’t wait to get this on the road and rumble round the lanes in it, I reckon its gonna be class to drive. CHEERZ.


PS. Anyone know if you are supposed to go to town on the front suspension of these with a grease gun every other week?




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#1296102 Renault 6 rescue (now with more Bobmobiles)

Posted by quicksilver on 24 August 2017 - 05:37 PM

And so to the fun bit - collection day! What it lacks in epic distance and multiple modes of transport it makes up for in supernatural influence and strange occurrences. Six-cylinder came and picked us up early in the morning and we set off to collect the trailer. Things started out well but then we had a problem with the trailer's lights which meant a trip back to Six-cylinder's gaff and about an hour spent rewiring the lighting plug. Because of that we were very late setting off, which was annoying at the time but as things turned out I'm sure it was divine intervention by Bob and he delayed us deliberately. The journey was uneventful and the Renault was soon steered out of the garage and loaded up ready to leave Rugby. It had lived there all its life, half of which was spent in Bob's garage, but did go to Bournemouth once and objected to that by blowing itself up as we found a hefty bill for an engine rebuild from a Renault dealer there in 1979.






Towing such a distinctive car soon had passers-by staring and pointing in disbelief, but here's where things get really surreal. We got to the A5 roundabout just 5 miles outside Rugby and a couple in a modern Ford something-or-other started frantically gesticulating and flashing their lights for us to pull over. We wondered what on earth could be wrong - had we given them road rage or was the Renault about to fall off the trailer? The woman came running over exclaiming "I can't believe it, that's our old car!" Turns out they had owned this very car back in the early 80s and sold it to Bob, and they assumed it had gone to the scrappers long ago so they never expected to see it again.


What are the chances of such a thing happening just 15 minutes after the car emerged from its hiding place of 23 years? Had we not been delayed by the trailer, we'd have been gone long before they got there so I'm convinced Bob was guiding events from the next life and made that meeting happen. The chap recognised the roof rack and remembered buying it from Halfords in the late 70s, and we've since had a text from him saying he's found an old photo that confirms it is definitely the same car. Even now I still can't believe that happened as it's just so utterly mind-blowingly improbable.






The rest of the journey passed without incident and the Renault soon arrived at its new home, after turning a few heads taking it through the middle of Towcester at lunchtime. The first job was a thorough clean to see what it really looked like under 23 years of grime, and then it went into the garage alongside the Maxi. I'm not religious but I do believe everything happens for a reason and that's definitely what happened with this car: Bob wanted us to save it and bump into the previous owners and he used his divine powers to make it happen. Huge thanks to Six-cylinder too for being so helpful as we couldn't have done it without him.


Maxi meets its new friend



Fleet shot. The Zafira has been evicted to outside storage.


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#969632 The Autoshite holy grail is now one of us!

Posted by BorniteIdentity on 01 April 2016 - 03:12 PM

What. A. Day.  Certainly one I'll never forget.  We left Watford at 10:40 and arrived at exactly Midday.  1 Hour 20 minutes to do 18 miles.  Well done everyone.  As soon as we approached the car, I got 'the feeling'.  Any regular buyer of shite will know 'the feeling': an aggressive state of biliousness paired with the weirdest boner ever.


This was the first moment we got "Eyeball"




There was just time to bid my chauffeur farewell before Skizzer skipped along with that twinkle in his eye that we all know and love.  After we knocked on the wrong door (of a Latvian woman who thought we were amateur bailiffs) we finally made contact with the seller.  He boasted of much interest and many offers, and proceeded to unlock the car.  No central locking? WTF!!  The car started on the first  turn of the key, and after a little encouragement on the throttle it settled down very well.  Once he'd pulled the bonnet cable manually, the engine was revealed and it's in surprisingly good condition.  Then again, it's coated in oil, so that's probably helped immensely.


And that, really, was the full extent of the inspection.  It's sharing oil (I think) from the rocker cover gasket, and depositing some on the road.  Following that solitary remark, we retired to the vendors (seriously impressive) dining room to fulfil the obligations, the deal was done, and we were back on a North London street.  


Skizzer took the wheel first before he returned to public transport, and was very positive about the car.  "A little play in the steering" and "Clutch is a bit high but nothing bad" and that was it.  We were both really excited.


That's a lie.  


See, I had exactly 2 hours to make it to Milton Keynes - and in that time I had to 


A) Not break down

2) Insure it

D) Attend to fluids and fuel.


I bid Skiz farewell and promptly drove off in the wrong direction.  Bollocks.  Heading towards the North Circular, I actually felt a little bit sad.  This car had been a small but (to me) important part of the rich tapestry of London.  Under my stewardship, the Sierra was leaving behind the gritty urban side streets of Clapton for retirement.  I felt a little guilty.  Happy, petrified, but guilty.




With one eye on the time, and one eye on the temperature needle, I missed the first two petrol stations.  The third seemed inviting with it's promise of pez and oil, so in we went.




Aware that I couldn't really drive any further without smiling for the ANPR cameras, I was relieved of £149 by Lancaster Insurance - and was then on my way.


The car is very, very easy to drive.  The driving position is comfortable, the seats are LOVELY and visibility is impeccable.  Whilst I was nervous that it'd FTP at any given moment, I felt really really safe driving it.  Maybe it was the familiarity of a position I studied for years as a child, or maybe I'm just being a soppy old git.  Like my Mercedes 190e, the car is narrow - so threading it through busy suburbs was an absolute breeze.


The North Circular quickly became the M1, and the car just ran like a little sewing machine.  Never a moments bother from anything.  The car is, by modern standards, a little under geared - it seemed happiest at 60mph, so that's where we kept it.  And, to be honest, I'd have kept going long past my exit, as I'm quietly confident it'd just keep on going.


Junctions passed, and as we approached J14 we got our first peep.



Clearly he identified us as fellow winners at life.


Milton Keynes beckoned, and I felt a mixture of both immense relief and satisfaction that the maiden voyage had been completed without a hiccup.



Greg seemed impressed with the car.


As I drove the last mile, I realised why this car (unlike its peers) had survived so long.  It was still absolutely brilliant at performing its primary function: transport.  Yes, it's a curiosity to you and I.  To others it's urban decay and to some it's probably art.  First and foremost, it's still very good at being a motor car.  Whilst my heart smiles now, I also laugh and wince every time I look at it.  


It's shit.


So, to finish, a few thank you's:  Thanks to Skizzer for having the plums when many (including me) did not.  Thanks to JohnK, AngryDicky and Cheggers for also financing the car.  Big thanks to my friend Emma who drove me (she has terminal cancer at 37, but wanted to make me happy) and thanks to you lot.  Here's the honest bit - I'd have run a mile had I turned up there alone.  But with everyone on board it'll be a hoot.


Sorry to sound like a romantic old fart doing his acceptance speech, but we did something good today.  Well bloody done everyone.



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#1211621 Gamma's on another truck

Posted by Skizzer on 24 April 2017 - 07:26 PM


It's a trap - there's two of the buggers.
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#1273138 The Green Lean Machine - 1974 Ford LTD Leaving the GGG

Posted by Junkman on 23 July 2017 - 07:51 PM

I think I bought this a little.


Green Motoring, all 224 Inches of it!







1974 Ford LTD with the 400M 2V, older Stateside resto with some shonkyness attached, the cigarette lighter is working, hence it has no Blues.

Collection will not commence immediately, in fact, the seller in all fairness gives me the chance to flog some of my chod to be still unable to accommodate it.


OMG, what have I done?

Thanks God I'm not reponsible for my actions, otherwise I'd be fucked!

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#1054222 The day Trigger turned into Junkman - P6 Content

Posted by trigger on 30 August 2016 - 09:25 PM

I'll begin from the start, after selling the Mk3 Cortina a few months ago I've been looking our for a new toy, after viewing a few bits of crap and posting about a 100 "what do you think" status on Facebook i came across this Rover 2000 at a local hot rod show. After a bit of bartering we agreed a price and this afternoon i collected it.

It was in Halstead which is about 30 miles away and with my wife in the sick bay after having the veins removed from her leg and unable to drive i had to rough it on a train to Marks Tey so that i could get a lift with my dad.


Manningtree looked very muddy


£8 and 25 mins later i arrived in Marks Tey where my dad was waiting with a trailer to take me to the car.

We arrived at the owners house who was a bloody lovely chap, his wife made us a cup of tea and he spent nearly a hour chatting to my dad about vintage tractors and stationary engines and show me his motorbikes which means nothing to me.



We pulled the Rover out of the garage, as inposted in the News 24 thread it was originally a 2000 SC but its now running a 2200 SC.


And then loaded up dads trailer with the original 2.0 SC engine and a spare 2.2 engine as well as a gearbox, radiator, some trim bits and rear glass.


And then it was the drive back, my god, why have i never bought one of these before?! Its the coolest, nicest car I've ever owned!


I stopped at the petrol station when a customer complimented my car and the young girl behind the till kept asking me about it and telling me how cool it was!



£30 later i was back at the old mans and humping these bloody engines into a back of a barn, probably never to see the light again.




Whilst there i took some more photos before it got dark.






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#1078139 1975 Ford Granada Coupe - Now up to 429 hours of welding

Posted by TripleRich on 04 October 2016 - 08:03 PM

Hi all, new to the forum.  Thought you might be interested in what I've got myself into!


I'd been after my first classic car for a while.  If it's big and made in the 70s I'm interested.  Looked at few things like P6s, Zodiacs, Victors, SD1s and various other things.  Problem was I didn't want to spend a boatload of money on something that looked alright but underneath was actually a total heap.  The solution was to buy a complete heap in the first place and spend the money fixing it.


So in January I went ahead and bought this from a colleague at work who was moving away and needed to get shot of it.




It's a part finished restoration (I prefer not started) and it needs a whole load of help if it's going to stand any chance of using a road again.



It's right up my street.  Granada Coupes are quite odd and certainly stand out from the norm.

It still has the original engine, box, interior and most trim.

It came with loads of panels I need to repair it (mostly original Ford stock).

It came with so many spares I could probably build a few Granadas and still have stuff left over.

It was cheap.



Most of the front end has been cut off.

Most of the body structure is quite rotten.

It's going to take me ages.


I work at a restoration company and my boss kindly allows me to keep the car there.  So I've got access to all the gear I need to restore it.  I've been busy on the car for a while now so will post more pics over the coming days.



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#780551 New wheels

Posted by Electric Leyland on 01 July 2015 - 09:11 AM

New toy –back to the true essence of Autoshite with a 1979 Mazda 323 1.4L Auto!


Purchased yesterday after nearly careering off the road in excitement on spotting it and with a for sale card in the window. Purchased it on the spot - one careful elderly owner from new, 53k fully documented with all MOTs, ziebart underneath from new, MOT til March 2016. What more could you wish for? Everything works even the clock. And she drives just great!





Attached Images

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#1296061 Renault 6 rescue (now with more Bobmobiles)

Posted by quicksilver on 24 August 2017 - 04:41 PM

You want more? But of course, I couldn't leave you hanging there. We'd only gone to Bob's to buy some models and had no idea we'd find a car so we had no tools and couldn't do anything with it then. Just over a week later we packed the trusty Zafira with tools for every eventuality, including a six-foot scaffold pole for applying some brute force, and set off for Rugby again with the aim of getting the Renault rolling. The first job was some gardening to dig away the piles of earth Bob had dumped in front of the garage, and then we could finally open the doors fully and get a proper look at what we'd bought. Luckily Bob had left it with the handbrake off and it turned out that only the nearside front wheel was seized. A bit of persuasion with a breaker bar soon got the wheel turning and the tyres were pumped up. Within 2 hours of our arrival, the car rolled out of the garage and into daylight for the first time in 23 years, much to the amazement of the neighbours, who knew it was there but had never seen it move.






Time for lunch in a very scene fashion as we found a period roof rack to go with it. Sadly there were no pineapples in the hamper.



Woollardage was done too.





And the Renault wasn't the only dead car there as we found this sad Galant further down the alley



Our biggest concern was a possible lack of keys. Barry had found some Renault keys but they didn't fit this car so I haven't the faintest idea what they were for or why Bob kept them. I had a rummage in his tin of keys and found a set for a Lada that was long gone, but then pulled out a Renault keyring and sure enough it contained a full set of keys for the 6. The door locks all work but the ignition doesn't - luckily the steering lock is broken as we would have to turn it 90 degrees to get it out. Mission accomplished, we rolled it back into the garage until it could be collected. Stay tuned for incredible things happening on the collection mission!

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#1281792 Elite joins the fleet

Posted by Skizzer on 04 August 2017 - 07:15 PM

I've got no more storage space and no time for cars these days so obviously last week I bought this.



1976 Lotus Elite 503 by Skizzer, on Flickr


It was on eBay looking horrid and nobody else bid on it.  It has a fresh MOT though, and has had a bunch of mechanical work done recently, and has a galvanised replacement chassis.  The seller turned out to be a very amiable chap who has had it a few years, knew the previous two owners, is a proper engineer and is into old military vehicles so cares about the substance not the surface.  Ideal.


It wasn't a megabargain but these seem to be on the up nowadays and have been on my want list since they were new and I was six.  They come up for sale reasonably regularly but are either stupidly expensive or utter basket cases:  this one was nicely Goldilocks.


It runs but I trailered it away because 1. I didn't do that with the last car I bought and regretted it (Gamma, still not running) and 2. I need to justify owning a trailer.



1976 Lotus Elite 503 by Skizzer, on Flickr


It's an absolute hoot to drive.  Lovely snickety gear change, super precise steering, good brakes, fab noise.  There are a few issues to sort and it needs a bit of a service/tune, so I'm planning to trailer it to LotusBits for fettling soon.  


Interior is really good, apart from the seats needing a bit of a clean:



1976 Lotus Elite 503 by Skizzer, on Flickr


It's currently in storage at a friend's house (there are clues in the pictures); I have no idea where I'll put it when it comes home but hopefully some solution will turn up by then.



1976 Lotus Elite 503 by Skizzer, on Flickr

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#1257431 Schaefft's Bargain Barge Extravaganza - A NEW ADDITION TO THE FLEET!

Posted by Schaefft on 01 July 2017 - 11:23 PM

Hello dear Autoshitists(?)! I'm Schaefft, and as you can tell by the easily pronounceable name, I am not originally from the UK, but Germany! However, I've been living in the North East for almost 5 years now, and after first experiencing the wonders of the UK's used car market by buying an E38 7-series BMW for an absolutely ridiculous 500 quid, things have never been the same. I'm hoping to find like-minded people here (or maybe even in the Newcastle area?) who will help me on my way to Autoshite Valhalla, or at least can point me into the right directions to keep my shite on the road.


As you can tell by the thread's title, my preferences are usually pointing me towards the larger end of the car spectrum, I'm generally interested in pretty much anything from the last 35 years though (with many exceptions for cars older than that). Here's what I currently own (I hope these are worthy of being posted here?), each of these cars has a story worth telling, for now I'll leave it at a brief description:


My current daily driver is a manual 1996 E39 528i, ~170k miles, tons spent on it, still needs tons spent on it. Imo one of the best BMWs, and certainly one of the best used car bargains today. I love it!




Next up is what is supposed to be my car for the summer, a 1995 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC (probably the only pre-fl LSC in the country/most of Europe) that I found in Sheffield (while looking at a totally different Lincoln Mark VIII lol) where it was "stored" on the driveway of an older gentlemen and US-car fan who had imported it from Florida in '07. Also had tons of work done on it, also still needs tons of work. Currently waiting for OEM front airride shocks to arrive, which are made from unobtanium and next to impossible to source anywhere, incl. the US. Fun times.




Next we have a 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora which must absolutely be the only one in the country. Bought sight unseen on ebay (as you do) from a bigger autoshite "enthusiast" than probably most of us (I counted at least 15 US imports on Streetview parked on multiple driveways, the garden and street). Needs a lot of work including what I hope is the fuel pump. Canada spec model, apparently imported in 1997 by someone from the Canadian Airforce or something. Not driven for at least 15 years, but as the Lincoln, always been a dream car of mine, hence the instant purchase. Parts will hopefully be here soon.




Next is what is supposed to be my car for the winter months. I needed something nice that wouldn't make me worry about rust anymore, yet still be desirable enough to justifying one of my valuable car spaces (makes sense right?). Since I didn't really wanna spent much more than about a grand on the initial car purchase, the 4.2l D2 A8 (benefit of Quattro) or Jag X350 XJ were my only real options. Until this 2002 Audi S8 (that later turned out to be a Final Edition S8, one of the last UK market D2 S8) showed up on Gumtree for an extremely reasonable price literally just around the corner. I don't wanna leave it running for too long (probably needs an oil change badly, also theres a power steering fluid leak and an unknown liquid in there as replacement, making the power steering pump SCREAM), I haven't started any diagnostics yet. Has the obligatory HURR-V8-NOISESESYEEEAAAHH custom exhaust, which will probably get replaced by a stock one soonish.




And then there's the newest edition to the fleet, a 1991 Opel Senator CD 3.0 24V (with the digital dash!). I bought this car in Munich a few weeks ago (always liked Senator Bs and Omega As) after a friend took it for a test drive. As you can imagine, after I actually bought the car issues started popping up wherever you looked. I took it on 3-day trip through the Alps where it decided to blow a coolant hose and puke all its content all over the hotel parking lot somewhere in Italy, its currently awaiting its rescue by the ADAC who will tow it back to Germany in 2 weeks or so (they'll never make money of my membership hah!).



Each of these cars has been on my must-have list for a long time, and I do not plan to part with any of them, which slowly becomes a problem considering I neither have a garage, nor a driveway lol. I'm sure joining the Autoshit forums totally won't make matters worse. :mrgreen:  There are quite a few other cars on that list that will be extremely hard to resist as well, should they show up at a reasonable price (which is very likely, damn you UK car market!). But we'll see how it goes, I think this post is long enough now. :mrgreen:

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#1284837 Repatriation Not Necessary - 1987 Volvo 740 GLE

Posted by Ghosty on 08 August 2017 - 05:27 PM

There's no collection epic for this one as the car was only 12 miles away, and had 2/3 of a tank of petrol left.
PM'd the seller on eBay last night, arranged to go over, and did.
We were greeted with this:


The seller was a nice older bloke, ex mounted police. He'd had the car to tow a caravan and such, bought it in 1997. The previous owner to that got it in 1990, and was also in Hazel Grove.
Old Man checked everything over, the cambelt is probably due on age (but is non-interference), ICV needs cleaning as it's been pissing oil everywhere, and there's a rust bleb round the sunroof, but that's it.


Green velour :-D it's lovely inside and hardly anything is broken. Sunroof might be stiff/stuck and the headlining is fucked as someone's tried to reglue it but that's just to be expected.


Original Volvo plastic mats. Covered with carpet too which is nice.
That blob on the steering cowl is a button for the starter.

The X3 in the background is his other car, he just doesn't need this any more.


Police watch sticker - and it's got an alarm too. All the glass is etched with the reg.
Note also the carpet covering the load space.
Under that is an orginal vinyl load space cover, and under that is a virtually new carpet.
The adjustable suspension is not Nivomat fortunately.


Cubby hole full of odds and sods. Boxes of screws nuts and bolts, 3 in 1, chemical metal, fast glass and such. And obligatory tights.
The toolkits are all there and complete.


Double electric towbar.


Only bleb on it.


'Above All For Volvo'


Even came with a Stoplock.


Lots of keys.


Twenty years of history, an HBOL and quite a few brochures.

It's smooth, runs well maybe slightly high idling but easy to sort.
No major pieces of trim are broken.

No clunks or rattles.
All the electrics work.
All the gauges work.
It's absolutely bloody lovely.

It was £650.

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